Trade and Tech. P2 - Won't be dumb for long!!

What do we research after writing?

  • Masonry

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  • Pottery

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  • The Wheel

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  • Warrior Code

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  • Mysticism

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On a Stark Trek
Oct 25, 2003
North Dakota, USA
Alright..this poll may be early put its going to run longer than normal....

Here are the choices:

Iron Working - we see iron and can build swordsmen]
Masonry - build the Palace somewhere else, walls, Pyramid (Granary), and outposts
Pottery - Granary
The Wheel - Chariot
Warrior Code - Archer
Mysticism - Temple

After Writing:
Philosophy - Mass something someting (Wonder), free tech
Code of Laws - Courthouse
Literature - Great Library, Library

D3 - No trades and we dumb...

Let the polling begin!!
This isn't a very flexible plan.
Literature should be our first priority in order to get a hold of the Great Library.
Philo then Iron Working. there's no way we'll get the Great Library at this point, and i don't see the point in trying. getting Iron Working, will mean we can get at least one city with Iron in it's radius.
philosophy costs less than literature CG and Nobody, and it gives a free tech to the first that gets it(AIs never get it)
philo then lit, we get the free tech that way, no point in not getting it. with the time it took to get writing we could have gotten, IW, the wheel, wc, etc...
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