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Trade Summary

Mr Spice

Oct 17, 2001
On the request from duke o' york, here is the trade summary. Since tables are so ugly-looking I choose to post a screenshot of one and attach the word file. :)


word file

Edit: Forgot to mention, Cornmaster is both supplying and demanding gems. Never seen such a thing before... :cooool:
Well done Mr Spice! :goodjob: Excellent work. :D

As we can see, unfortunately we don't have any cities that are producing copper at the moment, and a hell of a lot that demand it so we're a bit stuck there until the resources change again. THDP demands coal which is produced by Viroconium, Dukeville and Spice Haven (Hippoville and Athenae on the main continent too). I'd like to suggest that we send a caravan from Dukeville because with all the rivers in its radius it will be quite a trade centre once it has grown a little. Please discuss other options. Particularly take into account that Hippoville and Athenae are larger cities although they will not give a large bonus on delivery.
THDP also requires silk (as do many places), supplied by Joespaniel, Dover, Dukeshire, Kevholm, Becka Becka, Thunder Falls and Pellaken Bay. I suggest Joespaniel for the simple reason that it's overseas, quite well established and benefits from at least one water special. Again, discussion welcomed.
Production wise, nowhere demands salt, as I was moaning in another thread. Only Dukeshire and Pellaken Bay demand cloth, and I once again suggest Dukeshire, only partly based on favouritism ;).
These are just the potential internal routes for our SSC, but we can set others up once we have science in hand with these routes established. :goodjob:
And thanks for the great city, Kev! :D
Actually, I believe it was Duck who set up both Dukeshire and Kevholm.

I like all this trade talk. I like the specific ideas that you mentioned, and I'll do my best to carry them out ASAP!

Specifically, what do people think about this roaming gold caravan that we have? Only two Mongol cities are listed as demanding, and not only do we NOT want to give more trade to the Mongols, but I KNOW that those cities are not the sizes listed and probably do not demand gold any longer.


1. Go ahead and deliver to a 1/2 way decent Fanatica city even if there's no demand. The payoff will be lower, but it WILL generate 2 trade routes in any case.

2. Take the caravan along with the dips into Chinese territory. Perhaps we can find a demanding city as we uncover them.

3. Use it to help build a wonder.

I'd say maybe have it tag along into Chinese territory, but if nothing presents itself right away go ahead and send it to Joespaniel or St. Leowind. I'm up for suggestions, though.
gold is always such an iffy commodity, I've always found it very difficult to actually establish a gold trade route, especially overseas. It would be huge if we could actually find a Chinese city to trade it to, but if we need it for building wonders I would be inclined to go that way. If its not that crucial to the wonder building, then I think trying to find a Chinese city makes some sense. It could help explore a bit, too. It wont' get kicked out like a diplo and still ignores ZoC IIRC.
If I remember correctly, it is aboard a ship north of the Mpondo/Spycatcher island. That ship is also carrying a diplomat from Mpondo that is slated to become one of 3 or so dips to head into Chinese territory. The ship was heading for the Joespaniel area to meet up with the ship that's there already in order to set sail for Chinese waters.

That caravan can certainly tag along, and as Leowind suggested it can roam about the Chinese territory without being expelled. Since it's not an attack unit, it should also be safe from the "leave our territory" command as well.
Sorry about my absence for most of today - the internet has been unavailable from work for most of the day :(.

I like the idea of using the caravan as an explorer in Chinese territory. I think that it is already too far across to make it worthwhile sending it back to the homeland for a wonder and that to continue is the best option. Would it be possible to hide a dip under the caravan and not be attacked? It would be wise to use the caravan to explore the Chinese island and then steal techs when we have a better idea of their situation but I realise that time is short and we will need Industrialisation as soon as possible so just steal it, then land the caravan and hope that we're not at war. The government could be in danger after we steal the tech by the way. :o
Distances aside, I think I'd still like to use the commodity caravan for trade. Our cash influx will allow us plenty of food caravan rushing, and even if gold is not demanded by a city like Joespaniel (for example), sending it there will still boost the trade arrows for both Joespaniel and the "home" city for the caravan (I think Spycatcher). The amount of trade arrows produced is NOT dependent on demand - only the initial payoff of gold/tech.

As far as stealing from the Chinese: Yeah, the government could actually collapse if we steal from a civ we're at peace with. Two things that we should consider:

1. The Romans, I believe, also have Indust. We have about 2-3 dips ready to make a second strike at Roman cities (though we can't take tech from the same city twice with dips). This should be able to get done pretty quickly barring any major mishaps, and we're still at war with them.

2. Should we STILL wish to steal from the Chinese, some pestering of them will likely result in their demanding democracy or TOG or something. Saying no could lead to THEM declaring war and give us the impetus to steal away.

I'm thinking that the Roman plan seems like the most sound. Sorry - got off the trade topic for a second there.
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