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trade through undiscoverd waters


Sep 14, 2001
I have a save where I can trade with the Dutch. I have no roads connecting me to them. I don't have flight. I do have a harbor in a city as do they. I don't know their map but there is a patch of darkness along the route I haven't been to yet. I know they have been there since they have a city farther south and I have seen boats. Since I don't know the whole area even though they do shouldn't trade be prevented?
P.S The trade advisor actually helped me when he, or is it she, said the Dutch has insence for me. Usually they are usless.
No, trade shouldn't be preveneted when only one side know the path. In all versions of CIV3, trade requirements need only to be fulfilled by one side:

Ex: You can trade map in vanilla CIV3 without map-mapking if your trade partner knows it.
You can trade resources across oceans even if only one side can safely cross the ocean.

So being able to trade across water that only one side knows, fits in nicely here.
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