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Trades at 1703AD

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Demo Game: Citizens' started by DaveShack, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Bismarck: will not sell us music for paper straight up, but will trade if we throw in 80g.
    Mansa Musa: no tech for tech trades available
    Alexander: no tech for tech, asks for printing press+WM+1230g for education (we can research it in 5 turns)
    Peter: much more reasonable, will give us music+education+WM+350g for printing press. (other combinations might be possible)

    The tech situation:
    We are ahead of Monty by 4 techs and he's unwilling to trade music.
    We are down music, astronomy, divine right, nationalism, education, + more behind eduction
    If we can get nationalism or divine right from Peter, we can possibly sell to Mansa

    The diplomatic situation:
    Monty and Saladin are at war. We have better relations with Saladin (cautious) than Monty (annoyed). Each has asked us for war help against the other, both were turned down.
    Mansa (pleased) and Alex (cautious) are at war. We have refused each help against the other, and traded with enemies of both.
    We have ongoing resource deals with Peter, Bismarck, and Mansa.

    We have 2076g +27gpt, and are 3 turns from researching Astronomy. Alex doesn't have it, so there is a potential future deal giving astronomy for either nationalism or divine right.


    Policy decisions (need your input):
    • It doesn't seem we really need music, do we? Do we want to buy it anyway to improve relations for a possible run at the UN?
    • Which tech do we want to buy using Astronomy?
    • How much extra do we want to give, if Astronomy isn't enough? Let's set a maximum amount and let the DP negotiate up.

    Tidbits: If we are aiming for diplomatic, at present speed it will take us 130 turns to research to mass media. There are 289 turns left.
  2. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity

    Jan 5, 2006
    130? Thats less than I expected.
    As dp, I'll try to seek some good trades. Well at least reasonable trades :p. And I won't accept offers to enter a war.

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