Trades prepping for MP?

Jason Fox

Jan 22, 2002
One comment I read a lot is that AI civs don't trade fairly. While I agree and wish it was easier, I also wonder how much different this would be with a human player.

Why would I trade iron to my neighbor early on at almost any price? Or a vital tech at any time? Not unless they filled a glaring and urgent need for me.

Imagine you sparred early with your human neighbors and know they are eyeing your land. Now oil becomes available and you have three while they have none. If you were even willing to trade it what would you ask for in return? A ton.

The biggest problem I have is that the AI civs always seem to have more stuff than I have (at least early), meaning they are dealing from a position of strength while I'm basically either overpaying or doing without. While it makes it hard to get on a good early roll, I find as I grow in power they become more cooperative and I don't think that's completely unrealistic compared to what we'd encounter playing each other.

I do wish the AI would at least trade luxuries evenly instead of my two and gold for his one, but I swallow the rage and take it out on them later when I finally do get a little iron...
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