Trading Captials Mod?


Mar 12, 2021
So I'm 95% done with my Civ VI recreation of the British Empire on Ynamp and it's been fine besides taking forever. However during my conquests, I had to take a few cities in order to move tiles around so that everything sorta connects and I get all the areas I need for the empire. A couple of those cities were capitals...and I have learned that I can't trade them or give them back in any way to anyone. I thought this was that you could only give them back to the original founder/ Civ but nope, it's not an option to anyone which is bafflingly stupid.

Is there really no mod to allow players to do this? I really don't want to have to download the "raze capitals" mod and then start the conquest bits all over again and then raze+refound those'd just be such an unnecessary hassle. Furthermore, would modding that restriction be that difficult? I have no idea how you'd do it but if it's just turning a 1 to a 0 then that'd be phenomenal. Thanks!!


Nov 1, 2019
Sounds like something you can do with firetuner, maybe. Does anyone know how to assign the cities with firetuner?
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