Trading on small map


Oct 23, 2019
Hi, I play civ2 for a few years on deity, but I'm not an expert. Usually I start on small maps because I like that I can finish a game within 1-2 days.
My question is that does it worth to trade on small maps? There are no big distances, an I usually get 30-40 golds for an inner trade route (15 arrows cities and demanding goods).
On small maps, the trade bonus is multiplied by 5/4 compared to a normal map (large map is 4/5), but this might only be for the "standard" small map. Until you have a ship chain that can reach half way around the world, the fact that the map is smaller shouldn't reduce payouts.

You want to deliver to foreign cities on different landmasses, since both those conditions double payouts. Delivering to a foreign city also typically means a longer distance, which increases payouts still further.
These days I started to play on normal maps and it's like being a different game. On small maps usually there is only one continent and a few islands. On normal maps there are several continents and easily can get 200-300 gold revenue for trade routes
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