trading post establish eliminates trade route


Mar 5, 2010
[] Gathering Storm

On turn 114, I wanted to send a trader to Vilnius (from Hagmatana), but couldn't. As I knew I could before, I went back to turn 112 to buy a trader at Hagmatana, and on turn 113 I can send it to Vilnius, see first two pictures. On the turn 114 where I cannot, I can send a trader to China along the same route that the trader to Vilnius would have gone, see second two pictures. In particular, the trade route to Vilnius on turn 113 goes thru Xiurong, and on turn 114 I can send a trader on the same path to Xiruong but not further to Vilnius.

On turn 114, my trade route to Fez completed, establishing a trading post in Fez. I don't understand why that would eliminate a trade route possibility. Trading posts are supposed to make more routes possible, not less!

I've uploaded the autosaves from turns 113 (after buying a trader) and 114 (after moving a trader to Hagmatana), in case you can find another explanation.

While I normally employ some UI mods, I disabled all community mods to see if that mattered; it didn't.


  • TR Vilnius upper.png
    TR Vilnius upper.png
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  • TR Vilnius lower.png
    TR Vilnius lower.png
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  • TR China upper.png
    TR China upper.png
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  • TR China lower.png
    TR China lower.png
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  • Cyrus 113 auto tr Vilnius.Civ6Save
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  • Cyrus 114 auto no tr Vilnius.Civ6Save
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