triumphs in the face of certain defeat


Jan 10, 2002
Dublin, Ireland
I just thought I would ask some of you to share your successes in Civ3. I am in the middle of a game now on a huge map with 10 other Civs. I am China and the map is archipelago 70 percent water, which is really just continents if you ask me. Anyway I started off the game with no strategic resources anywhere on my continent, or on the adjoining one. My land mass and the one next to mine contained the Chinese (Me), Indians, Japanese and Zulu… all warlike except the Indians. Anyway the Japanese had loads of Iron, which they did not want to share at a reasonable price. No horses anywhere to be found. All other cultures were to far away to contact, before the Great lighthouse.

I built the lighthouse and secured horses from the Iroquois, I than crushed the Indians. Foolishly the Zulus decided to attack me… With the new-found riches from my Indian conquest, I secured Iron from the Romans dragged the Japanese into my war reducing the Zulu empire to 1 city, although the Japanese were able to take around half of the Zulu cities before I could get there. I now control the only source of saltpetre on my two "Asian" continents however and I know the Japanese would love to have it.

Subsequent to that, through a series of culture flips and the establishment of new cities at the edges of my borders, I have secured Iron of my own for the first time (1776). I have also learned that I now control half of the world's coal supply and my recently completed Forbidden place, as well as Wall Street, in the former Indian nation has reduced corruption enough so that I now earn almost 300 gold per turn (including payments for luxuries and technologies around the globe).

I am pretty pleased with the way the game has turned out. I thought it would be a disaster early on, but I stuck it out, got lucky once or twice and am now the most powerful nation in the world. Still with very limited resources. The trade off was the sale of technology until the industrial era, even good ones like military tradition and metallurgy. I am eyeing the Japanese empire now which is almost as big as my own, they have been "annoyed" with me for far to long.

This may not sound like much to some of you more experienced players, but I would like to hear some of you greatest triumphs in the face of what seemed to be certain defeat.
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