[TOT] Trophies and Visual Accomplishments for the Player (Design)

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    Nov 4, 2007
    As I'm trying to design my Fading Light 2 (Alpha title) I'm thinking a lot about what I like in a game and while I don't need top-shelf graphics I do like pretty things. And I like a lot of visual rewards. Over the last few years, I've played a lot of CIve 2 scenarios and seen a lot of ways visual flair can give a lot of impression to the player. One of the most notable is the battle damage mechanic from Over the Reich where the successful bombing of oil refines and civilian centers will cause them to burst into flames on the ground map until they are successfully repaired.

    But this flair can also be seen in American kingdoms where City Walls are renamed infrastructure and cities without it looks post-apocalyptic and severely damaged but look pristine and modern once the improvement is rebuilt and it feels very rewarding to build it. You can also see this in the many suburbs In Nomine or Sea Lion which use Railroads to aesthetic effect to simulate Urban Centers or Med Wars which use them to simulate the Wonders of the World and that was very cool.

    The easiest way to reward the player visually is with trophy units. BUT, with 127 units being a hard limit at the moment and no one in a hurry to raise it I don't think we'll be seeing many of those. Resource terrains are nice but you're limited to 16.

    Apparently, there's not a way to fix type two terrains (mountains, forests) at certain tiles in certain configs, which would drastically increase the options for trophies and wonders on one map.

    But we have airports and teleports! Is there an easy way to place the teleports in maps where they have no use because there aren't other maps or not the full complement of other maps?

    Any other ideas to add visual flair? I should mention Fading Lights using Airports as Monstaries and Red Front using Mines as Suburbs and also the original Midgard using the Desert terrain as a shallow sea (with corrals!)
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    As of TOTPP 0.18, the unittype limit has been increased to 189. So with 62 more unit slots available, perhaps you'll find this approach more feasible. It's certainly going to give you more options than anything else.

    There are 16 base terrains, but each of those can have 2 special resources. And with TOTPP's "Custom resources" patch, you can fully customize the placement of special resources -- they don't have to conform to a static pattern based on the map's resource seed.

    I'm not quite sure what you mean. The map coordinates can't affect the way the terrain appears, but of course the adjacent presence of other tiles of the same type does. With careful management, I bet a single terrain type that uses the 16-tile layout in Terrain2.bmp (plus its special resources) could support at least 6 to 8 completely unique tile appearances.

    I'm definitely not an expert in teleports, so perhaps someone else here can share better information. I'm not sure if you can make them appear if there is only one map. I think there might be 3 different teleporter icons, though, depending on the maps they connect. So while you could place teleports with just 2 maps, using the full complement of 4 maps would give you more images. I believe units shouldn't actually be able to use them unless you enable that capability in @ UNITS_ADVANCED.
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    Nov 4, 2007
    OK, what I mean is take Med Wars, where the creator uses railroad placement angles to create wonders of the world. A single railroad in Stonehenge, a two by two rail is like Halicanasus Mausoleum, ect, so he places the cities in such a way that the rail spur causes the wonder to appear next to the city. It's very clever. The difference in doing this with type two terrain is that railroads don't appear in the terrain map ie when you press the T button, so you never see that the 7 wonders are doubled up in every city they appear in, once outside the city and then inside. If you do this with type 2 terrain when the player hits the T button, the illusion is shattered! Unless I can place a dummy type 2 that will cancel out the first but only in the city square, but not in the wonder square.

    Which is complicated to spell out.

    What is the best program for showing pictures for this website? It's been ages since I did posted pics, I think I need a hosting site or something, but I could show you that's to the place resources and a couple of mountain terrains.

    By the way do you have templates for type 2 terrains for modern 16 terrains? I don't have those, nor do I have the new 189 unit template. That would help a lot as I'm trying to plot out the Fading Lights 2 concept.
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    Dude, check out the threads in SL forum, you'll find all you need.

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