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Tropico 2 announced!

How long has Tropico been out now? Seems like they are planning this too soon. It also seems like this would be a beter expansion pack than full game.
Good point. Well hopefully they put a good amount of work into. I only played the Demo and while it was funny I didn't get into it. Maybe that was b/c I was playing it on a laptop running NT....with no video drivers (looked like crap, but had catchy music;)).
Anything to this game beyond Sim City with a theme? I just don't wind up liking Maxis games, because I want competition and a way of grading myself (Don't try and convince me of how to do this either).

It looks entertaining, and comical, but after that, is there anything to keep me coming back?
It might've been good with Tropico if, while you are building on one side of the island, someone else is building another town on the other side. But to avoid it ending up as another AOE type RTS, you would be competing for citizens. If the town on the other side of the island is better, more would move over there to live. Oh, that's given me a thought. Imagine if they'd done that for the SimCity series, competing cities; either you are going against the computer or another human; it would be better than the "abstract" kind of competition.
I have been waiting for a long time on just the type of game you are atalking about, the competetive SimCity type game. There is a game out there that is developed by a Canadian group and sold by a French company but I cannot remember the name now. It seems to have faded into nothing. It was a Massive Online only game that continued to play even after you logged out. It looked simliar to civ2/simcity in the perspective and the idea behind it was cool but it was a big pain to play the beta.
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