troubles with downloading attachments


Mar 30, 2002
I'm having issues downloading attachments in these forums. I'm using IE for mac os x and when i click the attachment link a pop up saying it doesn't know how to handle the filetype shows up. it gives four options... application, cancel, save file as..., and ...uh, something else.

I think the problem is it thinks the file is "attachment.php" ...any known remedies so i can download the right file?
I was able to get downloads using netscape. I could never figure it out with IE.

I have the same problem as the one you describe, I'm using OS 10.1.4. I enter a filename, then 'Save as…' and let the attachment go to the desktop. Then I launch "Stuffit Expander" and click on the attachment (which appears as a blank icon). This seems to work; I read the text file and then insert the relevant files in the appropriate folders.

It doesn't work for PC native files which have weird extension names (can't think of an example at the moment).
Either Save file as and drag to Stuffit expander, or hit application and pick Stuffit Expander....
Yay, it worked now. Before when I tired save as... i didn't give it the name of the real file, left it as "attachment.php". After I renamed it stuffit expander could read it fine.

Thanks for the help.
I have a separate thread about this same question - downloading PC-based game files with either ".sav" or ".bic" suffixes - because your suggestions didn't work for me. I use OS 9.1, and have IE 5.0 and Netscape 4.7 and 6.0 available, as well as Stuffit 5.5.

I am not taken somewhere I can enter a file name before "save as," so can't follow Sid's path.

Instead I download the ".php" file to my desktop, and change the suffix to either .sav or .bic, then hit "Stuffit." However, Stuffit doesn't open the file - it ignores it. (It didn't open as ".php," either.)

Loading them into the Scenario folder unstuffed, only the file I marked ".bic" shows, but the game says it's "too corrupt" to open.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If it works like CivII, the .sav files are direcly readed by the application and note compressed files, so Stuffit if of no use. If MacCiv doesn't know the file, you may correct its type and creator with an utiliy as fileBuddy.
I've no experience about .bic or .php files.
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