Trouser snake kills Cambodian man


Dec 27, 2003
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I've read

a couple of times now, but I still don't understand it.

Okay he tied the legs of his shorts together and used them to protect his hands as he wrestled the cobra down - the cobra bite through the shorts and killed him.

It is funny to Americans because sometimes we like to ask girls if they have ever seen a Trouser snake ( Trouser is a lesser used word for shorts)
If the girl says yes you take off your trousers and show her your snake.

Get it?

Hyper educated Asian news people have a tendency to over syntax a sentence when they speak/type - African news reporters are the worse .... sometimes they use grammar that even I have to stop and think about for a minute. ;)
My trouser snake would've crushed that snake, saving my life once more!
Yep, I would say about half of all newspaper headlines are made just as good setups for penis jokes.
The newspaper reported Kear's last words as being "don't worry - it's nothing a drink can't fix" before he succumbed to the cobra's venom.
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