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Trump Indicted!

I usually just don't turn on the TV anymore, truth told.
I got an auntie in Russia who tapes all the games and sends them to me. Nothing to do with torrents.

Getting hockey game in the Netherregions isn't straight forward. Anyway, I was hoping on the Rangers to spank the Panthers.
True, but it's the Midwest. You can't escape Caitlin Clarke. Everywhere, still don't care, lol.
My source was NYT. Maybe you know the situation in general, and they know the specifics in NYC :dunno:

Anyway, it's fairly moo, since the Times did say "largely" phased out. That means they do use it some times. And that means they're not making an absolutely unique exception for Trump. Might still be labled a "special consideration," though.
I realized that I missed a nuance though... it may be that NYC Courts "largely phased out" remote business, specifically for probation officer meetings, while continuing to have remote hearings for other types of Court matters... so that's my oversight.

In any case, it certainly is unusual for the convict to have their lawyer present for the meeting, as well as some other special accommodations they made for Trump, so its true that he continues to get special treatment.
He's a walking poster child for our actual two-tiered justice system while constantly whining about an imaginary two-tiered justice system in which he is bigly victimized.
He's a walking poster child for our actual two-tiered justice system while constantly whining about an imaginary two-tiered justice system in which he is bigly victimized.
Not to be overlooked... on the topic of Team Trump complaining about the unfair conspiracy against Trump by the "two-tiered justice system"... Trump supporters have been demanding, howling, for months, years in fact, for Hunter Biden to be prosecuted and convicted, complaining that Biden's corrupt justice system was protecting Hunter, Joe Biden's son, as part of a plot to protect Joe Biden's Presidency, and Presidential campaign...

Now that Hunter has been convicted, Trump's supporters are complaining about the conviction :lol:, claiming that the prosecution and conviction of Hunter, Joe Biden's own son, is a conspiracy to help Biden somehow :crazyeye:
It's a "decoy" conviction. (I watched Newsmax last night). To throw us off from the real scandal of how much money the Biden Crime Family has accepted from foreign countries.
Right, and I'd wager that if you asked any of the folks making claims like that... "if Hunter had been acquitted, wouldn't you have said that it was evidence that the corrupt Biden justice system had rigged the trial to protect Biden's son?"... they would admit, that "yes" they would have indeed condemned the acquittal as corrupt... Because its so obvious that even they wouldn't be able to deny it with a straight face.

New York’s highest court leaves Trump gag order in hush money case in effect​

New York’s highest court has declined to hear Donald Trump’s appeal on the gag order in his hush money case, according to a decision list posted Tuesday. The gag order, issued by Judge Juan Merchan in the criminal case against Trump, remains in effect.
Separately, Trump has asked Merchan to terminate the gag order ahead of his sentencing scheduled for July. The former president was convicted of 34 counts of business fraud relating to hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Trump lawyer Todd Blanche declined to comment.

In March, just before the trial started, Merchan granted prosecutors’ request for a gag order that precluded Trump from making public statements about any witnesses in the case, jurors, prosecutors, court staff, or members of their family. Trump was not restricted from commenting on the judge or Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Merchan fined Trump $10,000 and found him in criminal contempt for violating the gag order 10 times early in the trial and raised the prospect that he might have to jail Trump if he continued to do so.

Trump has 30 days to file a motion for leave to appeal, which is another avenue by which the court could end up hearing the case, according to court spokesman Gary Spencer. Once that motion is filed, the court will again make a decision on whether to hear the case. In their filing with the appeals court, Trump’s attorneys argued that the case presents “substantial constitutional questions of the highest importance.”
“This Gag Order restricts President Trump’s core political speech on matters of central importance at the height of his Presidential campaign, where he is the leading candidate, and thus it violates the fundamental right of every American voter to hear from the leading candidate for President on matters of enormous public importance,” his attorneys wrote.

Trump’s lawyers said that the case still presents substantial constitutional questions even though the trial has ended, adding that the gag order does not include a set termination date. If the Court of Appeals did find the gag order unconstitutional, Trump’s attorneys wrote it would “undermine the justification” for the fines Trump received for his violations.

In their own filing, Bragg’s office urged the court to dismiss the appeal, arguing that Trump has a “well-documented history of leveling threatening, inflammatory, and denigrating remarks against trial participants.
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