Try this one Dan (the man)


Nov 30, 2001
I've posted a few messages in the General Discusions forum, but this seems a more appropriate place to post a test file.

The attached link, is a zipped saved game of a Marla's Map (Extra Huge, 15 civs) game. Its well progressed (almost to modern times) and has a well developed world.

Unfortunately its just about unplayable now due to the huge delays in the game. As I've said before, I suspect the slowdowns are all connected with cultural boundary recalculations/city flipping checks since just about anything that might affect that causes huge delays.

If anyone wants to download it and try it please feel free. At my last estimate it was something like 20 minutes per turn (including my responses but minimal thinking time for me). If anyone gets significantly better responses than that I'd be really interested.

As stated before, my spec if
1.8 P4 + 512 RDRAM + 32Mb nvidia Geforce2 running windows XP and virtually all options turned off.

Hopefully the link will work - if not and anyone wants it, please email me and I'll respond to you.

Hmm seems the link doesn't work - maybe a restriction on attbi. - maybe just going to my home page and clicking the (only) link there will work instead.

Duh - I think I was adding the link wrong - dummy!

I'll take a look and report back, but it's quite possible the game is just taxed out from the sheer size of the map and number of civs.

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