[vanilla] Trying to find old Civilization V mod


Apr 14, 2023
I'm trying to find an old mod I remember using. I think it was named Great War General, but I'm not too sure. It was for the vanilla game, it replaced the Great General you got from the Warrior Code Honor policy with a stronger warrior unit with 3 moves. It didn't replace all Great Generals, because, if I remember correctly, the mod author said they were new to modding the game and they couldn't figure out how to do that. I don't remember where I got it, this is about all I can remember of it.
I think I might have figured out where I got it from. I stumbled across the Connoisseur achievement, and how it broke when the workshop replaced the old mod system. I think I might have gotten it from the old mod system, but I can't find that much information from that time. I'm guessing that unless there's an archive of all the old mods that it's just gone.
I would try searching CIV V's mod workshop. Nothing gets deleted from there no matter how old it was. Go to the last page and just search backwards, unless you have the time to search every mod in existence
Well I did that, and found nothing. I went until I started seeing BNW stuff in the units category and didn't see it. I know this was before even GnK, but I wanted to be sure.
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