[PYTHON] Trying to Spawn Great People onTechAcquired


Mar 21, 2004
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Hello folks - I am working on a simple mod and am trying to reproduce a game mechanic that was used in the Rise of Rome scenario many years back. I have added five repeatable technologies and I want each to spawn a different great person when acquired.

Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me get my custom onTechAcquired python call to trigger when one of the techs is researched. Either I am not including the Event Manager properly or there is something buggered sideways in my code. I have not ever built a Civ4 mod from the ground up, so I'm not sure if there is some gotcha I'm overlooking.

I have a CvEventInterface file set up in EntryPoints and a CvModnameEventManager in the Python folder and it looks to my eyes like it should work. Would it be appropriate to paste code here to get some more experienced eyes on my work?

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