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Trying to understand modding - why do some rows have an entire line, and some separate lines ?


Jun 11, 2017
For instance buildings - everything is on 1 line, for example

<Row UnitType="UNIT_CROSSBOWMAN" Cost="180" Maintenance="3" BaseMoves="2" BaseSightRange="2" ZoneOfControl="false" Domain="DOMAIN_LAND" Combat="30" RangedCombat="40" Range="2" FormationClass="FORMATION_CLASS_LAND_COMBAT" PromotionClass="PROMOTION_CLASS_RANGED" AdvisorType="ADVISOR_CONQUEST" Name="LOC_UNIT_CROSSBOWMAN_NAME" Description="LOC_UNIT_CROSSBOWMAN_DESCRIPTION" PurchaseYield="YIELD_GOLD" MandatoryObsoleteTech="TECH_ADVANCED_BALLISTICS" PrereqTech="TECH_MACHINERY"/>

But for modifiers, it's split into separate lines:


I'm not looking to create mods, as that is way more than my brain can handle lol. But I've made a ton of changes to the game by editing the files, and it's messy as hell, so wanna make it into a coherent mod file instead. I'm just wondering about the structure.

So I guess I'm wondering, why doesn't the second one say <Row ModifierId="AESTHETICS_DISTRICTCULTURE" ModifierType="MODIFIER_PLAYER_DISTRICTS_ADJUST_YIELD_MODIFIER" SubjectRequirementSetId=DISTRICT_IS_THEATER"/> ?
They're the same as far as I know. I've seen code written in both ways.
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