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Trying to use Shia assets for my own mod

need my speed

Rex Omnium Imperarium
Oct 3, 2009
European Union (Magna Batavia)
Hello kind people! I don't know if this forum is still active, but I might as well try - I am trying to use this mod's Shia's assets for my own mod. To this end, I have unpacked the two .fpk-files. However, some files are just... Nowhere? I am really confused.

For instance, the Shia Missionary's button should be found at: <Button>,Art/Interface/Buttons/Units/Missionary_Shia.dds,Art/Interface/Buttons/mem_units_atlas.dds,2,10</Button>
However, neither mem_units_atlas.dds nor Missionary_Shia.dds appear to be included in any version of the mod I can find (installer version 1.0, .7z version 1.0, SVN version, or browsing through the SVN on SourceForge)

Similarly, the button of Shia Islam should be located at: <Button>Art/Interface/Buttons/Religions/Shia.dds</Button>
Except that it isn't there, nor anywhere else (using Ctrl F).

Also, if I copy the Shia Temple/Monastery/Cathedral/Shrine's art files to my own mod, they either have a pink shadow, are a red circle, or presumably have other issues - they don't work.

So probably I am missing something. Where are these art files located exactly?

Thank you in advance!
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