TSG 127 After Action Report

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  1. strake

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    Jul 29, 2013
    played it again, just for kicks, (not submitting of course) and got a 238 victory, which cut about 40 turns off my first attempt.

    Tried to be a little more focused on science. Made sure I actually get the GL this time (doh - still can't believe I managed to not get that the first time.) Captured the Geneva settler this time for the free early worker, but only planted 3 cities instead of 4, because France was a little more forward settling aggressive, and I didn't feel like going to war. Other than the Geneva settler was peaceful the whole game. Had no problem with my science burst this time. Actually managed to get all the way to Globalization a couple turns before the 2nd WC vote.

    Second game was almost as fun as the first. Thanks for fun maps, game creators.
  2. nufro

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    Oct 4, 2015
    San Jose, CA
    Game: Civ5 GOTM 127
    Date submitted: 2016-01-18 18:52:57
    Reference number: 33804
    Your name: Nufro
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1909AD
    Turns played: 329
    Base score: 3171
    Final score: 4878
    Time played: 12:03:00
    Submitted save: Sejong_0330 AD-1910.Civ5Save
    Renamed file: Nufro_C512701.Civ5Save

    Took all the capitals but one by the time the first vote arrived... Someone is yet to convince me that diplo is an independent victory condition.

  3. sebtanic

    sebtanic Warlord

    Jan 10, 2007
    Your name: sebtanic
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1750AD
    Turns played: 260
    Base score: 1348
    Final score: 2592

    I decided beforehand that I'll conquer my continent no matter what. Turned out that Paris was well defended and they repelled my first assault with 3 CBs, a spear and a warrior. They gave me Orleans (SW of Paris) in a peace treaty though, and ten turns later my reinforcements took Paris. I then proceeded to wipe out the Maya which was comparatively easy.

    From there on it was smooth sailing to Globalization, won with 45 votes and was allied with all the CS (most of them from quests).

    I also saw the lone Geneva settler but didn't know I could just capture it without incurring a diplomatic penalty, so stole a worker much later from somewhere else.

    major milestones:

    t15 Desert Folklore (from 2 CS)
    t42 GL
    t49 founded religion (tithe, swords into plowshares)
    t60 ToA
    t86 enhanced (religious community (+1%prod/follower), itinerant preachers)
    t120 conquered paris
    t139 eliminated maya
    t187 founded world congress

    1st vote - World Fair
    2nd vote - World Ideology
    3rd vote - diplo win
  4. docdef

    docdef Chieftain

    Jan 20, 2016
    Hi all,

    This is my first GoTM submission after lurking in the shadows for a couple of months. I thought I'd start at the easy end of the spectrum :)
    I did have to re-play one turn (circa turn 45) after the game hung on me (first time ever)! I re-played it the same way, and lost my Archer-Scout due to my own stupidity :(

    I have a question at the end for the experts (I had two questions, but since last night I've now forgotten the other one).

    Game: Civ5 GOTM 127
    Date submitted: 2016-01-20 10:48:51
    Reference number: 33816
    Your name: docdef
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1858AD
    Turns played: 299
    Base score: 1411
    Final score: 2391
    Time played: 6:40:00
    Submitted save: Sejong_0300 AD-1860.Civ5Save
    Renamed file: docdef_C512701.Civ5Save

    - Did you use your UU?
    Not really. Upgraded one Trireme after a while and just sat it near the Maya.
    - How useful was your UA?
    - Did you use spying to your advantage?
    Yes. Took a few cheap techs from France and the Maya while bee-lining Education / Astronomy. Later planted 5 as diplomats having gained Globalization.
    - Did the map type help or hinder victory and how?
    Hindered slightly. Took me a while to find all City States, and I miscalculated the first World Leader vote by 1**.
    - How did the difficulty level affect your game decisions?
    Built lots more Wonders than I ever thought possible!
    - Was Faith helpful to achieve victory? How?
    No, I had planned to push for World Religion, but only managed to get one vote (International Games) through before winning.
    - What Social Policies did you choose and in what order?
    A real mixture. Took the Tradition opener, followed by Liberty upto Collective Rule, then back for Aristocracy, followed by most of Patronage before remembering I'd reached the Renaissance and could take some Rationalism.
    - What techs did you prioritize ?
    I think my main problem was that I didn't really prioritize and focus early enough!
    Pottery, Mining [Free], Writing, BW [Free], Archery, AH, The Wheel, Calendar, Philosophy
    - Did you opt for a peaceful path or eliminate civs to lower the votes needed or trigger an earlier vote?
    Peaceful (ish). DoW the Maya after they settled Chichen Itza too close to me before I'd built my 3rd city. Made peace and stayed peaceful for the remainder of the game. (Built my 3rd and 4th cities where I'd planned anyway!)

    At the time of the first World Leader election; having already gained Globalization, the game only showed 3 of my 5 diplomats as eligible to vote! That is despite all 5 of them showing on the United Nations screen, and showing as Schmoozing in the Espionage screen. Although it would have not led to victory that turn** (37 eligible votes instead of 39) does anyone have an idea why this may have been the case?
    The turn following the vote I had 41 eligible votes having gained the extra 2 diplomats and the 2 for finishing first in the vote.

    **I let one City state drop to 'Friendly' and did not check it before the turn of the vote!

    Thanks for the game; I really enjoyed it.
  5. Sclb

    Sclb Emperor

    Jul 14, 2015
    Welcome! I believe the your diplomats only started schmoozing the same turn as the vote. I recall they have to be ready the turn before the vote for it to count. Similar thing happens if you just become allied with a CS same turn as the vote, the CS won't count.
  6. Knowtalent

    Knowtalent Emperor GOTM Staff

    Dec 13, 2009
    Welcome :wavey: glad you have joined and good luck on future games

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  7. aafritz17

    aafritz17 Moderator Moderator Hall of Fame Staff Supporter

    Oct 13, 2015
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Diplomacy Victory T 282 (1824AD)
    Base score 1551
    Final score 2769

    Did not use either UU.

    Seems to me that any victory after the Ancient Era is (at least partially) a science victory. I played as if targeting a science victory until I began the bulb-fest to get to Globalization. So the UA was the foundation of my victory.

    I used spies to secure votes, mostly by rigging C/S elections and, after Globalization, as diplomats.

    This was my second GotM. The first was TSG124, and there was a hidden shallow route to the other continent WHICH I DID NOT FIND! So in this game I knew to look (and how to find) any such routes. While continents could've slowed progress, I actually became the first to find everybody, and therefore was the leader of the WC from its founding. (Wasn't that Knowtalent's map? Thank you, sir, for the education!)

    I realized early that I would be able to get WWs, and ended up with, I think, about 20 of them.

    I founded (the first) religion, and took Tithe, Mosques, Cathedrals, and Religious Unity. The :c5gold:, :c5happy:, :c5culture:, and :c5faith: were all very welcome.

    Full Trad, three in Patronage, opened Rationalism, finished Pat, one more in Rat, then 6 in Freedom. Finished Rat and all of Commerce.

    Lux techs, Writing, Optics, Astronomy, Industrialization, Sci Theory, then pretty much headed to Globalization.

    Initially thought about war, then realized I would have no trading partners for a while. So decided to play peaceful if possible, which became VERY possible when the C/S started gifting units. They pretty much just, well, sat around. I did accept invitations to 2 or 3 wars, was given a 2 cities in peace deals, both of which tanked my happiness immediately. Simple solution; sold 'em to a neighbor that I figured DESERVED the unhappiness...

    I did encounter one surprise. On T261 I bulbed, like, 6 GS to get to Globalization. On the last one I noticed Global had only a couple of turns to go (less than the GS 7,655), so I shift-clicked something else to direct the overflow. SHIFT-CLICK FAIL! I must have unclicked Global, and when the vote came on T262, I received no support from my Diplomats. Cost me another 20 turns. Have a save, gonna replay from T238, just to prove to myself that I'm not stoopid, just igornant.................
  8. Knowtalent

    Knowtalent Emperor GOTM Staff

    Dec 13, 2009
    Yeah 124 was mine, that link was meant to allow the other continent to find you if you took too long to eliminate the other civilizations on your continent. In this case i didnt do that as Navigation is only a few more turns.

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  9. docdef

    docdef Chieftain

    Jan 20, 2016
    Unfortunately I don't have the save around that time to confirm 100% but it certainly makes sense. I'd seen it with the CS's, as you mention; but never with Diplomats before and didn't put two-and-two together.

    Thanks for the reply.
  10. Yarin

    Yarin Chieftain

    Feb 9, 2015
    Czech Republic
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1822AD
    Turns played: 281
    Base score: 1577
    Final score: 2816
    Time played: 5:02:00

    Missed information era by one turn due to stupid mistake, so had to wait 20 turns more :( I said hey, at least I'll do the "finish the whole tech tree" achievement, but missed that too by 3 turns :) But it was funny game to play!
  11. Suliz

    Suliz Chieftain

    Oct 10, 2010
    Game: Civ5 GOTM 127
    Date submitted: 2016-01-23 12:07:36
    Reference number: 33830
    Your name: Suliz
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1866AD
    Turns played: 303
    Base score: 1247
    Final score: 2078
    Time played: 6:04:00
    Submitted save: tsg127 end Sejong_0304 AD-1868.Civ5Save
    Renamed file: Suliz_C512701.Civ5Save

    First, I would like to thank the citizens of what would have been Geneva for deciding (at the point of an Axe) to come work for me instead of founding their own city. :)

    - Did you use your UU?
    Essentially useless. I did build one of each, because I have this dream of someday getting the build all unit achievement.

    - How useful was your UA?
    It presumably had some benefit, but I really didn't notice it.

    - Did you use spying to your advantage?
    Extra votes to win on first world leader vote

    - How did the difficulty level affect your game decisions?

    Well, knowing victory was pre-ordained, I tried what was probably a less than optimal social policy path - full piety, 2 policies in commerce, full rationalism, autocracy :) I have to admit though, the ability to build science buildings with faith was pretty helpful. And since I was able to achieve victory on the first UN vote, skipping patronage really didn't hurt me.

    - Was Faith helpful to achieve victory? How?
    See above, also because I pumping out large amounts of faith, I was able to build pagodas and mosques in all my cities, build science building exclusively with faith and still have enough left to send out missionaries, whenever a CS wanted to be converted.

    - What techs did you prioritize ?
    Science all the way.

    - Did you opt for a peaceful path or eliminate civs to lower the votes needed or trigger an earlier vote?

    Eliminated the two on my continent, otherwise peaceful.
  12. Monthar

    Monthar Deity

    Mar 28, 2004
    Elmendorf, Tx
    This was a mostly peaceful game. I captured one of France's settlers early on.

    To hold off the start of the voting, I didn't go find the other civs until I was to or almost to the industrial era.

    I didn't build any UUs, but I pushed the specialists fairly heavily and settled all the extra great prophets for even more science.

    I think this was one of my earliest diplomatic victories ever. I'm fairly certain it was my fastest peaceful diplomatic victory.
  13. WackenOpenAir

    WackenOpenAir Deity

    Sep 16, 2003
    Eindhoven, the Netherlands
    I gambled and lost.

    The korea bonus and the powerful petra spot combined with the low difficulty level made me decide to try and get civil service as a free tech from TGL. This would be a huge early boost to growth and it is on the same path with Petra so i could build that earlier too. The korean tech boost could give me 200 beakers on that path as opposed to the 60 otherwise.
    The downside would be that i'd complete the library around turn 80. I figured on prince there should be quite a chance that is ok but got beaten to it on turn 68.

    Too bad because the start was obviously very awesome with the extra early free worker. The massive free religion (desert folk) just from saying hello to your neighbouring CS. It could have been an impressive game.
  14. Ribannah

    Ribannah Fighter Druid

    Aug 6, 2001
    Castle Gobs

    Opening report (T100)


    Ancient 0-54
    15 Desert Folklore
    47 Taoism (Tithe, Pagodas)

    Classical 55-98
    55 GREAT LIBRARY, Currency
    70 PETRA

    Medieval 99-141
    99 Metal Casting
    121 Taoism enhanced (Swords into Plowshares, Religious Texts)
    128 Scholasticism
    129 Education

    Renaissance 142-153
    142 Astronomy
    143 ORACLE, Rationalism, Secularism :goodjob:

    Industrial 154-174
    154 Fertilizer
    158 Printing Press
    169 Scientific Theory

    Modern 175-189
    175 Radio
    176 Freedom (Avant Garde, Civil Society)
    183 Plastic
    184 STATUE OF LIBERTY :king:

    Atomic 190-190
    190 Radio

    Information 190-204
    190 OXFORD UNIVERSITY, Satellites
    203 Globalization

    Someone spilled Coal on this map. :p

    The turn Astronomy came we swarmed out with all the units received from Militaristic City States and quickly discovered the other civilizations (Krakatoa proved to be much harder to find). Nine turns later the clock started ticking with the discovery of Printing Press on turn 158. :scan:

    We now had to tech from Printing Press to the Information Era in 32 turns. :cool:

    Turn 190 was most glorious. One turn before the congress would reconvene, we gained two ages by discovering Radar, Rocketry and Satellites on the same turn, without even spending a Great Scientist. :king:

    We could have bought a third Scientist from faith during the final stage but didn't need it.

    159 Korea host, proposal: World's Fair
    176 Korea voted host (14 votes)
    191 United Nations, Korea voted host (32 votes)
    193 World's Fair enacted
    204 World's Fair completed (3 prizes), Korea voted World Leader (42 votes, minimum of 40 needed)

    Golden Age
    120-134 Happiness points
    165-204 Great Artist (12), Representation (15), Great Artist (16)

    113 Philanthropy
    128 Scholasticism
    143 Rationalism
    143 Secularism (Oracle)
    159 Humanism
    170 Free Thought
    176 Representation
    176 Freedom: Avant Garde, Civil Society
    184 Scientific Revolution
    184 Freedom: Universal Suffrage (Statue of Liberty)
    196 Commerce
    204 Mercenary Army

    Spoiler :
    102 Workshop
    106 Colossus: Cargo Ship
    108 Cargo Ship
    109 food from Daegu (Cargo Ship)
    110 Lighthouse
    111 Workboat
    112 Pagoda 200f
    113 Cargo Ship
    114 Workboat
    120 Workboat
    121 Great Prohet#2
    122 Stable, Great Engineer#1
    124 Garden
    130 Great Prophet#3
    131 University
    142 Colosseum
    143 ORACLE, Great Prophet#4, Great Scientist#1
    146 Observatory
    147 Writer's Guild
    153 NOTRE DAME
    154 Artists' Guild
    157 Great Writer#1
    165 Great Artist#1
    167 Great Scientist#2, PORCELAIN TOWER: Great Scientist#3
    170 Windmill
    172 Public School
    173 Market
    175 Great Writer#2
    176 Shrine, Great Scientist#4 (Liberty tree)
    177 Factory
    180 Hydro Plant, Great Artist#2
    181 Mint
    183 Bank, Great Engineer#2
    184 STATUE OF LIBERTY, Great Scientist#5 1000f
    185 Great Scientist#6 1500f
    186 Research Lab 1350g
    189 PORCELAIN TOWER: Great Scientist#7
    197 FORBIDDEN PALACE, Great Writer#3
    199 Cargo Ship, Great Artist#3

    Wonders and Great People elsewhere
    145 MACHU PICCHU (Busan)
    203 Great Scientist (Busan)

    Spoiler :
    102 Horseback Riding
    106 Drama and Poetry
    113 Civil Service
    116 Philosophy
    121 Theology
    129 Education
    131 Compass (University in Korea capital)
    133 Guilds
    137 Chivalry
    140 Physics
    142 Astronomy (National College in Korea Capital)
    145 Steel
    146 Gunpowder (Observatory in Korea Capital)
    150 Chemistry
    154 Fertilizer
    156 Machinery
    158 Printing Press
    159 Banking
    162 Economics
    164 Acoustics
    166 Architecture
    169 Scientific Theory
    171 Metallurgy
    173 Industrialization (Public School in Korea capital)
    174 Electricity (GS)
    175 Radio
    177 Rifling
    180 Steam Power
    182 Replaceable Parts (GS)
    183 Plastics
    184 Military Science (GS)
    184 Flight (rationalism tree)
    185 Railroad (GS)
    186 Electronics (Research Lab in Korea capital)
    187 Ballistics
    189 Combustion
    189 Navigation (GS)
    190 Radar
    190 Rocketry (Oxford University in Korea capital)
    190 Satellites (Oxford University)
    195 Atomic Theory
    196 Archaeology
    198 Biology
    200 Refrigeration
    201 Penicillin (GS)
    202 Ecology
    202 Telecommunications (GS from Busan)
    203 Globalization (GS)
  15. sebtanic

    sebtanic Warlord

    Jan 10, 2007
    @Ribannah Wow, great timing!

    You seem to have gotten a tech every other turn in the end game... How the hell did you accomplish that?

    OK, just read your opening actions report, 8 cities, so I guess that made for a lot of science. Did you have any problems with happiness though?
  16. Ribannah

    Ribannah Fighter Druid

    Aug 6, 2001
    Castle Gobs
    We had 8 Pagodas very quickly. That alone gave us +16 happiness. :)

    Some population/science data:

    204=173/2316 (/2452 maxed out)
  17. Knowtalent

    Knowtalent Emperor GOTM Staff

    Dec 13, 2009
    What was the reasoning behing takining the pre enhancement pagoda vs waiting to enhance and hopefully getting mosques or cathedral for the extra happiness later?

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  18. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Emperor

    May 18, 2015
    SE Minnesota
    Diplomatic victory on turn 327

    I thought I played okay, so I'm astonished again that some of y'all finished 100 turns sooner than I did. (I wouldn't be surprised by, say, 50 turns sooner) Maybe I wasted time building too many wonders. Either that, or I should have settled my expos sooner. The wonders I targeted were ToA, Petra, Notre Dame, LToP, Brandenburg, Porcelain Tower, and SoL. (and Hubble if the game had lasted any longer) I don't know how many wonders there are, but I built all of those and at least a dozen more. The early ones I was beat to or didn't try for were Zeus, MoH, Colossus, Great Lighthouse, and Stonehenge.

    Altogether, I founded 4 cities, puppeted 2 and annexed another.

    - Did you use your UU?
    I build one turtle boat and one Hwach'a. The turtle captured the city of Tikal and that's all I did with it until I gifted it to a CS for 20 influence. I never did anything with the Hwacha except garrisoned in in the city I forward-settled at France to keep Napoleon honest.

    - How useful was your UA?
    I don't think I've ever teched so fast, even with Babylon.

    - Did you use spying to your advantage?
    Not particularly, but the 5 diplomats at the end were essential for winning on the first vote.

    - Did the map type help or hinder victory and how?
    I don't know. I ignored the other continent probably longer than I should; I didn't want to be bothered with the world congress until it was about time for the world leader vote, but I should have started exploring a little sooner.

    - How did the difficulty level affect your game decisions?
    I never would have tried for the Great Library (which I got) at a higher difficulty. But it probably slowed me down because the AI's were so far behind there was no point in doing research agreements and they had nothing worth trading for and no money to buy anything.

    - Was Faith helpful to achieve victory? How?
    Lots of gold from Tithe, extra food from Feed the World, and I think CS influence decays slower if they have your religion (and they all did.) I had enough faith leftover at the end I should have bought more (and earlier) GE's and GS's. I did buy a few, but I got so many naturally I didn't need to buy many.

    - What Social Policies did you choose and in what order?
    Honor opener, full Tradition, Patronage up to Scholasticism, full Rationalism, and Freedom up to Treaty Organization. I kinda mixed my Rationalism and Freedom picks to delay the to get to Treaty Organization a little sooner and save the rationalism finisher for something good. Because I won the Worlds Fair I got a few extra policies and I put them in Exploration.

    - What techs did you prioritize?
    Currency (Petra), Civil Service (more food), Physics (Notre Dame), Education (of course), Radio (ideology), Plastics, and Globalization.

    - Did you opt for a peaceful path or eliminate civs to lower the votes needed or trigger an earlier vote?
    I played mostly peacefully, but Napoleon invited me to war against Pacal and I couldn't pass up a chance to wipe him out (Napoleon had already captured Palenque, and Tikal was a nice little coastal city with a lux I didn't have. Also Pacal had just built Borobudur and had denounced me for no reason, and I knew the missionary spam would be coming soon. Later, I declared war on France and took Paris and Orleans because Napoleon was being obnoxious. It had nothing to do with the world leader vote.

    World leader vote was triggered by me teching to Telecommunications. I was 26 to 30 techs ahead of everybody else. I had to scramble to find the last few CS's because I neglected to explore earlier, and then boom I went from Navigation to the information age in just a few turns it seemed. So I burned the rest of my GS's to get Satellites, and I still finished Globalization before the first vote. Just squeaked out a win on the first ballot with 39 votes.
  19. Ribannah

    Ribannah Fighter Druid

    Aug 6, 2001
    Castle Gobs
    Early on they only cost 200 faith, and the immediate benefits were very welcome. Mosques and Cathedrals only give +1 happiness, and by the time I would have gotten around to them there was sufficient happiness from other sources.

    Swords into Plowshares - hardly ever picked by the AI - was a better choice by then, while it wouldn't have helped us earlier.
  20. WackenOpenAir

    WackenOpenAir Deity

    Sep 16, 2003
    Eindhoven, the Netherlands
    BTW, one doesnt exclude the other as far as i know. You can have pagodas AND Mosques or Caths iirc. (If indeed more happiness would still be needed after the pagodas)

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