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TSG 156 After Actions

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Game Of The Month' started by Hammer Rabbi, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Hammer Rabbi

    Hammer Rabbi Chieftain GOTM Staff

    Jan 3, 2012
    Welcome to the TSG 156 After Actions Report. In this thread you can post the results of your game. Please state victory date and score (preferably in the post title), as recorded in the Hall of Fame, and the most important: your path to glory!

    STOP - Please do not continue reading this thread until you have completed and submitted your game.

    Please use the Civ5 game submission page to submit your final, first play through, .Civ5Save file, saved AFTER the victory ceremony if you were not conquered (using the "Lemme play one more turn" feature.).

    - Did you find the 'gift' first? What did you spend the gold on?
    - Describe your city settlements and tech/social policy strategy.
    - What VC did you ultimately choose? Did you start the game with that in mind or change strategies later?
    - Did you use any of Spain's Unique Units? Did you settle/conquer/work any Natural Wonders to use their UA bonus?

    **Please use spoiler tags for any surprise details you'd like kept hidden. Thanks.**

    Players are encouraged to provide feedback on the game. Some players like to replay the game, and although we will not record the results from a replay, you can still post your new experiences (please state if the game is a replay). Please refrain from posting videos until the deadline for submission is over.
  2. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Chieftain

    May 18, 2015
    SE Minnesota
    I won't be submitting my game because I started over, but I'm having fun playing it. Thanks HR for this, and all your previous games.
    Spoiler :

    I settled in place because it looked like a good spot, and started building a scout and researching pottery. I sent my warrior NE. In just a couple of turns I met a Chinese scout standing next to El Dorado and collected 100 gold. That's when I rage-quit and started over. :blush: I think I played exactly the same but maybe took a slightly different route with the warrior. The random number generator was kinder this time; I got there in the same number of turns and collected 1000 gold (no Chinese scout this time at all.) Bought a settler as soon as Madrid reached 2 pop and escorted him back to El Dorado and settled Barcelona on its north side (to eventually work the sheep tile) and bought a granary so my citizen could work the wonder tile.

    I opened Tradition, then straight Liberty (mostly for the faster workers because all the jungle) then went back and finished Tradition. Don't know yet if that was a good idea; I'll post the results later. It's about turn 160, I'm founder of the World Congress and friends with everybody except China (Wu hates me for no particular reason)

    I mainly just wanted to thank the Rabbi, and I shouldn't post in the announcement thread.
  3. poxpower

    poxpower Chieftain

    May 2, 2016
    Game status:Culture Victory
    Game date:500AD
    Turns played:135
    Base score:733
    Final score:2714
    Time played:1:17:00
    Submitted save:gotm156_poxpower.Civ5SaveRenamed file:poxpower_C515601.Civ5Save

    1- Yes I found the sweet cash bonanza
    2-I knew that at emperor and with 2 free settlers and with Spain, I could go for Sacred Sites. I just went and finished piety, then went into liberty but the game ended before I could finish that to get my great musician. I think finishing piety was a mistake. Maybe. I dunno. I did get a free great prophet to reform my religion, maybe that's better than free musician?
    3- I pretty much knew I'd go for Sacred Sites. At under Immortal Difficulty, the AI can't defend against sacred sites, certainly not with my guess that I'd get something to do with Spain on this map.
    4- I settled the wonder of course and worked it to death using the +4 faith Pantheon, which as Spain gives +8. Super fast religion guaranteed double religious building ( mosque + monastery ) to get that tourism rolling. The wonder was also pretty stupid good in getting quickly to reformation to secure Sacred Sites, but I don't think the AI goes for that.

    I also used the trick where I gifted a city to the further AI, who was also the culture spammer. I just gave him a city to send a trade route to him and that shaved 6-7 turns. I screwed up a little and didn't leave myself enough space to spam cities. Ended on 12 cities, could have made 13 which would have been ideal I always underestimate the importance of having a dumb number of cities, and the capital had nothing to do later in the game, would have been better if I could spam more settlers.
    Maybe all that could have finished the game like 10 turns faster? I dunno. Always some people who seem to finish impossibly fast lol
  4. FireFree3

    FireFree3 Chieftain

    Mar 20, 2012
    Game: Civ5 GOTM 156
    Your name: FireFree3
    Game status: Domination Victory
    Game date: 960AD
    Turns played: 158
    Base score: 1201
    Final score: 3874
    Time played: 3:23:00

    1) I can't get El Dorado, but got another wonder to get 500 golds. I intended to spend the gold to buy archers and upgrade to composite bowman, but I finally bought a settler and forward settle Sejong.

    2) Started tradition, dipped to honour for rush.

    3) When I see the Chinese scout turn 3, I know I can't stay peaceful. Tried a composite bowman/crossbowman rush. Pangesa!

    4) No. Those units are so late. Money is very good. :)
  5. golem

    golem Chieftain

    Sep 22, 2001
    Praha, Czech rep.
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1775AD
    Turns played:265
    Base score: 1562
    Final score:2947
    Time played: 2:44:00

    1 - I found El Dorado, bought settler, worker.
    2 - Tradition, Patronage
    3 - I went for diplomacy, as I was tired of wars.In the end I had one - just conquer Beijing by one Longswordsman - Arabia did all work in this war instead of me.
    4 - no.

    Niice game, thanks.
  6. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Chieftain

    May 18, 2015
    SE Minnesota
    I don't think I"ve ever gotten Sacred Sites to work, so I started playing it on this map. Everything was going great; I had 6 or 7 cities with mosques in most of them and a couple of pagodas... and Korea beat me to the reformation by 2 turns and they took Sacred Sites. :cry: They must have only taken Piety policies, and I took a couple in Liberty on the way.
  7. poxpower

    poxpower Chieftain

    May 2, 2016
    Yeah definitely Piety first is best by far for this strategy. Just don't know if finishing piety is right or not. It gets you basically a free great prophet, which is like 500 faith that you save to buy more buildings and you get to enhance your religion and secure double building religion which is crucial. But in my game it made it so I didn't get a great musician from Liberty..sooo who knows.
  8. Beto_Java

    Beto_Java Chieftain

    May 13, 2005

    Civ5 GOTM 156
    Date submitted: 2017-04-18 11:51:54
    Reference number: 35364
    Your name: beto_java
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1894AD
    Turns played: 317
    Base score: 1995
    Final score: 3166
    Time played: 7:32:00
    Submitted save: DIplo_Isabella_0318 AD-1896.Civ5Save
    Renamed file: beto_java_C515601.Civ5Save
  9. Kendon

    Kendon Chieftain

    Aug 23, 2012
    Rocky Mountains
    I'm surprised I finished at all, let alone with a Diplomacy victory on turn 361. On turn 258 I was set to invade Poland who had most of the world wonders and not much of an army. By turn 279 my people had -26 happiness all because they didn't like the Freedom ideology, my invincible well-promoted army was being decimated by the Polish heavy horse and there wasn't much reason to continue, apart from that cartoon of the frog strangling the stork while it's being swallowed.

    I replayed from 258 to turn 271, choosing Autocracy to see if the Spanish people would like that better. They didn't. Later it turned out every one of the ideologies led to at least -12 happiness, much like contemporary politics.

    Going back to turn 279 I decided to try a few more moves. Poland got attacked by Egypt, my artillery got away, suddenly I had a chance again.

    Now my question is whether I should submit my game because I did replay turns even though none of those turns are included in the sequence that led to the final victory. They didn't change the original play but what I learned from them may have changed how I played afterwards.
  10. aafritz17

    aafritz17 Chieftain Hall of Fame Staff Supporter

    Oct 13, 2015
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Game: Civ5 GOTM 156
    Date submitted:2017-04-23 12:10:57
    Your name: aafritz17
    Game status: Science Victory
    Game date: 1988AD
    Turns played: 408
    Base score: 1893
    Final score: 2337

    Spoiler TLDR: Go down to "T404" :
    MY COW!!! What a TERRIBLY played game! Started SO badly, read too much in HR’s hint. “Aha!” I thought, “El Dorado is just one turn into that fog, and it will be a great site for Madrid.”

    So I move my starting settler over there, founded on, what, T8? STOOPID, STOOPID, STOOPID! And the location is no where near as good as where we spawned. Luckily I was 1st, sent a settler back there.

    Couldn’t decide what vic to go for. Kind of wanted to war, but Poland was cranking military. Took China out with his help (ended up Shanghai and with Beijing T223). About then Babylon begins to get strong. I keep playing him and Poland against each other (had DOF with Poland most of the game). Mid-game Babylon had Egypt weakened, so I DOW Egypt, took Thebes T321. Later I agreed with Poland to DOW Korea, got Jeonju for peace.

    Still not sure I can win by war, and worried about Poland’s culture, I wanted Seoul (8 WW?), especially to keep it from Poland (who is still at war with Korea). Gathered a nice little force of battleships and bombers in Jeonju, about to strike, and they nuke each other. Didn’t see that coming! I had no workers nearby, so held off invading Seoul.

    About this time (mid T300s) I decide I’m close enough technology-wise that I’ll ride it out for a science victory. Both Poland and Babylon are cranking military and techs, plus Poland is killing culture. I want Hubble badly, so I get Satellites T348 and have just enough faith to buy a GE. Fat-fingered a GS instead. STOOPID, STOOPID, STOOPID! Have to hard-build it, and now Babylon is gonna get there first... (But he didn't, so I got it.)

    Had to change ideologies I think twice. Went with Poland’s Freedom until everybody else took the others. Went way unhappy (-10? -12?) Finally switched to Order. A few turns of that, I’m suddenly -24. So, back to Freedom (where I finished).

    T404 Spain has: Babylon Poland
    Cockpit, 2 Boosters (3rd has 2 more turns) Cockpit, 3 Boosters Influence over all but 2, 1 Booster

    I need to finish Robotics and Nano for Stasis Chamber, Particle Physics for Engine.
    I have Space Procurement and will have enough gold for one (not both) parts.
    I have 3 Great Scientists, and enough Faith to buy one more.

    T404 Bulb 1 GS for Robotics and into Nano.
    T405 Bulb 1 GS for Nano. Buy Stasis Chamber. Faith-buy GS.
    T407 Attach Stasis Chamber. Bulb 2 GS for Partical Physics. SELL SHANGHAI TO POLAND FOR BUNCH OF GOLD (he was so pleased with himself!!!), BUY ENGINE.
    T408 Attach Engine and WIN.

    Hmm… Even though it was very badly played (or, more likely, because of it), this one felt like a better victory than some of them do.

    Thanks, once again, HR, for some good times!
  11. socralynnek

    socralynnek Civ & Hattrick addict

    Sep 1, 2003
    Northern Germany
    Don't have the time to finish this.
    Was not first to Eldorado, also China settled there earlier.
    Captured city there with the units I got from Mil. CS and got another one for peace.
    I guess I could have won ths, but it surely wouldn't be a fast win.

    Hammer Rabbi: Thanks for your maps and your work!
    I was late to join the GOTMs, the games here were really fun!

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