TSG 219 Opening Actions Thread


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Oct 13, 2015
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Couple of things about this game.

We are playing these settings in the Civ V Minor Gauntlet this month. (Do you all know about the two monthly Gauntlet competitions in the Hall-of-Fame?) The Great Plain map-script is known to have an issue with City-States. A Duel-sized map should have 4, but I think there are only 3 in this game. For the Gauntlet, you are given just the settings, not a game-save, and you can play as many (unique) maps as you like. In doing so, I think I had one map that had only 1 City-State, a few with only 2, and only 1 that actually had all 4.

The other thing - there are several routes to a culture victory. You can use the game's intended method of building museums full of works-of-art, you can use the Sacred Sites strategy, somebody developed a Greek Liberation strategy (i have never tried that one), and on Chieftain and under the right circumstances, you MIGHT be able go Liberty, choose a Great Musician for the completer, and culture-bomb your opponent. The map is a duel, so should play fast for you, so I would suggest you play several practice games to get a feel for the strategy you want to choose. My best time so far with these settings was 201 turns, and I had a Great Musician with 270 Tourism two moves from the opponent's border that I didn't get to use.


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I tried a couple of games this morning and sacred sites was producing good results. That involves searching for a faith natural wonder to settle beside and then taking either one with nature or god-king. You need to rush both culture and faith.

Greek liberation doesn't work in a duel map, so it's either sacred sites, traditional culture, or GM culture bomb.

I noticed one game in the HoF where Svinopes managed a turn 35 victory under similar settings (though standard speed). I wonder if he settled El Dorado and rushed through the Liberty tree?


Sep 27, 2010
I'm trying Sacred Sites. Seems to be going well. I was able to block our opponent from moving his settler into my territory and then finally when he left his settler alone I took it. So he's still on one city on T125. This will be a quick game for sure.
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