TSG 235 Opening Actions Thread


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Sep 15, 2014
This thread is used to discuss the game's opening decisions and strategies through the first 100 or so turns. Here you can post questions related to the game and share your achievements/anger/frustration/victories while you play.

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- What did you think about before starting the game, what was your approach to this game?
- Where did you settle and what did you build first?
- What tech path did you follow and why?
- What Social Policies did you choose?
- What Wonders did you try to get and did you get them?
- Did you get a religion? What religious beliefs did you pick?
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An early-morning session, and I'm already 100 turns in. So far, the game is going as well as can be expected. I thought quite a while about the settle location. I like settling T0, but the hill and the observatory are also tempting, even if I would move away from a lot of civil service farms and a banana, but I thought I might settle another city for those (as it turned out, with the coast just below, I could just about squeeze one in). I think this game will be going to internet, so I moved onto the hill for the observatory, picking up another gems that otherwise I would have settled, nice.

I have seen other commentators give a step-by-step overview of the early game including ruins, so I thought I would also do that: T4 spearman upgrade, T7 map, T8 pop (from 1 to 2, but still useful since it made me reach 3 earlier, at which pop I would make settlers). After that, I became engrossed in the game and forgot about recording ruins, though I did get a few more including some gold, as I was flush with money in the early game. About the spearman upgrade, FilthyRobot did not like it much on single player, since you can't tribute city states anyway, but I value the spearman highly as worker stealing becomes much easier. Early on, there was a limited-vision steal from William available. With a scout or even a warrior, I might not have attempted it, but with the spear I could come charging in.

My build order was scout-scout shrine (for tears of the god, which I got early thanks to meeting a religious city state first) into settler-settler-settler-settler, so 5-city tradition: two cities on the river west near William (so many luxuries and bonus resources there!), and two coastals. The only part of my game that might have gone better was worker stealing. I stole one worker from the Dutch, two from Inca, and two from Tyre, although the second one was very late. I could not camp Tyre effectively because my scout was dragged away to deal with barb camps, so when I returned to Tyre it had already improved some tiles and was starting to get units out. Thankfully, my first expands were surrounded by forests, so I could chop out more workers.

For tech direction I was doubting. For a long time, I always went universities first, but more recently I've been preferring workshops first, to get that production online early. For this game, the capital could really use civil service, as it does not have many bonus resources to work, but I went workshops anyway, also because I wanted to get construction, in case I needed composite bowmen. Warring two AI early game can be a little risky, and even though this is not Deity, early war on Immortal can still be dangerous. In the end, all civs forgave my early transgressions, and I've become friends with a few of them. In any case, most of my neighbours are now otherwise occupied, since I bribed France to war Inca and Polynesia, and Inca to war Netherlands :)

I was quite lucky with wonders this game. I've recently been playing some older GotM games, and I've had games on King and even Prince where I lost 'everything', but here I got Mausoleum in the capital T93, and Oracle T96 in my second expand, uncontested as far as I could tell (at least no other capitals were building the wonders).
- What did you think about before starting the game, what was your approach to this game?
Before the game I looked up how to play Brazil because I aways do bad with them. Then realized I need to play for the late game.​

- Where did you settle and what did you build first?
I moved the settler to the hill next to the mountain and then back to the starting location because didn't see anything useful up there. This turned out to be a mistake I think since there was an extra Gem as well as horses hidden in the clouds. I did buy the Marble and Bananas to get some growth going and that was good.​

- What tech path did you follow and why?
Went for Civil Service to get Chichen Itza but alas I was no where near close enough, someone had it before I even got CS.​

- What Social Policies did you choose?
Tradition, opened Aesthetics.​

- What Wonders did you try to get and did you get them?
None, and none.​

- Did you get a religion? What religious beliefs did you pick?
Nope. Got a pantheon, Culture from Jungles that hopefully will last awhile.​

A slow start as expected. Sent my first two settlers west to found cities on the river near the Dutch, hopefully Wiliam won't be too mad about that. Went for 3 city NC; will get it in 10 turns. My science is probably abysmal compared to others at T100 but that's par for the course. Ruins were Pottery (which I was already researching), Culture, Gold, Pop so not too bad. And everyone is being friendly so far so lets hope that keeps up. There are city states between me and Napoleon so that is a blessing; he can backstab the Inca or Polynesia this game instead of me!


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I'm kind of new to this, so one question - do we supposed to use spoilers from here, or we should read other people posts after we played till mid game?
You should play the game as your first attempt without the aid of spoilers. Once you have played, then you may read to your heart's content and replay if you wish.

Only your first attempt may be submitted. Any subsequent attempts may be posted in the After Action thread and we would appreciate your stating which attempt it was: second, third, etc.

Best of luck!
Log of my first 100 turns:
TurnActionAI turn
2Settle on a south hill with diamonds
5Culture ruin
6Meet Ur, Scout, Tradition
7Population ruin, baught bananasNetherlands
8meet Vancoover
10Gold ruin, Mining
11Scout, 3 pop at rio, found a coast
12Tech ruin (husbandry)Inca
14Found Amsterdam, bought cows, oligarchy
18Meet Hanoi, Meet La venta, Upgrade to archer ruin
19Gold ruin
204 pop in RIo, meet Ife
21Pantheon, sacred path is taken so god-king, steal worker from Netherlands
22Archery, steal worker from hanoi,
23Meet Kiev, Zanzibar, somewhere here meet Polinesia
26Bought a Settler
29Meet Indonesia
30Meet Prague
35Found San-Paulo, river hill NW from capital near diamonds
38Meet Singapoore
Found Salvador, river hill E of Capital near Bananas
44Alexander Library build somewhere
48Stole worker from Holland
49Meet Portugal
53Meetr Kyzil
54Meet kahocia
55Stonehedge somewhere, Piramids Inca
56Worker from Hanoi
71Polinesia build Niku-Hiva SE from capital on the coast, national college
72Terracota army, Inca
73Meet Mbaza-Kongo
75Hanging Gardens Morocco
86Steal worker from hanoi and started to move horde of composites thereGreat Wall Inca
94Lighthouse Polinesia
95Chichen ITZA, Marocco
96Oracle in close race woth Portugal, but I desided that gamble is fine
100Hannoi is oqupied
- What did you think about before starting the game, what was your approach to this game?
Read about playing with Brasil as I lack experience with them. Does not help as I forget everithing when start playing :D

- Where did you settle and what did you build first?
On the hill near starting location. I'm still struggling with balance between exploring for best location and not loosing first turns - feel like better location is elsewhere.

- What tech path did you follow and why?
Stoneworking -> National College -> Machinery

- What Social Policies did you choose?
Tradition -> Aestetics

- What Wonders did you try to get and did you get them?
Oracle when I have nothing intresting to do in the capital. Get it fine.

- Did you get a religion? What religious beliefs did you pick?
No religious panteon so went hard way of building Temples. Tithe, production for followers.
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