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Discussion in 'Civ5 - Game Of The Month' started by Knowtalent, Nov 18, 2020 at 2:59 AM.

  1. Knowtalent

    Knowtalent Emperor GOTM Staff

    Dec 13, 2009
    Welcome to the TSG 200 After Action Report thread. In this thread you can post the results of your game. Please state victory date and score (preferably in the post title), as recorded in the Hall of Fame, and the most important: your path to glory!
    STOP - Please do not continue reading this thread until you have completed and submitted your game.
    Please attach your final, first play through, .Civ5Save file, saved AFTER the victory ceremony if you were not conquered (using the "Lemme play one more turn" feature.) In your post.
    - How useful was your UA?
    - Did you use spying to your advantage?
    - Did the map type help or hinder victory and how?
    - How did the difficulty level affect your game decisions?
    - What Social Policies did you choose and in what order? Which Ideology did you choose?
    - What techs did you prioritize ?
    - What did you think of the map and settings?
  2. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Emperor

    May 18, 2015
    SE Minnesota
    Science victory on turn 371. It was an interesting game. I moved my warrior south before settling and saw coast, so I moved my settler to it. It took two turns, but I thought it might be worth it even at quick speed. Then it turns out the game isn't quick speed! (I need to look at the settings more closely before I start) I figured I could build an expo close to the starting position later. Gustav forward-settled me and cut off a lot of land for expansion so I just had 3 cities for a long time, but eventually I sent 2 settlers around and forward-settled him to secure another luxury (gold) and some coal. I thought I was going to have to kill him (he also killed a cultural CS early and I wanted to liberate it) but we stayed friends the whole game. A *lot* of the city states got killed this game, and not just by Mongolia. They were all doing that, plus Venice buying them. Like I said, it was interesting.

    - How useful was your UA?
    It was annoying at the very beginning of the game, but overall it was quite useful. I could grow all of my cities without bounds later in the game, not just Delhi.

    - Did you use spying to your advantage?
    I put my spies in Delhi just to level them up, then sent them out to flip city states. Eventually I had enough to take leadership of the world congress without spending too much gold. (I took the Order ideology and did not open Patronage, so I didn't get any influence for free except the occasional quest)

    - Did the map type help or hinder victory and how?
    The map type was fine. The actual map was annoying because of the ice blockages. I really wanted to settle by the Great Barrier Reef, but it would take way too long to get my settler there.

    - How did the difficulty level affect your game decisions?
    It meant I could go after just about any wonder I wanted except Great Library. (so I prioritized Temple of Artemis instead)

    - What Social Policies did you choose and in what order? Which Ideology did you choose?
    Liberty, Commerce (and I finished both before Rationalism), Rationalism, Order(Iron Curtain first, then Space Pioneers or whatever it's called) Usually I would go Tradition and Freedom, especially with India, but I wanted to mix things up.

    - What techs did you prioritize?
    All of them. :) Seriously, I guess Optics (Great Lighthouse), Philosophy (temples, National College, and Oracle), Physics (Notre Dame), Fertilizer (more food, plus quickest path to Industrial era), Plastics, and Satellites.

    - What did you think of the map and settings
    Overall I liked it. Not having a Southeast Passage was aggravating. I don't remember if there were blockages to the north and west. I guess I could look at the screenshot...

    I might "just one more turn" and get my warmonger on. Gandhi is really good at it, and Liberty sets it up nicely; Iron Curtain all the more so. It would be a shame to waste that.
  3. Mantis Toboggan M.D.

    Mantis Toboggan M.D. Chieftain

    Jun 28, 2020
    Turn 326 SV. I had massive population thanks to the Temple of Artemis and Hanging Gardens. I settled Delhi and Vijayanagara on the coast for the cargo ships and Mumbai in the jungle for Lake Victoria. Later I settled Pataliputra for the gold up north and Varanasi because I got the free settler from Liberty. I managed to avoid war for most of the game but Sweden did attack me midway through. By that point I was in the Modern Era and he was probably in the Renaissance so I won without breaking a sweat. I made friends with him afterward for the great person bonus. I spent the whole game trying to grow as much as possible, and as you can see Delhi reached 52 population. By the end of the game I had 1800 science per turn, by far the largest I've ever gotten playing tall (although I once got 2804 playing wide as the Aztecs!)

    - How useful was your UA?
    Having less unhappiness from population was definitely helpful since my population was crazy high. I barely had to think about happiness past the Medieval Era.

    - Did you use spying to your advantage?
    I flipped a lot of city states with spies, it was marginally helpful but ultimately not that important.

    - Did the map type help or hinder victory and how?
    Having only Sweden as a neighbor was very nice. I hardly had to build an army at all. By the time he attacked my I was so far ahead that my 4 units crushed his army and he gave me a city in the peace deal.

    - How did the difficulty level affect your game decisions?
    I usually play Emperor or Immortal so King was pretty easy. I tried to win quickly, rather than just coast to a victory. But I knew that a bunch of the more competitive wonders would be available to me so I grabbed a lot of early ones.

    - What Social Policies did you choose and in what order? Which Ideology did you choose?
    I started with Tradition for the tall bonuses and finished it earlier enough (with help from the Oracle) that I managed to take the left side of Liberty before opening Rationalism. I chose freedom and finished Rationalism late for the free tech towards the end of the game. Freedom was great for the specialist bonuses and I was able to buy 2 spaceship parts as well. These meshed really well with the Leaning Tower and Mausoleum, both of which grant great person bonuses.

    - What techs did you prioritize ?
    At first I went for the ones with wonders I wanted, followed by the obvious science ones at the end of the game (Plastics and Penicillin for labs).

    - What did you think of the map and settings?
    Pretty easy overall for experienced players, nut I never play as India so I had fun trying to go crazy with science using their happiness bonus. Also having lots of grassland and rivers meant lots of food.
  4. Jovan Kukic

    Jovan Kukic Warlord

    Feb 8, 2006
    Turn 318 Science victory.
    I was focused on using many cultural CS, so I took Patronage first. Later I took Rationalism and Order, and Liberty in the end.
    I played passive aggressive. My wars started by AI attacks, and were finished mostly by my counterattacks, taking some of their cities.
    Map and settings were nice :)

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  5. raider980

    raider980 Warlord

    Sep 27, 2010
    GotM 200 India SV T366.

    This was a fun, smooth game. I turtled and tried to grow my cities as large as possible.

    Besides when I stole a worker from Egypt, the only war I had was when Enrico tried to send a Merchant of Venice to my neighboring allied CS Mombasa; I couldn't allow that to happen so I killed it. Neither of us ever fired another shot in the war and in the end, Enrico offered me Byblos for Peace. Even though I didn't really need a city half way across the world, since it was late in the game and I had plenty of happiness, I took it just for fun.

    At the start I also went south when I saw the coast and settled Delhi there for cargo ships. When I found Lake Victoria I knew I had to get it. Even though I was late with my settler I beat Gustav to it so that was nice. My core cities:
    • T1: Delhi. Ended up at pop 42.
    • T55: Mumbai on the west coast to get Gems and Whales. Pop 25 at the end.
    • T72: Vijayanagara up by Lake Victoria. Final pop: 39
    • T153: Pataliputra in the grasslands N of Delhi in range of two Gems. 34 citizens at the end.
    Gustav was a warmonger all game. Looks like he was in your game too @zxcvbob . I saw him coming for Vijay early on when I had no army. So I bribed Genghis to attack him and he turned away. Then I saw another large army of Swedish troops coming past my city heading south. We were friends by then so I didn't think he was coming for me. Turns out he was heading for Egypt. Thebes fell not too long after that. I had planned on taking it since it had some nice wonders but Gustav beat me to it. I did get slightly worried by Sweden being to my north and east so I started building an army. Spain took Egypt out of the game shortly after that. Then I saw Sweden declare war on Mongolia - the Mongol capital fell a few turns later. I fully expected Gustav to attack me at some point but he never did.

    • - How useful was your UA?
      • It was awesome. Allowed me to grow very high pop cities and still have tons of happiness. First game in a long time where happiness was not an issue at all.
    • - Did you use spying to your advantage?
      • I was ahead in techs so just used spies to secure CS.
    • - Did the map type help or hinder victory and how?
      • All those grasslands and rivers helped a lot - especially with India's UA.
    • - How did the difficulty level affect your game decisions?
      • I took it kind of easy and just had fun. Building wonders that I can't get on higher levels.
    • - What Social Policies did you choose and in what order? Which Ideology did you choose?
      • I went full Tradition, some Patronage, to Rationalism. Was first to ideology so took Freedom to be able to buy spaceship parts. I was swimming in gold thanks to my religion, Gandhism, which had faith from Gems and Tithe.
    • - What techs did you prioritize ?
      • I did a traditional tech path for science victory with a detour to Fertilizer to get the food bonus.
    • - What did you think of the map and settings?
      • Nice map for India with all those grassland rivers. I messed up by not exploring fast enough to find the other continent early. That probably hindered my science and delayed the win a little.
    Spoiler Launch! :

    Spoiler SV T366 Indian home :
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