TSG94 Results and Congratulations

Hammer Rabbi

GOTM Staff
Jan 3, 2012
A list of the submissions for this game is assembled here. The list is compiled by Score only since everyone finished on the same date.

TSG94 was the Rome Prince Score VC game..

First place :trophy: goes to glory7 with a score of 2448. :eek::bowdown::hatsoff:

Second place :trophy2nd: goes to Mutineer with a score of 1573 while :trophy3rd: goes to wicken with a score of 1565. :high5:

There were 213 downloads with 37 entries and no exclusions for this game. :goodjob:

Congratulations to the trophy winners and :thanx: to all who played this game and participated in the discussions. :clap:

Special thanks to AlanH for keeping the submission system working. :goodjob:
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