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[Tuning] World Congress Resolutions pt3

Discussion in 'General Balance' started by lunker, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. lunker

    lunker Warlord

    Oct 6, 2016
    A - Well balanced for the most part.
    C - Almost there, could use some tuning.
    F - Needs tuning or rework.

    Atomic/Information Era:

    Cold War – Atomic Theory

    (F) – Seems to combine some aspects of City State Sanctions and Sanction. It stops influence decay for allied CS, but that is not such a big deal in Atomic Era. I’m not quite sure what this resolution is supposed to accomplish. You’re generally not sending trade routes to CS if they are not your allies. Similarly, sending TR to civs from a different ideology is risky. In addition the AI seems to love proposing/voting for this. At the moment I find the resolution to be exploitable as a vote magnet.

    I would probably just rework this resolution. The concept is cool but I don’t see how this can be tuned to be worthwhile. Maybe something like “negate unhappiness from ideological pressure” would be useful here. I think that’s sort of what the point was with the whole trade routes being disabled thing.

    International Space Station – Satellites

    (A) – Accelerates science victories for all science civs with strong bonuses for bronze, silver, and gold.

    Nuclear Non-Proliferation – Advanced Ballistics

    (A) – Can stop nuke production which can be important for peaceful players and warmongers alike. The tech requirement allows for some nukes to be built beforehand which makes things interesting.

    Spaceflight Regulations – Atomic Theory

    (C) – I feel as though the penalties for this resolution can be more severe as there are not many ways to slow down a science civ other than war. -25% hammers might buy a few extra turns, but the -25% invest and -25% faith probably won’t.

    United Nations – Atomic Theory

    (A) – Strong diplo bonuses at Gold and Silver. No complaints.

    World Ideology – Telecommunication

    (A) – It’s a bit of a gambit if this is passed before United Nations, as it can significantly change the balance of power in the World Congress. It gets unlocked very late, making diplomatic victory somewhat tied to tech.
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  2. crdvis16

    crdvis16 Emperor

    May 2, 2013
    I think I pretty much agree with your assessment. I imagine the lack of response could mean that others generally agree as well, as people usually speak up when they disagree.
  3. Stalker0

    Stalker0 Baller Magnus

    Dec 31, 2005
    Yeah I agree on spaceflight regs. For example travel ban can be a death sentence for CV, space flight is a speed bump
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  4. phantomaxl1207

    phantomaxl1207 King

    Nov 19, 2010
    Cold War could nerf enemy great diplomats or spy coups.

    I do like the idea of lowering ideology pressure.

    Should we make Cold War and World Ideology exclusive, than if Cold War lowers ideology pressure?
  5. Galbias

    Galbias Prince

    Jul 2, 2016
    I think I made a topic about this in the past, but I agree that Cold War is kind of a weird resolution that feels like it doesn't have a clear purpose. It seems like it would be to reduce Ideology pressure (though in recent versions Ideology pressure is very minor) and possibly reinforcing existing alliances, but in practice it ends up making Cultural victory a lot harder, which Travel Ban already does. I think it really needs either a rework or just to be scrapped. Potential ideas for the former:

    -Lowers trade route yields for routes to partners of a different ideology by 50%
    -Increases diplomatic boost/penalty from having same/different ideology by 50%
    -Increases the effectiveness of all spies in foreign cities/city-states

    I think the no influence decline with allied city-states is fine though.
  6. CrazyG

    CrazyG Deity

    Oct 14, 2016
    In many, many games of VP I have yet to see this resolution do anything very significant. By the time I reach satelites, I'm already so close to a science victory. I've proposed it only to win the game before the vote even happened a couple of times.
  7. tu_79

    tu_79 Deity

    Feb 11, 2016
    Malaga (Spain)
    That's because you play in highest difficulty. At lower difficulties research is much much slower.
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