Jun 6, 2001
i thing the discussion looks like modern Turkeys politics.. Yeah turkey may have some troubles but i thing no one can say "evil turks". All nations have dark pages on their history. But turkey hasn't got the darkest (i thing it is not darker than middle age europe). i'm an turkish in turkey,izmir. when i'm walking on the street, i see normal humans, not evils :) .. we play civ3 too, so we are not evils :) . some groups hate us but they don't know why they hate (may be their grandmum's tales)
turn to main object. turk have lots of important roles in history,more than some civs at the game. so turks must be between 16 civs. not only turks, i thing choosing the civs is not well thinking.
if turks are in game, leadder will be Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, or Fatih Sultan Süleyman (the Conqueror), Kanuni Sultan Süleyman (the Magnificient) or Atilla. Cities are defined before.
And Militaristic & Expansionist .. i don't think Turkey is Religious, it seems Turkey is a Religious country but if you compare Turkey with Arabs and Ýran (or Catholiks, far east philosophies) you will see turkey is not Religious. May be Militaristic & Scientific. Not suprise, Turkey is not a technologic advanced country now but at middle ages lots of scientist, mathamaticians, astronomers, poets live in seljucs and ottoman empire. And we bring inventions of far east (generally Chinese) and arabs to europe (gun powder, cannons etc). All u know how we conquer Ýstanbul (with graet cannons if u dont know). At these ages europe don't know what the canon is..
I download Turks Modepack but still don't try.. I'll try now...
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