Turn 1-50


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I guess I'll get things started for turns 1-50.

Turn 1

  • We still need a final decision on where to settle.
  • Do we care the exact move the warrior makes? If so please specify so a turnplayer can do that and get the updated screenshot.
  • Have we decided first build and first tech? If not, it's time to do so.

Extended plan

  • It would be good to have our micro management experts work out a sequence of worker actions and tiles to work.
  • What is our initial tech strategy? Are we beelining to something, or filling worker techs?
First build is Worker without question, first tech is Agriculture I believe for the corn. Isn't that the optimal approach?

What we do probably need a discussion about is what we get after Agriculture... unless testing has already established an optimal choice for that as well.

One thing that could affect tech choice is desire for Religion.

Also, are we getting any Wonders? SH? GW?
I agree first build is a worker without question and the first tech is agriculture.

The techs after that depend on the settling decision. Many of the votes were made before the options were looked at in more depth. Are we going to take a new vote with the new information presented?
I believe we're in agreement that the warrior should begin by moving south east to the forested grassland hill to reveal the remainder of the alternate plains hill settlement location's BFC. I'm interested to see the results of this quickly, in case it might impact on the selection of our settlement location.

I think it's fair to assume that people who have not updated their votes on the settlement location have not changed their minds. However, if we have time for a quick poll on the issue after the warrior move is completed, that wouldn't hurt.

I agree that wherever we settle, worker first and agriculture make sense. Once our city is settled we can start getting into the micromanagement in more detail.
Warrior SE. Definitely.

Worker first? I don't have a better idea...

Agri first: Yeah!
Another potential path for warrior is E->NE->NE->NW. This would also reveal everything in PH city range. Based on borderline visibility, only thing the first move in this path would miss is two squares below cows and plains forest. This would also give nice visibility to east due to three hills on the path. However, I'm a bit more inclined to support SE first, since that would let warrior scout the rivers faster.
First thing is move the Warrior 1SE (or 1E would be ok, too, but I think SE is better). If there is anything of interest there, let's get a new screenshot up ASAP so we can decide if that will change our settling decision. If nothing interesting is revealed, then I believe there was plenty of consensus to SIP.

First build is worker, I don't see any disagreement on this.

First tech is Agri, I don't see any disagreement on this.

I'd like to scout a bit more before we lock down a mid-term strategy (chasing wonders or religion), but it's probably a good time to start talking about our options and what people would prefer to do.
I have the mod loaded, and would be willing to move the warrior and post a screenshot, but have been holding off to see if one of the "designated turnplayers" is going to do it. ;)

How secure do we want to try to make the game password? It's better if we only set it once.
Daveshack (or anyone), if you do go into the game, could you grab a screenshot of the demo screen, and the mouseover text over our score?
I'd say a game password of about 8 to 10 characters should suffice. Make it something sufficiently easy to remember, and dash in some numbers. I can't imagine anyone in their right mind would try to break into an opponents civ anyways though.

A few suggestions, just to throw something out here:


42 is a nice number.. any geek should remember that.. :p Enigma obviously playing on the spy theme everyone believes we will go for.
Ok, I logged in to check the game really quick and grab some screens.

Since I was the first to log in I went with the following for our password: CFCftw42

I moved the warrior SE but did not take any other actions.

And just so you guys know, I'm not wanting to be the primary turn player at this point unless absolutely no one else is able to. I'm happy to be a back-up but I can't guarantee I will always be able to play our turns on time as the primary guy.
Thanks for the screenshots cav scout! Yeah, I don't know if we need to vote or anything, but I'm pretty sure SIP has the most support by far, and the warrior didn't uncover anything that would sway anyone's opinion.
IMO the revealed territory shows couple of other possible settlement locations, 2S and S+SE. Those locations would add cows and wet wheat into our resources plus 4 or 6 forest in city range, one of which is on tundra though and could be better left unchopped. Price would obviously be 4 FP we have and plains hill bonus hammer. However, I'm still in favour of settling in place (based on intuiton, not any simulations). BTW, tundra in south may limit good settling options in that direction.
I think people might be able to find attachments by searching on your username. The usual practice is to use offsite storage.

Here's the score flyover. Hmm, dropbox thing didn't work like I expected.

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2S or S+SE would take us away from the FP, which I thought was the reason for SIP. If people would reconsider that, I would rather go E+SE to the PH.

There will be a good city south of us towards the tundra, but since that will probably be back-line for us, we might want to circle the warrior around north to see what's around that way for city 2.
I think people might be able to find attachments by searching on your username. The usual practice is to use offsite storage.

Wow, really Dave? I didn't think anyone (other than mods/admins) would be able to find/view those pics here on CFC unless I attached them into a publicly visible thread. I have been attaching pics to posts for the last couple MTDGs...
I'll try one last time.

Settling on the bananas is better in every way than SIP. We will have a bigger empire faster that can research faster than any empire that starts with SIP. I have tried to show you the numbers and save games that demonstrate that bananas is better.

Do we play by intuition despite evidence that contradicts it? A game played over months can be more deeply analyzed than a game played by oneself. This analysis will inevitably lead to a more successful game.

If the majority isn't interested in doing or reading through arguments using this kind of deeper analysis, I'll stop using them. I don't want to waste anyone's time or clutter the thread.
I'll try one last time.

Settling on the bananas is better in every way than SIP.

In every way? What about defensibility? SIP gives a hill defense bonus and a river crossing penalty from 6 of 9 directions.

I know you feel passionate about the banana start and you have made a compelling argument for settling there. But it looks like that majority of the team feels like SIP is the way to go.
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