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Turn 19, 3100 BC


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Hmm, no turn 18 thread. I must have been in the middle of writing it when my browser crashed last night, and then forgot what I was doing. :crazyeye:

Worker starts road on wheat. We don't need to grow Shelbyville until we can keep its citizens happy. Warrior moves SE, can see all but 1 tile of the northern hill+mountain site, and it's a doozy! 3 bonus grass, 2 hills, 5 mountains, floodplain wheat will make a major powerhouse once it is fully improved.

Springfield would have rioted at size 3, even with a lux! Went to 10% on the lux slider. Writing is due in 8 turns now.

Our boat has reached what appears to be the western edge of the landmass.


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That tile on the peninsula looks alright - two whales, two fish, wine. Shame there's no land near it!

Where's the next city going? West or North appear to be the options
I would like to see a city N, NW, NW, NW of Shelbyville. This lets us use the other wheat by shelby and with any luck we will find our iron in those hills.

I was also thinking about a town NE, NE, NE, NE of our capital. We need some production and with the workers we will pump out of shelby we can cut down those trees for a quick boost. Putting our next city 4 tiles away from the capital also keeps the corruption penalty equal with shelbyville.

Whats the build order for Shelbyville? Worker?

Whats the build order for Springfield? Another Settler?

Also..... when does our elected government take control of the ship. Not that I mind Dave Shacks iron fisted rule of our tiny empire. :)
Our next city should be NW of Shelbyville, but I think that a cxxc build would be better.

One city NW-NW-N of Sheblyville, one city NW-W-W of Shelbyville, and one city W-W-W of Springfield make a nice position.

I'd like to see another warrior out of Springfield for MP before a granary/settler.
The NW of Shelby spot should be our future forbidden palace I think, but that will take mucho worker turns to improve.

For our next city Im feeling CxxC either west, east or NE of the capital. We need workers and closer city builds will let us concentrate on improving closer tiles which = less despotic corruption and so forth. Upon further pontificating I think moving the settler 2 east from the cap and then checking what that reveals would allow us to move either north or east again to get the best possible site.

Speaking of workers, we could change the warrior in springfield to one. I agree that the capital should go warrior and then a granary. Once shelby is connected to the wines we can get another mp down to the capital to keep it at 0 lux until size 5.
Move the warrior N or W(preferably west), I think there is a coast north of us.

I agree with getting Springfield as big as possible, as soon as possible.

If we keep going CxxC, we need to start considering the Temple of Artimis.

Edit: Did I say west? I meant EAST! EAST onto the mountain is best!
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