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Turn 54 Culture Victory

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by tobols, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. tobols

    tobols Chieftain

    May 2, 2006

    I just finished my latest game on turn 54, and found it remarkable enough to write my first post about it.

    Leader: Qin Shi Huang
    Difficulty: King
    Map type: Pangea
    Map size: Small
    Game speed: Standard

    I had decided to try and win an early religious culture victory. So I began by rushing Stonehenge.
    While researching Astrology my capital builds first a Scout and then a Builder. My Warrior explores to the northwest and soon finds Mohenjo-Daro. Then a couple of turns later he strikes gold: Kandy! However I'm not there first, the citystate is already under the influence of Gandhi.

    Meanwhile, my Scout turns his attention the other way and runs to the southeast. And he strikes gold too! A goody hut provides my kingdom with it's first holy relic: Splinter of the true cross. Extraordinary!

    A few turns later my Builder is complete, and as soon as Astrology research has finished, he dumps all his builder charges into finishing Stonehenge. Simon Peter founds my religion with the Reliquaries belief and Cathedral as it's special building. The plan is to quickly become Suzerain over Kandy, and then fill my cathedrals with relics.

    My Scout ventures further to the east, where he meets Peter of Russia, and later to the northeast Philip II of Spain. But unfortunately he also discovers a natural wonder, the Dead sea, before I have had a chance to send even a single envoy to Kandy.

    My capital, Xi'an, produces 3 Slingers, and they take care of an early aggression from a nearby barbarian horse camp. My first settler is built, and he founds Jiaodong just south of of Xi'an. Jiaodong starts building a holy district to finish the quest from Kandy and give me my first envoy.

    Since my first Builder only helped constructing Stonehenge, I haven't had Craftsmanship boosted, and decide instead to beeline culture research towards Drama and poetry. As soon as it's finished Xi'an starts building China's first Theater square.

    During this time, my Warrior have also met Victoria of the English empire, and is now returning home. Victoria is so pleased with China being on the same continent as her, and not having any envoys with any citystates, that she requests our confirmed friendship.

    Even Gandhi, despite being a condescending bitter old man, seems to like my empire, though he won't declare us friends. In his blind arrogance, he sends his settlers towards my kingdom and founds two cities, Calcutta and Patna, just north of Xi'an. By now, my Slingers have been upgraded to Archers, and Gandhi's actions are begging for punishment.

    However after careful consideration I decide to send my armies towards Russia before any confrontation with Gandhi. St. Petersburg is Russia's only city, and it's not very well protected. 3 Archers and a Warrior travel to Peter's borders, and as soon as war is declared, are lucky enough to steal a Settler guarded only by a single Warrior.

    To the north I send a single Archer to further scout the lands around Gandhi, while my Scout encounters Gilgamesh far to the east. At the same time my army begins bombarding St. Petersburg with arrows.

    Then my single scouting Archer runs into trouble! From the northeast comes 2 Warriors and 2 Archers sent by Philip II of Spain. The experienced Archer immediately realizes the danger, and turns back around to seek cover within my capital. But before he is able to escape, Philip declares a surprise war and kills him!

    Now I'm in trouble. With my armies locked up in war with Russia, and no military units to protect my capital, things look grim. Is this the end of China?

    Well, no. The next turn I win culture victory. I didn't even have a single envoy with Kandy. Apparently the Splinter of the true cross was so popular, it had already generated 4 tourists from England, Russia, Spain and India. And that turned out to be all that was needed.

    I hadn't even looked at the Culture victory tab, and was so surprised when the movie started playing that I had literally no idea what was going on.

    So that's it. That's how you win culture victory on turn 54.

    With regards,
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  2. hongyu20

    hongyu20 Chieftain

    Jan 14, 2017
    Wow , just wow :):goodjob:
  3. Victoria

    Victoria Regina Supporter

    Apr 11, 2011
    Nice, it would have been nice to know what turn you got Stonehenge as normally a religion takes until turn 50 so the relic does not kick in early enough. A small map also helps because you do not need so much tourism.
    So the relic creates 100 tourism every 4 turns which is 1000 tourism every 40 turns which is a little over 1 tourist point and you finish in turn 54. So just trying to work out how early you got Stonehenge. I guess you mean you got 1 tourism point off each civ and no civ had pushed culture so all had low domestic tourism.
  4. tobols

    tobols Chieftain

    May 2, 2006
    I'm not really sure which turn I finished stonehenge, I didn't expect the early win so I didn't record it.

    However, I suppose it would be something like:
    1. Scout, 6 turns
    2. Builder, 7 turns
    3. Stonehenge, ~12-14 turns when using the builder charges.
    Hence, I would have my religion up on about turn 25-28.

    If calculating the tourism, you'd get a foreign tourism point at (6civs x150) 900.
    And generated tourism per turn would be:
    • Stonehenge, 2pts
    • Holy city, 8pts
    • Relic with reilquaries religion, 8x3=24pts
    Netting 34 tourism points per turn.

    34x27 = 918, meaning I must have met my 4th civilization (Victoria) and have my religion up on turn 27 to be able to reach 900 on turn 54.
    Well I guess if I met Victoria 2 turns earlier, on turn 25, I could have reached 900 culture with religion up on turn 28. (8+8+26*34 = 900).
    But I'm not sure exactly. Oh and yes, I got one point from each civilization (except from Gilgamesh whom I met just a few turns before winning).

    Finally, I've since learnt the hard way that cathedrals doesn't hold relics....
  5. Victoria

    Victoria Regina Supporter

    Apr 11, 2011
    Statistically that is impressive, and the right circumstances do pop up.
    It is true in this life that some of the biggest achievements are accidental, well done (not that you probably felt you tried) credit where it's due.

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