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Turn Chat - 1170AD - Saturday, February 8th (12:00pm EST - 5:00pm GMT)

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of Democracy II' started by Chieftess, Feb 6, 2003.

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  1. Chieftess

    Chieftess Moderator Retired Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
  2. Falcon02

    Falcon02 General

    Dec 11, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    Bremershaven - Worker (1) -> Granary (4) -> Worker (1) -> Bank (10 projected)

    Civanatoria - Rifleman (1) -> Temple (8)-> Marketplace (13)

    Cuernavaca - Aqueduct (5) -> Courthouse (14) -> Granary (12)

    Eklektochtitlan - Granary(12) -> Worker (2) -> Courthouse (16)
    Take entertainers and send one to work on the remaining Flood plains and the other to work on the irrigated plains north of it.

    Izibia - Granary (11) -> Rifleman (16)
    please began deforestation of forests adjacent to Izibia to encourage growth

    New Falcon's Nest - Aqueduct (13) -> Marketplace (15)
    task entertainer to work irrigated Plains tile

    Nocsfiedera - Granary (3) -> Aqueduct (34)

    Pensacola - University (10) -> Granary (7)
    retask one of the citizens working one of the unroaded forest tiles to one fo the irrigated plains tiles

    Tlaxcala - Rifleman(7) -> Temple (7)
  3. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Night Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    New Suramar City, Vekta, United Terran Systems
    Military Instructions

    Send the two Cavalry units 1 tile SW of Uruk east 1 tile and attack Uruk (I want to make sure it is not crossing any rivers When it attacks)

    Lure the Bab longbowmen on the mountan 3 tiles SE from Ashur to the plains and attack with the Cavalry unit located 2 tiles NW from Nagasaki.

    The Cavalry unit 1 tile SE of Nagasaki should patrol and intercept any Bab units that are comming (Especaly the one that is 2 tiles W of Nagasaki.

    Send Reenforcements and Freshly produced troops to Nagasaki and Ill give them further instructions once they reach there destination

    The Knights South of Uruk should continue with the "lureing" mission.

    Note: If a Unit has already moved in this turn, then carry the instructions to the next turn
  4. Gingerbread Man

    Gingerbread Man Dark Magus

    Jun 9, 2002
    Build Queue (as of Feb 8 2003)

    Ise - Finish library (1), Marketplace (100)

    I will post a discussion on the possible relocation of Ise.

    Hakodate - Barracks (3), Then continuously build Riflemen

    irrigate the mined grassland, mine the hill, mine another mountain. place laborers on the newly mined mountan.

    Bizen - Change to Cannon (1), Worker, Worker, Aqueduct (20),
    The workers build shall be used to irrigate the general area of Bizen, and mine 1 or 2 Mountains, then to join other cities set to reach size 12.

    Shimoneski - Worker (2), Marketplace (15)

    forest the tundra. if we want to reach max production for the city (which is 23 shields per turn minus corruption) we need to forest four more tundra, or alternatively mine and railroad when we can.

    Novgorod - Granary (50 [25 with forest]), Harbor (80?) Aquaduct (100 [50 with forest])

    forest one of the tundra, and move one of the laborers from the coast to the new forest. that will halve build time for the granary. when a harbor is built, plant another forest and use it.
  5. Immortal

    Immortal Deity

    Feb 18, 2002
    Trade Instructions

    Turn 0 -
    Sign a RoP and military alliance against Persia with the Greeks for ivory, 1gpt and our WM.
    Sign a military alliance against Persia with France for 13gpt.
    Sell China dyes for 21 gpt.
    Renegotiate Fur deal with China for 21 GPT.
    Gift incense to the Iroquois.
    Sell the Americans gems for 10gpt.
    Turn 1 -
    Renegotiate Gems and Dyes With Russia, gift or sell to another civ as the will of the people have decided.
    Renegotiate peace with China (we are currently losing a large amount of gold in this current deal).
    Turn 2 -
    No deals
    Turn 3 -
    Renegotiate silks deal with Russia, end it if need be.
    End alliance againsy babs with England
    End alliance against babs with America
    gift of incense to the English.
    Turn 4 -
    Let the ivory import continue until China talks about it, it isnt costing anything right now.
    Turn 5 -
    no deals
    Turn 6 -
    No deals
    Turn 7 -
    No deals
    Turn 8 -
    No deals
    Turn 9 -
    No deals
    Turn 10 -
    No deals

    The relevent polls for Russian trade withdrawels and Alliances can be found here:

    http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=43754 -FA alliance proposal. Keep in mind some of these deals in this poll directly affect the Trade Departments interests. As such I have decided to post some these instructions in my instructions, if the FA wishes to post all the instructions to keep a cohesive whole, he may.

    http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=43753 -Russian Trade deal NO!!!
  6. Ehecatl Atzin

    Ehecatl Atzin Lore Master

    Jul 3, 2002
    On the road
    South Doughnut Coast

    Continue building rifleman. Then build a marketplace.

    Change from rifleman to aqueduct. Upgrade both musketmen to riflemen, send one of them to Padmativa and fortify, the other one stays in Leningrado. Then build a worker, if completed during the t/c mine the hills around Padmativa. Go on to build a marketplace.

  7. Cyc

    Cyc Looking for the door...

    Mar 18, 2002
    Behind you
    As of now, the new proposed build queues are:

    Kuhkaff - Military Academy (c).
    .................Please continue mining in hills and irrigate the plains
    Valhalla - Rifleman(c), Frigate, Bank.
    Naerva - Harbor(c), Worker, Temple.
    .................Needs grassland irrigated.
    Gunningheim - Temple(c), Worker, Marketplace.
    .................Needs southern forest cleared and irrigated.
    Androbius - Library(c), Settler, Aqueduct.
    Riga - Library(c), Granary, Barracks.
    .................Move laborer from grassland to mined grassland.
    Dapperdan - Harbor, Granary, Marketplace.
    .................Move both laborers from the coastline to the forests.
    Columbia - Library
  8. Goonie

    Goonie Lonely End of the Rink

    Nov 29, 2002
    Courthouse(3), Bank(18)

    Granary(1), Worker(1)
    Please mine the iron and put a citizen on it to take away the entetainer. There is a worker one tile away

    Marketplace(5), Rifleman (14)

    Aqueduct(2), Courthouse(20)

    Harbour(7), Settler(15), Settler(15), Settler(15)

    Rifleman(17), Courthouse(80)

    Please mine the hill.
  9. Donovan Zoi

    Donovan Zoi The Return

    Oct 22, 2002
    Domestic Instructions - 1170 AD

    Budget Office

    All upgrades from musket to rifle are approved as funds allow
    All upgrades from knight to cavalry are approved as funds allow
    Upgrades from pikeman to rifleman are not approved at this time
    Upgrades from catapult to cannon are not approved at this time

    Please maintain 100g treasury

    Rush Library in Nagasaki - 108g
    Upgrade Musket to Rifleman in Valhalla - 40g
    Upgrade Musket to Rifleman(2) in Leningrado - 80g
    Upgrade Musket to Rifleman in Kyoto - 40g
    Upgrade Musket to Rifleman in Nara - 40g
    Upgrade Musket to Rifleman in Kuhkaff - 40g
    Upgrade Musket to Rifleman(2) in Kells - 80g
    Upgrade Musket to Rifleman in Fukushima - 40g
    Upgrade Musket to Rifleman in Trader's Inn- 40g

    Turn 1
    Upgrade Spearman to Rifleman in Plexenburg - 120g
    Rush Courthouse in Penguin - 92g
    Upgrade Musket to Rifleman in Zorgonzolia - 40g

    Turn 2
    Upgrade Musket to Rifleman in Nocsfiedera - 40g
    Upgrade Musket to Rifleman in New Falcon's Nest - 40g
    Upgrade Spearman to Rifleman in Ise - 120g

    Turn 3
    Upgrade Spearman to Rifleman in The Highlands - 120g

    Remaining Turns
    Please continue to upgrade Muskets to Rifles as funds allow(2-3 per turn)

    Build Queues - queue changes noted in bold

    Bavaria - [bank / rifleman]

    Bombay - [worker / worker / worker]
    Tile Optimization- move grassland(3-0-1) to roaded plain(1-1-1)

    Delhi - [barracks / rifleman / rifleman]

    Jaipur - [barracks/ walls / worker]

    Calcutta - [library / rifleman / rifleman]

    Pune - [library / worker/ worker]

    Larsa - [worker / worker / worker]

    Nagasaki - [library(rush) / walls / rifleman]

    Chittagong - [library / granary / rifleman]
    Tile Optimization- move incense(1-1-2) to roaded irrigated plain(2-1-1)

    Fukushima - [walls / worker / rifleman]

    Karachi - [walls / worker / worker]

    Lahore - [library/ rifleman / rifleman]

    Bangalore - [walls/ rifleman / rifleman]
  10. Stuck_as_a_Mac

    Stuck_as_a_Mac Aptenodytes forsteri

    Apr 4, 2002
    Taliesin Queues

    Morgana: Aqueduct (3), Market(13), Granary(8), followed by an alternating calvary/rifleman until word is given to do elsewise.

    Striders Haven: Aqueduct (8),bank (18),university (12)

    The Burrow: Rifleman (6) Market (8) Courthouse (7)

    Palanthus: Marketplace (11), (rush when DZ says so) Granary (12)University (20) Workers x4 (2 turns each)

    Dacula: Granary(6), Temple (12), University (20) Market (20)

    Dacula Note:
    Please remove the entertainer and put it on the wheat.

    Gooniedom: Harbor (22), University (100)

    Penguin: Courthouse (24) (rush when domestic says to) , University (100), Worker (10)

    New PDX: Rifleman (1) and from there on in, Rifles.

    The Highlands: Calvary (30) University (50), Marketplace (50)

    Tarkingrad: University (29), Calvary (27), Marketplace (34)
  11. Cheetah

    Cheetah Deity

    Dec 20, 2002
    the relative oasis of CFC
    Palace (62), University, Bank, Cavalry

    University (3), Bank, Cavalry, Cannon
    By request from the Domestic Department the Cavalry in Plexenburg has been switched to University, as I feel we need more science. If the Military is in need of that Cavalry, please counsel with me og the domestic department during the tc. Permission to change it is granted if the departments come to an agreement.

    University (7), Bank, Cavalry, Cannon

    Granary (11), Aqueduct, Marketplace
    Switch a laborer from grassland to roaded forest in Leckopolis.

    Worker Actions
    Continue improving the _worked_ tiles around Kyoto and Plexenburg.
    Improve the grassland around Kells to get more food. The city only needs more food for continued growth.
    The same goes for Leckopolis.
  12. eyrei

    eyrei Deity Retired Moderator

    Nov 1, 2001
    Cary, NC USA
    Foreign Affairs

    1. Sign a RoP and military alliance against Persia with the Greeks for ivory, 1gpt and our WM.

    2. Sign a military alliance against Persia with France for 13gpt.

    3. Sell China dyes for 21 gpt.

    4. After 3 turns, end our alliances with the English and Americans against the babs. Follow this with a gift of incense to the English.

    5. Gift incense to the Iroquois.

    6. Sell the Americans gems for 10gpt.

    7. After our alliances against the Babs have been cancelled, sign a peace treaty.

    Note that some of these instructions are also stated in the Trade Department's instructions.
  13. Chieftess

    Chieftess Moderator Retired Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
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