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Turn Chat Instruction Thread – Wednesday 5 May, 17:30 GMT

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of Democracy IV' started by Furiey, May 1, 2004.

  1. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    Time: Wednesday 5 May, 17:30 GMT, 13:30 (1:30 PM) Eastern Time (that’s with daylight saving)
    Place: #turnchat
    Game Save: 1430 AD

    All officials who are empowered to post instructions for the upcoming turn chat are to do so here. All instructions must be posted at least one hour before the turn chat to be valid.

    Please note: this has been delayed from the provisional date of Monday 3rd due to the forum upgrade.

    This is not a discussion thread

    edit: corrected time (good start!)
  2. tao

    tao Deity

    Aug 15, 2002
    Cijam: work the wheat instead of the desert
    Huntington: work SEE instead of NWW (free NWW tile for St.O.)
    St. Octaviansburg: work SSE instead of NEE; now we have 60 spt and can build a destroyer every 2 turns :)
    Internal: work 3 irrigated desert instead of mined desert to grow faster

    Special instructions for Vandelay
    Once the AIs know Free Artistry, please trade for it and switch Vandelay immediately to Shakespeares'. We have lots of flood plains and can use it. If you want to delay the trade, switch Vandelay to Palace as a pre-build.

    Build Queues
    Vandelay: switch to Wall Street wasting lots of shields, always cavalry but see special instructions above
    Cijam: artillery, always artillery
    St. Octaviansburg: ironclad, ironclad, destroyer, always destroyer
    Raven's Flight: bank
    New Falcons Heaven: switch to galleon, galleon, galleon, destroyer, always destroyer
    Cabaret Voltaire: switch to factory, cathedral
    Ooligaria: always artillery (no change)
    Internal: switch to factory, cathedral
    New Morgana: switch to factory, cathedral, bank
    Sharkeygrad: aqueduct (no change)
    Kadessa: cathedral (no change)

    standing wishes
    clean up pollution ASAP; work the tile again afterwards

    worker actions in Audiac
    none except occasional pollution clearing

    Rush Jobs
  3. Stuck_as_a_Mac

    Stuck_as_a_Mac Aptenodytes forsteri

    Apr 4, 2002
    Ministry of Internal Affairs:

    Settlement: None, If the DP wishes to place a city, it is at their discretion.

    NOTE: A city may be placed in the gap between the two northern Greek cities if the DP (or CT) wants

    Government change: None

    Wonders: Pre-build at Vandaley switch to Shakespeares if the AI researches Free Artistry .

    City Queues: NONE, and please appoint a governor to the Letter Number G Province ASAP as soon as we take cities

    Culture: I ask that our newly aquired cities in Greece be built up culturally. That is if we keep'em.

    MIA Head
  4. Black_Hole

    Black_Hole Deity

    Jan 4, 2004
    Instructions for the Province of Burgundy(Province #9) - 1430 AD

    Build Queues:

    Camelot: Switch to Courthouse
    Grindelwald: Stay on Courthouse, then Market
    Desseche: Switch to Courthouse
    Steal Rubber: Keep as Temple
    Brieux: Switch to Courthouse
    Happy City: Switch to Temple
    Russka: Switch to Courthouse
    Jedina: Switch to Granary
    Arterus: Switch to Granary
    Broussard: Switch to Granary

    Hire Entertainers as nessecary to stop civil disorder.(Use Scientists First)
    Camelot: Turn all but 2(Highest Food Producing) citizens into scientists.
    Grindelwald: Don't mess with Grindelwald.
    Desseche: Turn 4 of the least producing citizens into scientists.
    Steal Rubber: Turn all but 2(Highest Food Producing) citizens into scientists.
    Brieux: Turn all but 2(Highest Food Producing) citizens into scientists.
    Happy City: Switch least producing citizen to scientist.
    Russka: Turn 3 least producing citizens to scientists.
    Jedina: Don't Mess with Jedina
    Arterus: Don't Mess with Arterus
    Broussard: Switch least producing citizen to scientist.
  5. donsig

    donsig Low level intermediary

    Mar 6, 2001
    Rochester, NY
    City            Current queue
    Almaren           temple (25), worker (10)
    Amphi             temple (44)
    Avon Nova         settler (16), worker (10)
    Berlingueria      harbor (67),
    Desolatem         settler (18), worker (10)
    Finklewink        settler (13), worker (10)
    Kazas             settler (8), worker (10)
    Norwich           settler (18), worker (10)
    Sandy             worker (1), harbor (80)
    I further propose and request:

    1) the bank in Desolatem be sold and the temple in Almaren rushed on turn 5 for 80g;

    2) the worker recruited in Sandy be used to irrigate the mines in Norwich;

    3) any settlers recruited be resettled in more productive cites outside Norwich.
  6. Chieftess

    Chieftess Moderator Retired Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    Military garrisons -

    1 - In our mainland, bring 6 infantry into Raven's Flight, and load them into galleons. Move the galleons SW into Audiac city, and unload the infantry. There will be 3 infantries each helping to protect the cav/arty stacks for Egypt. I'd like 5 each by the time we attack Egypt.

    2 - In our mainland, spread our the remaning infantry along our coastal cities, especially along our west coast.

    3 - Upgrade 2 galleons every 2 turns after we research Combustion if the DFL approves it.

    4 - If you see any Egyptian or Greek galleys approaching our coast, feel free to reinforce those areas. There's an elite warrior that could knock off a longbow should one land.

    Greek War Plans

    General attack plan: (note, the map is slightly outdated, from a prior turnchat)

    A previous scout (cav) when I had the turnchat revealed a musket in Sparta. Bombard Sparta's

    musket until it's 1hp. Also bombard the knights around Thermopylae, and in the city if

    there's any artillery left.

    Phase 1 - Blue (note, if there's a regular hoplite, attack it with a vet cav if we're

    running low on elites).

    1st target - Sparta. Bombard the musket, and attack with at most, 2 elites (we have enough

    for 2 elites per city, and then some).

    2nd target - Mycenae. Attack with, at most, 2 elites.

    3rd target - Thermopylae. Bombard the knight SE of the city, and attack it with an elite.

    Attack the city with elites (1-2 at most) and vets.

    4th target - Herakleia. Attack with elites, and bombard if possible.

    (Note: Any workers captured during this time should build rails 2 west, and 2 south of


    Move the cav army to the tile 1 north of Argos. Move 2 cav units along with the army.
    Move atleast 4 cavs to tile 2 east of Corinth.
    Move any remaining cavs (if we have atleast 3-4) to the hill 2 SE of Knossos.

    (remember, this screenshot is outdated, as I started on these warplans before the last

    turnchat was completed).

    Phase 2 - Red

    Please bring atleast 12-20 native workers (or their equivalent) to build rails directly to


    1st Target - Knossos. With the 3-4 cavs in place, attack Knossos (using elites first).

    2nd Target - Corinth. Attack with elites first, then vets.

    3rd Target - Argos. Attack with elites first, then vets.

    After these targets are met, scout Athens (i.e., move a cav on the hill, and stay there). If

    it has hoplites, go for it. If it has muskets, wait for reinforcements. I'd like to be able

    to bombard this city, but if we have enough troops (8 cavs with movement points left), then

    attack the city.

    4th Target - Athens only if we have enough troops ready, and health enough to fight).

    Phase 3 - Yellow

    pre-Target - Athens. If we chose to wait a turn, and complete the rail to Argos, shell the

    city, and attack it.

    1st Target - Delphi. Attack it with elites, and cavs. Bombard if needed.

    2nd Target - Ephesus. (new instruction) Ignore this city, we will get it along with the Egyptian cities.

    For the next war against Egypt (should we attack them), build rails to the closest points to the Egyptian cities. The Greek war should only take a total of the preturn, and 2 more turns. It will be over on turn 2. (probably when they get out of anarchy).

    Greek Battle Plans


    Egyptian War Plans

    For this war, I'd like to have 11 more artillery, for a total of 30 (15 in 2 stacks). I'd also like a continued build of infantry, and cavalry.

    This calls for:

    30 artillery (15 in 2 stacks).
    40 cavalry (20 in 2 stacks).
    10 infantry (5 in each stack).

    At best, the war will take 6 turns. At worst, it may take 10 turns, or more. We may or may not have the luxury of building tanks by the time this war is over, much less even a handful for the last few Egyptian cities.

    The timeline is this:

    - Take out most of Greece by turn 2.

    - Turn 3, and 4, build up the railnetwork, heal and assemble our troops.

    - Turn 5, start to head for Egyptian cities.

    We can either wait until turn 7 before Knossos expands (turn 6 if we rush a temple), or declare war, and head to the green dots with our infantry/cav/arty/worker stack. The object here is to get onto the Egyptian Railnet ASAP.

    The workers will continue to build the railnet in southern Egypt. After that, the workers can head back home, save for a set of rails in Giza (unless it's already railed).

    The attacks will be based on this:

    Send the infantry/artillery stack to the closest point at which it can bombard. In most cases, this means waiting the extra turn. Bombard, and then attack. If the Egyptian cities are filled with regular pikes, then we could be a bit more bold with our cavs. If they're on hills (as are Mephis, Lisht, Asyut, and Bursiris, use the artillery). Always bombard Muskets and Riflemen. Then, send in the cavalry. If we can bombard any more cities the next turn with unused artillery, then do so. Egypt already has 85% of their railnet in place.

    Egyptian War Plan

    *NOTE* There's an Egyptian city on the ice island. If it doesn't expand already by the time we declare war, wait for it to expand, and then attack it. We have some cavs down there for that purpose. It may even build a harbor and then settlers to build 1-2 more cities on the island. 3 would make it a nice icy province though. Also, any city we take, please turn all citizens into taxmen until the resistence ends. This will prevent those cities from rioting when they do end.
  7. truckingpete

    truckingpete On a Stark Trek

    Oct 25, 2003
    North Dakota, USA
    1430 AD TC Instructions:

    Research in the order:
    Combustion (4 turns)
    The go after Motorized Transportation (We want tanks..:D)
    After we get tanks, go for flight.
    After that research Sanitation...


    He wants: Electricity for Spices/WM/11g

    We give: Coal for WM/25GPT/60g (might be wrong)

    Please check trades EVERY TURN!! See if the AI has Free Artistry so we can build Shakespere Theater...citizens want to build it...
    Also try to find somebody to trade Sanitation...

    Renew all trades for lux's. Try to get the best deals.Remember: BEST DEALS!

    Note: Might not be able to make it to the TC...will have to see...
  8. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Night Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    New Suramar City, Vekta, United Terran Systems
    Province of Alluares Queues and Instructions

    Mr. Rogers Neiberhood: Factory, Marketplace
    Vandopolis: Factory, Marketplace, Cathedral
    Acheron: University, Bank, Factory
    Woodridge: Worker, Worker, Worker
    Amber: Courthouse, Artillery, Worker
    Mill Valley: Courthouse, Marketplace

    For Woodbridge: Move the citizen from the tile (1 NW and 2 NE of Woodbridge) to tile (1 NW of Woodbridge)
    For Acheron: Move the citizen from the tile (1 S of Acheron) to tile (2 SE and 1 SW of Acheron)
    No special Rush requests at this time

    Note: I may be able to attend the turnchat depending on the traffic conditions between college and my house.
  9. Bootstoots

    Bootstoots Deity Retired Moderator

    Mar 2, 2003
    Peace Treaties: None this chat; the one with Persia expires in ten turns.

    Rights of Passage, Military Alliances, Mutual Protection Pacts, and Trade Embargoes: Do not form any during this turnchat. If any MA's, MPP's, or Trade Embargoes are formed against us or may affect us, please announce this in the chat. If Greece forms an MPP with any nation other than England or Egypt, please end the chat. If Egypt forms an MPP with any nation other than England or Greece, do not attack them during this turnchat

    War Declarations: Declare war on Greece during the preturn, and if we are ready, you are permitted to declare war on Egypt after Greece has fallen or has been reduced to one city (unless they form an MPP with a nation other than England). If any civ other than England, Greece, or Egypt declares war on us, please stop the chat.

    Tribute Demands: There has been a bit of a change regarding these demands.

    -Do not give in to any demands by Greece, Egypt, or England unless we are both not ready for war and the amount is trivial (no more than 20 gold, 1 gpt, and/or a territory map).

    -From Aztecs and Zulu, reject the demand if it exceeds 40 gold, 2 gpt, or includes techs, resources, or cities.

    -If Persia demands tribute, it is up to DP discretion as to whether or not we pay, keeping in mind that we have lucrative deals with them. The only restriction is that all demands with cities, important techs, or strategic resources must be rejected.

    Territory Incursions: Please monitor territory incursions, and try to block the route of Settlers that try to cross our territory. If territory incursions occur, please report on them during the chat. If a possible invasion force moves so that it poses an imminent threat, please stop the chat and we can determine what to do in the forums. Also, please do not request or demand that any civ with troops in our territory remove their troops.
  10. calinator

    calinator Chieftain

    Jul 19, 2003
    BC, Canada
    Endor Province Turnchat Instructions
    Build Queues
    Sanction- Cathedral, then Courthouse.
    Anarchyisgodville- Switch production to Aqueduct, then Marketplace.
    Ville de Boisson- Bank, Courthouse.
    Antwerp- Library, Granary.
    Villa Park- Library, Granary.
    Steal This City- Switch production to Library, then Granary.
    The Burrow- Factory, Bank.
    GainyVille- Switch production to Cathedral, then Factory.
    New Edessa- Switch production to Courthouse, then Marketplace.
    The White City- Switch production to Courthouse, then Library.

    - Make 2 citizens working coast squares to entertainers
    - Have both citizens in Villa Park work the SW and SSW Villa Park
    - Have citizen working the NWW square work the N square of Steal This City
    - Have citizen working the NWW square of Antwerp work the NW square of Antwerp
    - Have citizens working the NE and SE squares of The Burrow work the 2NW and NNW squares of the same city

    Worker Actions
    - Mine the N and SW squares of New Edessa
    - Mine and Rail the 2SW square of The Burrow
    - Clear both Forests in GainyVille and put Mines in their place, Rail if possible
    - Rail the SSW square and Mine/Rail the SSE square of The White City
  11. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Deux Rivieres
    This one requires intermixing build queues and MM instructions.
    Infantry (1), Cav(2) but MM to get shields above 80 after corruption with a food defecit => Cav(1)
    Cav(1), Cav(1), MM to maximize food and Infantry(2) repeat until food box is full, then switch
    back to Cav and MM to maximize shields, rinse & repeat. We'll put in a Bank beginning of next TC.

    Huntington Cav(1), Cav(2), Cathedral (4), Cav(2), Cav(2)

    Vo Mimbre Switch to Factory(12)

    Santa Lucia Cav(1), University(7), Cav(3)

    Antilla switch to library

    Kobayashi City Library(28)

    Liebling Library(15)

    Montpellier Cav(2), Factory(9)

    Bootsville switch to Market, Library. Upon growth, have the new citizen work a hill.
  12. Donovan Zoi

    Donovan Zoi The Return

    Oct 22, 2002
    Nihilon Province - 1430 AD

    Please sell Banks in PDX III, Paalsville, Las Cannibales and Stavenger for 20g each.

    Build Queues


    Switch to Courthouse and rush for 32 gold(ok'd by MoFaL Rik Meleet), then nothing but Workers

    Nea Roma

    Switch to Granary(5), workers thereafter

    Laborer movements: move from 1E to N NE(3-1-2)

    Azura's Star Riot Alert!!

    Switch to Worker, workers thereafter

    Laborer movements: Make Entertainer out of 1-1 Plains tile laborer north of lake to deter rioting.


    Switch to Worker, workers thereafter


    Switch to Worker, workers thereafter


    Switch to Worker, workers thereafter

    Las Cannibales

    Switch to Worker, workers thereafter


    Switch to Worker, workers thereafter


    Switch to Worker, workers thereafter
  13. Rik Meleet

    Rik Meleet Top predator Retired Moderator

    Apr 11, 2003
    Nijmegen Netherlands
    Lux -> 0%, Science -> 80%, Tax -> 20%.
    We learn Combustion in 4 turns. If the DP can lower the Science slider, but still get the tech in the same amount of turns, instructions are to lower the science slider to that amount.
    If tax goes below 0 gpt, instructions are to decrease the science-slider to get a positive gpt. Optimise the slider to get the science in the fastest possible time, while maximizing our tax-output.

    Fight unhappyness with entertainers and luxuries first. If the DP feels the time has come to increase the lux-slider, please consider that that will cost us 120 gpt. I don't forbid it, but I advise against it. Be very careful with it. I also realise that "Girls just wanna have fun", but don't overdo it !


    Approved spending:

    Province of Nihilon
    - cashrush of a Courthouse in the preturn in the city of Wyfurd for 32 gold.

    Province of Norwich
    - cashrush the temple in Almaren on turn 5. The cost at that time should be 80g.

    Galleon to Transport - upgrade
    - If we have 1000+ gold or 200+ gpt when we learn Combustion: upgrade of 2 galleons a turn.
    - If we have 500+ gold or 100+ gpt when we learn Combustion: upgrade of 1 galleon a turn.
    - If we have less than 500 gold and less than 100 gpt when we learn Combustion: upgrade 1 galleon every other turn.

    If our financial situation (after Galleon-upgrading) is such that we have 1000+ gold and +X gpt. , the DP is allowed to cashrush to her liking, as long as the treasury won't go below (1000-X) gold.
    (next turn we do need 1000 gold again).


    Worker actions

    Ship 20 Native or 20 non-native or an equivalent mix of native/non-native workers to Audiac.
    These are to build railroads in "soon-to-be-former-Greek" lands to aid our troops.

    Please don't use <shift-A> or <Shift-I>, control the workers manually.
    Unite the workers. If worker "A" has finished his task, see if he can imediately help worker "B" if that worker is still busy and on a reachable tile (roaded or railroaded).
    If a worker(group) is on an non-roaded, non-railroaded, non-forest, non-jungle-tile -> start with (rail)roading; that way more workers can join the task there.

    1 - Shipment of 20 Native or 20 non-native or an equivalent mix of native/non-native workers to the city of Audiac.
    2 - Improvement of Capital and FP-area.
    3 - Clearing jungles and forests to build railroads and mines near non-corrupt cities.
    4 - Irrigation and railroading of far away lands (such as Norwich Province, former India and former Germany).

    In general focus on shields in the non-corrupt areas and food in the corrupt areas. Railroads are to be put everywhere as well, of course.

    Have fun, girl !
  14. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
  15. Chieftess

    Chieftess Moderator Retired Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    Turn 5 - 1455AD

    Rails are connected to Egypt, but they have riflemen! Our arties will do. Also, Shakespeare's has been started in Vandelay!!! (Turn 13 anyone?)

    Turn 6

    There's some nice tech trades available. Also, queues are dropping like flies, and we're nearly done with our build up. Also, Egypt has rifles now.


    There's an army next to an Egyptian city. It's merely spying on the city to see what's inside. It will move back to the city next turn.
  16. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    thank you CT for tidying up after me and finishing the chat. That sounds like a good place to stop, trades to decide on and poised for Egypt!

    I'm doing the Summary now, and will start posting it soon, hopefully I'll be a bit quicker setting up next time!
  17. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    A Marathon through Greece!

    This turn chat had a simple enough task, wipe out Greece, and start on Egypt. As my first session as DP I expected to be slow, I didn’t expect to take nearly 10 hours to do 3 turns!

    1430 AD – Preturn

    Our starting position:

    Set the queues according to Instructions (I hope) including the change to Wall street in Vandelay, wasting 382 shields.

    Trade Electricity for Spices, WM and 11g with Aztecs, then the Zulu deal for coal. The best I could get in the second deal was 21gpt instead of 25gpt. The T&T Minister had anticipated that would be the case, so the deal was done.

    See preturn-prewar save

    We declare War on Greece!

  18. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    We move our Artillery to bombard the Musket in Sparta. We bombard and bombard to absolutely no effect. The musket just sits there. To break the sequence we try bombarding a knight by Thermoplylae, that works, and we finish it off with a veteran Cavalry, capturing some workers. Back to Sparta – we finally hit the musket, then killed some of the citizens, then the library. We attack the stubborn musket with an Elite Cavalry which dies valiantly, redlining the Musket. We bombard again redlining 2 Regular Hoplites, we attack with Cavs, losing one, but finally take Sparta – probably the hardest battle of the War!

  19. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    We move on to Mycenae, guarded by 2 Regular Hoplites, We attack and take Mycenae with only 2 Cavalry!

  20. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    Thermopylae was next on the list, defended by this time 3 Regular Hoplites (although we later found the city had a Barracks – or was that bar-racks?), We lose one Cavalry, but take the city! We clear up the Greek knights around Thermopylae (with the help of our Ironclads), and spy a Cavalry just outside the city. The newly integrated ex Greek foreign workers start the first railroad in Greece, then we realise that all the workers on our continent have moved or are occupied – so not much rail building until next turn.


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