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Turn Chat Instructions: 50 AD: Mar 7 20:00 GMT = Mar 7 14:00 CST

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of Democracy IV' started by zorven, Mar 5, 2004.

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  1. zorven

    zorven 12,000 Suns

    May 13, 2003
    This Turn Chat will be held:
    GMT = Sunday March 7, 20:00 (8 PM)
    CST = Sunday March 7, 14:00 (2 PM)

    The 50 AD save game will be used.

    This thread shall only contain Turn Chat Instructions from the relevent officials.

    If specific tiles around a city need to be referenced, here is a guide so that we are all speaking the same language:

    This is not a discussion thread.
  2. Rik Meleet

    Rik Meleet Top predator Retired Moderator

    Apr 11, 2003
    Nijmegen Netherlands
    I am playing the quarter-final of a national bridge tournament on March 7th. It is unlikely I'll be home in time to post instructions.

    I've asked my deputy, Civanator, to post them.

    If he can't or won't or generally doesn't; I have 1 poll running.

    Research after Republic - part II

    Good luck in the TC, I hope I can join the latter part of the TC.

  3. Sarevok

    Sarevok Civ3 Scenario Creator

    Dec 27, 2002
    Vancouver, WA
    Our Goals:

    - Sieze initial locations for early victories
    - Gain at least 1 ally
    - Turn Berry into a production Machine
    - Start wars across several Babylonian fronts

    Total Armed forces:
    - 15 Warriors
    - 1 Archer
    - 6 Spearmen
    - 6 Swordsmen
    - 3 Horsemen
    - 3 Galleys

    - 2 Warriors and 1 Swordsmen outside of Nippur to sieze the city immediately. They are to hold the city and the Swordsmen and possibly the warriors (at least one would be left as garrison however) to attack any unit that enters the radius of the city.

    (The bolded area is reffered to as the "Nippur Instructions"

    - 1 Swordsmen in Santa Lucia to proceed to Nippur and perform the "Nippur instructions"

    - 1 Swordsmen in VM to head to Nippur and perform the "Nippur Instructions"

    - 2 Horsemen near the Egypitian City of Buto to head to the Nippur front, They will not arrive for this turnchat, and their instructions will depend on what happenes in the next 10 turns.

    - The Swordsmen in Production at VM and SL are to perform the "Nippur Instructions". Any military unit made in the immediate area is to head there. I will require a spearmen eventually to garrison Nippur.

    - All units in Mure to hold and possiblt to attack units in the City Radius. If 50% or more of the units in Mure are killed, abandon the city and camp the moutains outside of the city to kill units in the area as a last-ditch attempt to draw troops there.

    - The Warrior NE of Mure is to head to Mure, Making the Garrison total of 4 units.

    - Any units in Mure are to hold the city at all costs.

    - 1 Swordsmen in Sanction to kill the Barbarian, and to head to Groton to reinforce Zariqum when attacked.

    - 1 Swordsmen in Groton to Attack and Hold Zariqum as long as possible. When more units enter the city from producition in the general area or the reinforcements from Sanction arrive, Sorties can be launched.

    - Any unit created East of (And including) Montipellier go to the "Mure-Groton" Front to attack any unit that comes near the cities we hold.

    - If Mure connects its Iron, upgrade all the warriors to swordsmen.

    - 1 Warrior S of Sippar to Sieze the city, heal, then Sieze Shuruppak. I suggest Sippar be raized so we do not have to hold 2 cities with 1 unit and to weaken enemy morale.

    Other Units:

    - 1 Warrior NW of Cijam to Guard Cijam for Egyptian Expansion attempts
    - 1 Warrior in Vandelay to act as a settler guard
    - 1 Warrior near the egyptian city of Buto to proceed to DR, then to guard any Settlers needing a guard or to head for the Nippur Front.
    - all Galleys to explore coasts and sink Barbarian or possibly Babylonian ships.

    - All other units are to hold their positions. Any units created are to be sent to their nearest front or to Garrison empty cities or to guard settlers.

    - Sarevok
    Minister of Defense
  4. Peri

    Peri Vote early and vote often

    Aug 31, 2002
    Preliminary Ruling
    Judicial Review - T3 - 1

    Although the Judicial Review has not been completed formally it is at the stage where 2 of the 3 Justices can confirm that the Minister Internal Affairs has the authority to post TC Instructions on a change in government on condition that the Minister is adhering to Article J
  5. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    Peace Treaties:
    For Civ’s we are not at War with:
    • Initiate none this chat.
    • If asked to renegotiate peace by the AI, please do so.
    If we are contacted by Babylon for peace terms, only accept if:
    • all our alliances have expired or been broken by others
    • the terms are for equality or better
    Please check each turn to see whether the Babylonians will acknowledge our envoy. If they do please stop the chat so that the terms can be discussed in the forums.

    Embassies: None this chat

    War Declarations: None this chat (one’s enough!), and if war is declared on us by another Civ, please stop the chat so that we can reconsider our alliances.

    Tribute Demands: As per this poll I will continue with the existing instructions, so please reject all tribute demands from Russia unless the demand is trivial (10 gold or less and/or a territory map). From other countries, pay all tribute demands that do not exceed 40 gold or 2 gpt or that include technologies, cities, or contacts. If the demand exceeds 40 gold, 2 gpt, or includes contacts, techs, or cities, reject the demand.

    Territory incursions: Do not request or demand that any nation move its troops from our territory during this turn chat. If what appears to be a possible invasion force arrives near a city (other than from Babylon of course), please stop the chat and we can determine what to do in the forums.

    New contacts: It is not mandatory that the chat be stopped if we make a new contact. I would recommend, however, that the chat be stopped if a new contact provides a good trading possibility.

    Military Alliances: As per the results of this poll and this poll please form a Military Alliance against Babylon with Russia, then if possible Germany. The cost of these alliances is as follows:
    • Russia = 108 gold or 6 gpt (I do not know which option the senate will approve)
    • Germany = 11 gpt plus 2 gold, although this may change after we make the alliance with Russia so please make the best deal possible
  6. Bootstoots

    Bootstoots Deity Retired Moderator

    Mar 2, 2003
    The slider is to be kept as low as possible (without increasing turns on research) until we get Republic. After that, we are to return to 90% science and 10% taxes for the duration of the chat.

    200 gold can be used for unit upgrades.

    Any gold expenditure necessary for alliances with other civs against Babylon is approved.
  7. ravensfire

    ravensfire Member of the Opposition

    Feb 1, 2002
    Gateway to the West
    Instructions for 50 AD

    Settler Instructions: Use the maps in this poll for guidance
    Settler by Vandelay -> Z
    Settler Vandelay will produce -> B

    NOTE: Do not move any settlers unless there is either a military escort or you feel there is no military threat to that settler, including barbarians.

    Government Change:
    None - although the switch now option had more votes, it failed to acheive 50% of the total votes - that is not enough support for me.

    MIA Controlled Cities:
    Build: Temple
    Queue: Barracks,
    Micro-Manage: none

    Build: Settler
    Queue: Granary, Barracks
    Micro-Manage: None. When it grows, MM to maximize growth

    Build: Walls(CHANGED)
    Queue: Warrior
    Micro-Manage: None. When it grows, MM to maximize production

    -- Ravensfire, Minister of Internal Affairs
  8. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Blood Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    New Suramar City, Vekta, United Terran Systems
    Berry Intructions

    Sorry for the late posting of the instructions. I spent most of the time on the John because of the "Montezuma's Revenge" :ack:

    Micromanagement Instructions:
    Please MM DR to what is shown here

    Please dont MM the following cities: Vo Mimbre, Santa Luca.

    Deux Riveres: Baracks, Swordsmen, Granary
    Huntington: Harbor
    Santa Lucia: Swordsmen
    Vo Mimbre: Swordsmen, Swordsmen, Swordsmen, Swordsmen
    Montpellier: Granary, Barracks

    [Joke]General order: The govenor request more Pepto-Bismol for his "Montezuma's revenge"[/joke]
  9. zorven

    zorven 12,000 Suns

    May 13, 2003


    Turn 5

    Final Turn 10

    Chat Summary: Here

    Full Summary: coming

    Quick Summary:
    We founded one city at site Z. We destroyed Babylonian city of Nippur. Otherwise we lost a few units attacking Babylon. No other domestic war action to report.
  10. zorven

    zorven 12,000 Suns

    May 13, 2003
    Here is the summary of the 2nd turn chat of Term 3 held on Mar 7 GMT. I apologize for the delay. The major event of this chat were:
    • Formed an alliance with Russia vs. Babylon. We give Russia 6 gpt for the alliance.
    • Possible alliance with Germany is too costly (162 gold plus 10 gpt OR Contact with Egypt and our World Map)
    • We destroy the Babylonian city of Nippur
    • Cabaret Voltaire founded at size Z
    • Egypt builds a city in our Northern Desert (north of Cabaret Voltaire)
    • India builds a city where Nippur was
    • We see 5 Babylonian Bowmen head towards Russia
    • We lost 1 Warrior and 2 Swordsmen in our attacks on Babylon
    • No instructions were posted for Audiac and instructions posted by the Senate were not valid (insufficient poll length)

    Set build queues
    Set sliders
    Formed an alliance with Russia vs. Babylon. We give Russia 6 gpt for the alliance. Germany alliance too costly.
    Move units
    Sword in Sanction kills barb horse, no damage

    End of Turn 0, 50 AD
    Science 50 Tax 50
    Treasury 162 +10 gpt
    Reasearching Republic due in 1

    India wants to trade Territory Maps
    We discover Republic
    Bab Warrior moves next to Santa Lucia (defended by Warrior)

    Turn 1:
    Move units
    Attacks vs Babylon:
    3/3 Swordsman vs 3/3 Spear fortified in Nippur = we win 3-2 and Nippur is destroyed
    5/5 Warrior vs 5/5 Warrior south of Sippur = we lose 5-0
    3/3 Sword vs 5/5 War next to Zariqum = we win 5-1 (can see Zariqum is defended by a Spear)
    Set research to Feudalism - choices are Science 80 due in 30 with +2 gpt or ...

    End of Turn 1, 70 AD
    Science 10 Tax 90
    Treasury 172 +38 gpt
    Reasearching Feudalism due in 40


    Turn 2:
    Move units, etc.
    Attacks vs. Babylon:
    4/4 Sword vs. 3/3 fort War next to Santa Lucia = we win 3-0
    2/3 Sword vs. 3/3 fort Spear in Zariqum = we lose 2-2

    End of Turn 2, 90 AD
    Science 10 Tax 90
    Treasury 210 +38 gpt
    Reasearching Feudalism due in 39

    Vandelay: Settler -> Settler
    Egypt lands a Settler pair in the Northern Desert
    India lands a Settler pair where Nippur used to be

    Turn 3:
    Move units, etc.
    The only civs up a tech on us are Greece, Russia, and Germany with Monotheism

    End of Turn 3, 110 AD
    Science 10 Tax 90
    Treasury 248 +37 gpt
    Reasearching Feudalism due in 38

    India builds a city where Nippur was
    Greeks are building the Great Wall
    Egyptian Settler moves south
    Deux Rivières: Barracks -> Sword

    Turn 4:
    Move units, etc.

    End of Turn 4, 130 AD
    Science 10 Tax 90
    Treasury 285 +38 gpt
    Reasearching Feudalism due in 37

    Vo Mimbre: Sword -> Sword
    Egypt is building the Great Wall

    Turn 5:
    Move units, etc.

    End of Turn 5, 150 AD
    Science 10 Tax 90
    Treasury 323 +40 gpt
    Reasearching Feudalism due in 36

    1 Babylonian Bowman appears between Lagash our the border of Mûre
    Egpt builds a city on the west coast of the Northern Desert

    Turn 6:
    Move units, etc.
    Attack vs Zariqum:
    4/4 Sword vs fort 3/3 Spear = we lose 4-2

    End of Turn 6, 170 AD
    Science 10 Tax 90
    Treasury 363 +40 gpt
    Reasearching Feudalism due in 35

    Babylonian Bowman near Mûre moves south
    4 Bowman move east from Lagash next to our border, but they appear to be moving towards Russia
    A barbarian Horseman arrives next to Sanction (undefended)

    Turn 7:
    Cabaret Voltaire founded at size Z
    Move units, etc.

    End of Turn 7, 190 AD
    Science 10 Tax 90
    Treasury 403 +42 gpt
    Reasearching Feudalism due in 34

    Barbarian Horse attacks Sanction, killing population
    The 4 Babylonian Bowman moves southeast

    Turn 8:
    Move units, etc.

    End of Turn 8, 210 AD
    Science 10 Tax 90
    Treasury 444 +43 gpt
    Reasearching Feudalism due in 33

    Babylonian Bowman stack moves SE, out of our sight

    Turn 9:
    Move units, etc.

    End of Turn 9, 230 AD
    Science 10 Tax 90
    Treasury 487 +46 gpt
    Reasearching Feudalism due in 32

    Russian Settler pair move north from Moscow area, near our Warrior fortified on the Horses south of Groton
    Vo Mimbre: Sword -> Sword
    Montpellier: Granary -> Barracks
    Santa Lucia: Sword -> Sword

    Turn 10:
    Move units, etc.

    End of Turn 10, 250 AD
    Science 10 Tax 90
    Treasury 533 +47 gpt
    Reasearching Feudalism due in 31

  11. tao

    tao Deity

    Aug 15, 2002
    I could hardly believe it when I saw this.

    The way I would have done it was
    1. Greece gives 11g, wm for philosophy.
    2. We donate currency and construction to Greece.
    3. Greece gets free monotheism. This lowers the price, which was formerly too high.
    4. Greece gives monotheism for literature, 20g, contact with Babylon and India.
    5. Germany gives alliance vs. Babylon, 60g for contact w Greece, Egypt.
    6. Russia gives alliance vs. Babylon, 120g for contact w Greece, Egypt.
    7. Egypt gives 93g, wm for contact w Babylon.
    8. Greece gives alliance vs. Babylon, 20g for wm.
    9. India gives alliance vs. Babylon for ROP, polytheism, construction, 25g.
    10. Egypt gives alliance vs. Babylon for currency, philosophy, construction.
      Thus instead of paying 6gpt for 1 ally, we get monotheism, 260g, 5 allies. :goodjob:
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