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Turn Chat Instructions: 610 AD: Mar 28 20:00 GMT = 14:00 CST

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of Democracy IV' started by zorven, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. zorven

    zorven 12,000 Suns

    May 13, 2003
    This Turn Chat will be held:
    GMT = Sunday March 28, 20:00 (8 PM)
    CST = Sunday March 28, 14:00 (2 PM)

    The 610 AD save game will be used.

    This thread shall only contain Turn Chat Instructions from the relevent officials.

    If specific tiles around a city need to be referenced, here is a guide so that we are all speaking the same language:

    This is not a discussion thread.
  2. tao

    tao Deity

    Aug 15, 2002
    Build Queues

    Vandelay: temple, worker, cathedral
    next citizen shall work mountain

    Cijam: library, market
    work 2se instead of w

    St. Octaviansburg: aqueduct, temple

    Raven's Flight: switch to aqueduct, harbor

    New Falcons Heaven: library,market

    Cabaret Voltaire: library, courthouse

    Ooligaria: market

    Internal: switch to library, market
    work nee instead of 2 se

    standing wishes
    once a tile is improved, if possible please mm city in order use "best" improved tiles

    wishlist for worker actions in Audiac
    I'm not sure whether as Governor I can give instructions, (I'm not even sure who can) but I would like to give the following suggestions:

    mine and road the mountain; road and irrigate nww

    New Falcon's Heaven:
    irrigate the plains, work it afterwards instead of the forest

    Cabaret Voltaire:
    irrigate and road 2 desert tiles; road towards Pithom
    irrigate and road the plains

    mine and road 2e

    mine and road e

    Rush Jobs
    In case we want ro spend money for hurrying improvements and gaining culture plus research capability, these are my recommendations:

    Vandelay: hurry temple for more culture, happiness, production (108g); work mountain afterwards

    Cijam: hurry library for culture (92g)

    Cabaret Voltaire: hurry library for culture (56g)

    Internal: hurry library for culture (288g; mucho expensive)
  3. Rik Meleet

    Rik Meleet Top predator Retired Moderator

    Apr 11, 2003
    Nijmegen Netherlands
    T&T is currently holding 2 polls.

    After we research Chivalry or we get it through trades; please set research to the tech which is the winner of This Poll.It is possible that 2 or more options tie for winner. The DP than has a deciding voice over the winners.

    The winner of this poll will determine our trades for these turns. It is possible that 2 or more options tie for winner. The DP than has a deciding voice over the winners.

    New trade possibilities
    We are going to meet the last civ soon. We have already located their borders off our shores. When we meet them, check wether they have interesting trading possibilites. If they do, please stop the chat. Interesting is defined as:
    - A monopoly tech.
    - The tech we are researching.
    - Tradeable luxes or resources we need.
    - A lot of cash, combined with lack of an ancient age tech we do have.
  4. Sarevok

    Sarevok Civ3 Scenario Creator

    Dec 27, 2002
    Vancouver, WA
    Current Armed Forces:
    12 Warriors
    1 Archer
    8 Spearmen
    10 Swordsmen
    8 Horsemen
    1 Pikemen
    3 Galley

    Tasks of the Armed forces:

    - 1 Swordsmen in Mr. Rogers' to head to Vandopolis
    - 1 Warrior NW of Grand Bricolage to garrison there


    - 1 Pikemen in Ville de Buisson, Change this to something more useful
    - 1 Swordsmen in Grand Bricolage, Change this to something more useful
    - 1 Warrior in Internal, Garrison
    - 1 Pikemen in Liebling, Change this to something more useful
    - 1 Archer in Anarchyisgodville, Change this to something more useful



    - 1 Spearman in DR
    - 1 Spearman in VM
    - 1 Spearman in Groton
    - 1 Spearman in Bootsville

    All Horsemen units should head to a barracks once Chivalry is researched, upgrade to knights, then proceed towards the Audiac borders with Egypt. If war is declared on Egypt, use the knights to attack the cities quickyl and any reserve units to ake city garrisons.

    Units to be upgraded should proceed to the nearest city with barracks if they are not already at one.

    Our armed forces are at a good point at this time, but I advocate domestic and infastructure development during this time rather than mass militarization. I am however, advocating a war with Egypt to eliminate their position in Audiac. I hope to upgrade our horse units to knights in order to use them for this offensive. There are only 3 cities to take so given a decent mobilization time we can win that quickly.

    Any units without instructions may move as they like, though city garrisons should not move unless it is of extreme importance.

    I am seriously advocating that we increase our science slider in order to increase our research power. A outdated military is the last thing that we need, especially for the next term. I would say to at least up to 50%
  5. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    Military Alliances: Please do not form any Military Alliances this chat.

    Peace Treaties: Other than in the Trade Negotiations, initiate none this chat. For the Trade Negotiations, Peace Renegotiation with Russia may be included.
    If asked to renegotiate peace by another Civ, please do so.

    Embassies: None this chat

    War Declarations: None this chat, and if war is declared on us by another Civ, please stop the chat so that we can decide what to do in the forums.

    Tribute Demands:
    • Please reject all tribute demands from Persia, Astecs, Zulu and Iroqois.
    • Please reject all tribute demands from Russia unless the demand is trivial (10 gold or less and/or a territory map).
    • From other countries, pay all tribute demands that do not exceed 40 gold or 2 gpt or that include technologies, cities, or contacts. If the demand exceeds 40 gold, 2 gpt, or includes contacts, techs, or cities, reject the demand.
    Territory incursions: Do not request or demand that any nation move its troops from our territory during this turn chat. If what appears to be a possible invasion force arrives near a city, please stop the chat and we can determine what to do in the forums. Please if possible block the route of any Settler/Defender pairs attempting to cross our territory.

    Please monitor any incursions within our territory and report during the chat, so that the route is recorded for future reference.

    New contacts: It is not mandatory that the chat be stopped if we make a new contact. I would recommend, however, that the chat be stopped if a new contact provides a good trading possibility.
  6. ravensfire

    ravensfire Member of the Opposition

    Feb 1, 2002
    Gateway to the West
    Ministry of Internal Affairs instructions for 610 A.D.

    Settler Instructions:
    If any are built, use this poll to determine settler locations. Priorities are:
    WEST: Red
    EAST: Green

    NOTE: Do not move any settlers unless there is either a military escort or you feel there is no military threat to that settler, including barbarians.

    Government Change:
    None - stay as a Republic!

    MIA Controlled Cities:
    Build: Forbidden Palace!
    Queue: Granary
    Reallocate laborer from irrigated Grassland (NNW) to mined hill (ENE). This should result in zero growth for Groton. When Granary completes, reallocate for growth.

    Build: Library
    Queue: Barracks
    None initially.
    Worker Request: Irrigate please!

    Build: Worker
    Queue: Worker, Worker
    None. When city grows, maximize food.

    Mr. Roger’s Neiberhood:
    Build: Temple
    Queue: Granary
    None. When city grows, maximize production, then food.

    Build: Catapult
    Queue:Worker, Worker
    Move laborer from S to 2SE to improve food, commerce without impacting production.
    When city grows, maximize food.

    Build: Temple (rush requested)
    Queue: Worker
    None. If another city can be found for a Scientist, please allocate worker to maximize food. If no other city can be found, continue use as Scientist.

    Build: Temple
    Queue: Worker
    None. When city grows, maximize production, then food.
    Worker request: Use worker to cut down forests to speed temple.

    Build: Granary (CHANGED)
    Queue: Harbor

    Ville de Buisson:
    Build: Settler (rush requested) (CHANGED)
    Queue: Granary

    Grand Bricolage:
    Build: Worker (CHANGED)
    Queue: Granary

    Build: Temple (rush requested)
    Queue: Granary

    For all cities under MIA control: The DP is authorized to reallocate laborers as needed should a city go into disorder or to manage growth. This includes laborers as needed.

    NOTE: If requested cash rush expenditures are approved, the MIA explicitly allows the DP to use their discretion on when the rushes are done. We have no problem with delaying the rushes if funds are needed for trades or other projects.

    -- Ravensfire, Minister of Internal Affairs
  7. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Blood Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    New Suramar City, Vekta, United Terran Systems
    Province of Berry Instructions

    Deux Rivieres: Marketplace, Courthouse, Cathedral

    Huntington: Temple, Barracks, Granary

    Santa Lucia: Temple, Granary

    Vo Mimbre: Library, Marketplace

    Bootsville: Harbor

    Liebling: Pikemen

    Montpellier: Marketplace, Temple
  8. zorven

    zorven 12,000 Suns

    May 13, 2003
    Final Save

    I will post the rest in a few hours.
  9. zorven

    zorven 12,000 Suns

    May 13, 2003

    Turn 5

    Turn 10

    Final Save - 720 AD

    Chat Log

    Uneventful turns. I started turn 11 so that we discovered Education. We traded our maps around and acquired Engineering, Chivalry, and Theology. We also made contact with the English, who are backward.

    I will probably have my normal summary up tomorrow.
  10. zorven

    zorven 12,000 Suns

    May 13, 2003
    Here is the summary of the turn chat held on March 28. The major event of this chat were:
    • We made several trades that netted us Engineering, Chivalry, Theology, in addition to most other's world or territory maps
    • We discoverd Education
    • We upgraded most of our Horseman to Knights
    • The Forbidden Palace was completed in Groton
    • Our trade with Greece whereby we received Incense ended and 7 cities rioted
    • We met the English and they are a backward people, but they all wear many Silk garments
    • This turn chat went to turn 11 so that we could complete Education research. No actions were taken in turn 11
    • There were no instructions from: Sentate; and the instructions from Berry were invalid

    Trades: (they give) (we give)
    Russia: Engineering for World Map and 390 gold
    Persia: Chivalry and Theology for Enginneering and 3 gold
    Russia: 394 gold for Theology
    India: Monarchy, World Map, Territory Map, 13 gold for Theology
    Germany: WM, TM for WM
    Russia: WM, TM for WM
    Egypt: WM, TM, 1 gold for WM
    Greece: WM, TM, 2 gold for WM
    Babylon: WM, TM, 11 gold for WM
    Persia: TM, 8 gold for WM
    Aztecs: TM, 16 gold for WM
    Zulu: TM, 4 gold for WM
    Iroqouis: WM, TM, 12 gold for WM

    Vandelay: Temple for 108 g
    Cijam: Library for 92 g
    Cabaret Voltaire: Library for 56 g
    Vandopolis: Temple for 220 g

    End of Turn 0 610 AD
    Taxes 50, Science 40, Luxury 10
    Treasury 1123, +37 per turn
    Reasearching Education due in 13

    Vandeley: Temple -> Worker
    Mûre: Worker -> Worker
    Santa Lucia: Temple -> Granary
    Cijam: Library -> Market
    New Falcon's Haven: Library -> Marketplace
    Cabaret Voltaire: Library -> Courthouse
    Grand Bricolage: Worker -> Granary
    Vanopolis: Temple -> Granary
    Greece is building Sistine's Chapel

    Turn 1:
    Upgrade Horseman to Knight in Groton for 80 gold

    End of Turn 1 620 AD
    Taxes 50, Science 40, Luxury 10
    Treasury 1080, +30 per turn
    Reasearching Education due in 11

    Vandelay: Worker -> Cathedral
    Vo Mimbre: Library -> Aquaduct
    Huntington: Temple -> Barracks
    Russia is building Sistine's
    Greece is building Sun Tzu's

    Turn 2:
    Upgrade 3 Horsemen to Knights
    Switched Bootsville from Harbor to Knight

    End of Turn 2 630 AD
    Taxes 50, Science 40, Luxury 10
    Treasury 870, +33 per turn
    Reasearching Education due in 10

    Acheron: Catapult -> Worker

    Turn 3:
    2 Horseman upgraded to Knights
    4 Spearman upgraded to Pikes (garrisons in DR, Groton, Vo Mimbre, and Bootsville) for 20 gold each

    End of Turn 3 640 AD
    Taxes 50, Science 40, Luxury 10
    Treasury 663, +32 per turn
    Reasearching Education due in 8


    Turn 4:
    Horseman upgraded to Knight
    Galley about ready to try and meet the Orange people

    End of Turn 4 650 AD
    Taxes 50, Science 40, Luxury 10
    Treasury 615, +33 per turn
    Reasearching Education due in 7

    Our trade with Greece ends (they do not want to renew at the previous terms): We gave Dyes and 7 gpt for Incense
    7 cities riot
    Germany is building Sistine's

    Turn 5:
    Contact is made with the English. They have 7 extra Silks (non tradable), 195 gold, and 9 cities. They are down Literature, Polytheism, Currency, and Republic
    We trade: our TM for thier TM and 10 gold

    End of Turn 5, 660 AD
    Taxes 40, Science 40, Luxury 20
    Treasury 665, +12 per turn
    Reasearching Education due in 6

    Order restored in our rioting cities
    DR: Marketplace -> Knight
    Groton: Forbidden Palace -> Granary

    Turn 6:
    Nothing to report

    End of Turn 6, 670 AD
    Taxes 40, Science 40, Luxury 20
    Treasury 677, +29 per turn
    Reasearching Education due in 5

    Montpellier: Marketplace -> Temple
    Mûre: Worker -> Worker
    Babylon is building Sistine's

    Turn 7:
    Nothing to report

    End of Turn 7, 680 AD
    Taxes 40, Science 40, Luxury 20
    Treasury 702, +31 per turn
    Reasearching Education due in 4

    Huntington: Barracks -> Granary
    St. Octaviansburg: -> Aquaduct -> Temple
    Mûre influece expands
    Bootsville: Knight -> Knight

    Turn 8:
    Nothing to report

    End of Turn 8, 690 AD
    Taxes 40, Science 40, Luxury 20
    Treasury 737, +29 per turn
    Reasearching Education due in 3

    Santa Lucia: Granary -> Pikeman
    Liebling: Pikeman -> Pikeman

    Turn 9:
    Nothing to report

    End of Turn 9, 700 AD
    Taxes 40, Science 40, Luxury 20
    Treasury 766, +31 per turn
    Reasearching Education due in 2

    DR: Knight -> Knight
    Groton: Granary -> Marketplace
    Ville de Buisson: Settler -> Granary
    English establish an embassy with us

    Turn 10:
    Nothing to report

    End of Turn 10, 710 AD
    Taxes 70, Science 10, Luxury 20
    Treasury 797, +137 per turn
    Reasearching Education due in 1

    We discover Education
    Sanction: Library -> Barracks
    Egypt is building Leonardo's Workshop

    Turn 11:
    No actions taken


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