Turn Chat

That is good, because if it hadn´t been moved I would have been one hour late. :)

Now I am hoping for Corn to decide a time when I can attend.
Got home from school, ready to make some polls and then no more progress has been made...

I can probably make the chat if its between 8 and 10 GMT.
pleas dont put the chat so late on week days, its 3 am here in sweden when the chat started

That's up to the gouverment to decide ,they have to work out a time schedule that is atleast workable for the most of their leader's.This nation has member's all over the world ,so it isnt easy to work out a shedule that work's for everybody.
Corn said before that he would try to rotate chat times, so every one can attend to at least some of them. IMHO that sounds fair.
13.00 Swedish time? That is cool with me. But I will have to set a time limit for myself (2 hours perhaps) because I have a lot of urgent studying to do. :rolleyes:
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