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Discussion in 'Civ5 - Technical Support' started by Rince, May 1, 2011.

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    No seriously, try it.

    I have a computer which is approx. 3 years old but which should be able to handle CivV fine. The game ran fine for me except for the in-between turn time which was a bit long. One thing that annoyed me a lot though was that my computer would freeze for up to 30 seconds just before displaying a leader scene.

    In the end-game where you have contact with your opponents almost every turn this became unbearable. I knew it was not the graphics card as that one is fine with other games. I knew it was not the CPU as they were not very active during the wait time.

    This only left the hard drive as a culprit and indeed, there was a lot of activity during the wait. It was not the page file as there was enough free physical memory.

    So then I turned off the antivirus scanner (avast! in my case) an lo and behold, the leader scenes load in 1-2 seconds. The rest of the performance stayed the same unfortunately, but the game is now much more enjoyable as you can imagine.

    I hope that this little observation will help one of you. It looks like there is some specific activity during leader scene loading which activates the virus scanner. Maybe some big files are created or changed, who knows.

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