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TurnCast Episode 84: "Well Then"


Owner, Civilized Communication
Oct 24, 2000
Ontario, Canada
Can't even. Regular players Daniel "DanQ" Quick, "Makahlua", Steve "WarningU2" Warner and Matthieu "GrimVek" are joined alongside fellow co-operative Civilization VI multiplaying gamers in the eighty-first episode of TurnCast (TC). Entitled "Well Then", it carries a runtime is 09m59s. Snippets include but are not limited to just establishing, that's them, annoy button, whose fault and that's in.

TurnCast is the third spin-off of the Civ strategy-centric PolyCast on which Quick and Makahlua serve as regular co-hosts; fellow sibling ModCast focusing on Civ modding was the first.
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