TurnCast Special: "Spaced Out"


Owner, Civilized Communication
Oct 24, 2000
Ontario, Canada

Journey across a final frontier -- lock, stock and laser guidance system. Regular players Daniel "DanQ" Quick, Stephanie "Makahlua" and Michael "Ubermarklar" Bryant are accompanied by fellow co-operative Civilization: Beyond Earth multiplayer players in the fifth TurnCast (TC) special entitled "Spaced Out". Marking the to-the-month anniversary of CivBE's release two years ago and its Rising Tide expansion the year after, it carries a 25m14s runtime.

TurnCast is the third spin-off of the Civ strategy-centric PolyCast on which Quick and Makahlua serve as regular co-hosts; the modding-centric ModCast was the first.
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