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Turnchat Instruction Thread, Sunday Oct 16, 10PM Arizona (0500 GMT Monday)

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of Democracy VII' started by DaveShack, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Term 3, Game Session Sunday Oct 16

    This will be an online session.
    The Designated Player is: DaveShack

    Start Date/Time: Sunday 10/16 10PM Arizona (GMT-7)
    GMT: Monday Oct 17, 0500

    Relevant Links:
    Current Save
    Previous Turnchat Thread

    Please use the "title" part of your instruction post to state your office title.

    Instruction Checklist:
    President - OK
    Minister of Defense - OK
    Minister of Foreign Affairs - OK
    Minister of Trade and Technology - OK

    Governor of Olympus - OK
    Governor of Civatonia - OK
    Governor of Styx - OK
    Governor of Augean Stables - OK
    Governor of Priapos - OK
    Expatriate Governor - OK

    Only elected officials may post in this thread!
  2. TimBentley

    TimBentley Chieftain

    Apr 26, 2004
    Troy, MI
    Don't accept flips.

    Build queue:
    Rush the library on turn 0

    turn 0: leave citizen on wheat
    turn 1: put new citizen on bonus grassland not being mined
    turn 4: put citizens on wheat and not-mined bonus grassland
    turn 5: put new citizen on mined bonus grassland
    turn 9: put new citizen on mined hill
    turn 14: put new citizen on horse

    Worker actions:
    turn 0: wake slave and have it mine horse
    turn 4: native moves to forest 2SE of city
    turn 5: native chops forest
    turn 9: native mines
    turn 12: slave moves to SSW hill
    turn 13: slave mines
    turn 15: native roads

    If micromanagement does not work as planned or worker cannot work where allocated, the DP can alter as needed.
  3. Strider

    Strider In Retrospect

    Jan 7, 2002
    Keep with the current tech queue. If for some reason the Persians receive Monotheism before we research it, or if they get Feudalism then please stop the chat.

    Do the trades in this order:

    We give Engineering for 44gpt and 110gold'

    *We give Engineering for 23gpt, Incense, Gems, and 45 gold.

    *Note: This may not be exactly what we get for it. It will most likely be alittle less. If for some strange reason the "new deal" is completely horrible you can refuse to do it. If the trade still includes Incense and Gems, then take it.

    The Persian silks deal should be expiring sometime this turnchat, watch it closely and when it expires attempt to renew the deal. As long as it's reasonable.
  4. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    Build queue

    Palace (Knights Templar prebuild)
    The DP may switch the Palace to the Knights Templar should it become available. If someone should build the Knights Templar before we do, the DP may switch to other Wonders if available and taking into account the wishes in the Wonders poll and likelihood of building the Wonder. If no Wonders are available, select the Palace. The DP should not switch to something that wastes shields or actually build the Palace. If in doubt, stop the chat.

    Worker Actions (turn numbers for guidance only)

    2 Workers (Currently mining hill ESE of City)
    turn 0: leave mining (3 turns)
    turn 3: road (3 turns)
    turn 6: 1st Worker only move 2NW to plains NE of the city,
    2nd Worker move to join other Worker on hill SW of the city (see instructions under 3rd Worker)

    1st Worker (on Plains - do not irrigate the Plains)
    turn 7: road (3 turns)
    turn 10: move to gold Mountain
    turn 11: mine (lots of turns)

    3rd Worker (currently roading the plains 2SW of the city)
    turn 0: road (2 turns)
    turn 2: move N to hill SW of the city
    turn 3: mine (8 turns, will be joined by second Worker)
    turn 6: 2nd Worker from other group joins this Worker on the hill
    turn 7 2nd Worker also mines (4 turns)
    turn 11: both Workers road (3 turns)
    turn 14: both Workers join 1st Worker on gold Mountain and mine (lots of turns)

    In case of war, if possible protect the Workers with units (preferable), but the DP may interrupt the Workers (this will delay the Knights Templar build) and get them to safety if it is necessary to do so.

    City Tile Micromanagement

    General Principles: use the 2 irrigated grass, Sugar and improved high shield tiles as they become available with irrigated plains/mined grass making up the remaining tiles until the city grows. After that MM for production using irrigated plains/mined grass rather than irrigated grass to keep the city at max shield and zero growth.

    Specific Instructions These specific instructions are for the ideal situation, assuming that we get back the luxuries and we do not use specialists. Follow these specific instruction, but revert to the general ones if things do not go as planned.

    If another citizen is joined at any point put it on an irrigated plains and leave it there, and ignore it as far as the specific MM instructions are concerned

    turn 0: leave as they are
    turn 3: move a citizen from a mined grass to the newly mined hill
    turn 8: the city will grow next turn, move a citizen from the irrigated grass to mined grass to get an extra shield but still grow in 1
    turn 9: the new citizen should go on an irrigated plains, if not put it there.
    Move the citizen on the irrigated grass to irrigated plains.
    The city should now be working 2 hills, 2 mined grass, the Sugar and 3 irrigated Plains
    turn 11: move a citizen from an irrigated plains to the newly mined hill.

    In case of unhappiness and in the event that use of the lux slider is not authorised, the DP may use specialists to prevent disorder. In the event that the MM does not work as planned the DP may do their best to complete the builds following the general instructions

    None, unfortunately we can’t rush a Wonder

    Worker Joins
    If a Worker other than the 3 Working is available to be joined please do so. Any additional citizens joined should work the best available tile producing 2 food to avoid changing the city growth pattern.

    NB: All directions are using the following compass:
  5. ravensfire

    ravensfire Member of the Opposition

    Feb 1, 2002
    Gateway to the West
    3 workers to Augean Stables

    3 workers to Civantonia.

    1 worker plus the captured German worker to Berlin.

    2 workers are allocated to Priapos and Olympus (DP's judgement as to prioritization).

    The third worker at Priapos (currently on a mined grassland) is to be merged into Civantonia.

    If any unit from a civ at war with us gets within 2 squares of an unescorted worker (3 if the unit is a fast one), the worker is de-allocated and must immediately move to a save location as determined by the DP.

    The slider is to be set at 60% science, and the lowest practical luxury rate. This rate should ensure that all of our cities remain in good order without the use of entertainers. Should our trades happen, this should maintain a positive GPT.

    We may go into negative gpt for this session, so long as we don't go more than -10 gpt. Please reduce the science rate to maintain a maximum loss of 10 gpt if that should happen.

    As we approach learning a tech, decrease the tech slider so long as the time does change, to maximize our income.

    Budget Priorities - ensure these happen first, or that money is available for them
    -- 152 gold for the Berlin Library (PRIORITY)

    Please maintain a cushion of 400 gold, do not rush anything that would take our gold below that unless it is culture or growth related.

    All other requests for funds may be prioritized by the DP.

    Game Stop conditions - please halt the chat should any of the following occur
    -- Should only one city riot, and the Governor not issue instructions allowing entertainers
    -- Should barbarians threaten unescorted workers
    -- Should any nation declare war upon us

    -- Ravensfire, President of Fanatikos
  6. Ginger_Ale

    Ginger_Ale Lurker Retired Moderator

    Jul 23, 2004
    Red Sox Nation
    City of Civatonia - 290 AD

    Build queue

    Marketplace (14) -> Temple

    Worker Actions

    Worker W of Civatonia: Move S to the river grassland. Irrigate (4) then road (3). Then mine iron mountain.
    Worker S of Civatonia: Keep mining tile (1) then road (3), then mine hill and road it.
    Worker SSW of Civatonia: Finish mine (5) then road tile (3), then chop forest SSE of Civatonia (4).

    City Tile Micromanagement

    Turn 0: Move the entertainer to the river grass 2SW of Civatonia.
    When irrigation 2SW is completed: Keep the city at +3 fpt by working the irrigated grass and other grassland.
    When we grow to size 6: Work the grassland: 2SW, S, W, WNW, WSW, and E.

    Goal: Maximize production while maintaining 3fpt once we have irrigated the grassland 2SW.
  7. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Build Queue: Courthouse, Sun Tsu's if available otherwise most expensive build available (place holder)

    MM: Get out of disorder using specialists if needed (but hope we don't need to as either Trade or President should be lining up additional lux or lux tax), then aim for at least +2fpt and maximize shields.

    Worker actions: none needed for a while
  8. greekguy

    greekguy Missed the Boat

    Jun 15, 2004
    New Jersey, USA
    War and Peace
    - Don't declare war on anyone this turnchat
    - Our army strength has greatly improved recently, but Rome could still kick our ***. Please don't piss them off.

    Foreign Civ Problems
    - If Persia or Rome demands money or a tech from us, give it to them
    - If France or Germany demands money or a tech from us, don't give it to them
    - If German or French troops enter our territory, ask them to leave
    - If Persian or Roman troops enter our territory, wait a turn or 2. If they don't leave yet, then ask them to get out

    Galley Exploration
    - Minister of Defense Ranger99 has given me control of our 2nd galley. Since it is currently exploring our home continent's southern coast, I would like to change it's course. Please send it right back up the coast towards Styx. Then sail straight West and hope to hit land. We want this galley to reach the second continent. This is sort of a sucide mission, so if the galley dies, it is understandable.
  9. Gerikes

    Gerikes User of Run-on Sentences.

    Jul 26, 2005
    City of Priapos - Turnchat Instructions - 290 AD

    Note: All compass directions using this compass.

    Possible Worker Actions:

    Just finish mining and roading NNW (Grass)

    Build Queue:

    (finish) Cathedral (from Colloseum prebuild) -> Treb -> Galley

    Laborer Micromanagment:

    Turn 0: Place five of the laborers on the coastal tiles (including the fish), with the remaining on the SE (BG), E (Grass), and ESE (wines). This should put us at +5 growth and +5 shields (after corruption).

    From here, continue the prebuild with Sun Tzu's only if necessary (although at a science rate of at least 50%, we should hit monotheism before the colloseum is done). Once we gain Monotheism, switch to Cathedral and micro the townspeople with production being the main goal. Rush the Cathedral when there are less than 40 shields or less left (120 gold or less rush). Do not allow the Colloseum to finish

    When the Cathedral is done, micro the workers to the best way to grow to population nine and finish the Treb with minimal waste. If we are at population nine when the Cathedral finishes, try to aim for +15 spt (after corruption) to finish the Treb in two turns. This be accomplished by placing the workers on:

    WNW (fish), 2NW (BG), NW (mined hill), SE (BG), 2SE (BG), NE (forest), E (Grass), ESE (wines), and ENE (Grass). Keep this for the Galley also.

    End Turnchat Instructions:

    If the Galley finishes, please end the turnchat.
  10. Ranger99

    Ranger99 Ranger99's Going to NAVY?

    Apr 28, 2005
    Still a PATRIOT
    Ministery of Defense

    Alright easy TC today, mainly focusing on Defense of our borders.

    First off I'd like to see a few funds be put aside to upgrade a few of our Swordsman to Medievil Infantry, our Small Military needs to stay at the top of the technology race to fare well aginst our enemies.

    Use our troops to move them most of them North , not ON the border but a few tiles away so that they can move quickly to any area uinder attack instead of being boxed in possibly if they stay right on the border.

    Kepp maybe 3 Horsemen or Swordsman down in the Belrin area as anything that represents an act of vilolence could set Germnay off right now.

    I relieze that Defensive Operations can NEVER be planned out therefore I am giving the DP a lot of room to play with now, on the Defensive things need to be called on the fly and I trust your instincts to make the right calls. Remember to stay conservative and make sure that nothing super bad happens, if something un-expecteced comes up you can always stop the TC.

    --Minister of Defense:Ranger99
  11. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    Versailles City, Vekta, United Terran Systems
    Governor of Olympus Instructions
    Queue: Hoplite, (Upgrade) Medieval Inf, Hoplite, Medieval Inf
    MM: None at the moment, Production is going smoothly :)
  12. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Chat started

    turn 0 save
    turn 5 save
    Turn 7 save

    All went pretty much according to plan except that we lost imported lux on turn 7 and would riot immediately if not resolved, and it's not a straightforward decision of how best to remedy that. I have no clue why the current deal got interrupted.

    Our brave sailors of the Western Exploratory galley perished in an accident at sea, but were able to make contact with the Japanese prior to their demise. Unfortunately that tribe is a backwards lot, who are behind us by 5 ancient age techs.

    Having completed Monotheism at much faster speed than we expected, our governors now have Cathedrals as potential builds.

    Chat Log
  13. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    It looks like the Roman city of Pompeii (the one with the gems) has flipped to Persia. They're not at war so it wasn't conquest. This meant that Rome no longer had Gems to trade us, so the whole deal, including the gpt for Engineering was broken. We could get Incense still from Rome, but the Gems will now have to come from Persia.

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