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Turnchat Instruction Thread - Wednesday 21 December, 21:00 GMT

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of Democracy VII' started by Furiey, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    Term 5, Game Session 4, 1070AD – Wednesday 21 December, 21:00 GMT (4 PM EST)

    This will be an Online session.
    The Designated Player is: Furiey

    Start Date/Time: Wednesday 21 December, 21:00 GMT

    Relevant Links:
    1070 AD Save
    Previous Turnchat Thread

    Please use the "title" part of your instruction post to state your office title.

    Instruction Checklist:
    President - No instructions posted
    Minister of Defence - No instructions posted
    Minister of Foreign Affairs - No instructions posted
    Minister of Trade and Technology - No instructions posted

    Governor of Olympus - No instructions posted
    Governor of Civantonia - No instructions posted
    Governor of Styx - No instructions posted
    Governor of Augean Stables - No instructions posted
    Governor of Priapos - No instructions posted
    Expatriate Governor - No instructions posted

    Please use the following compass for directions:

    Only elected officials may post in this thread!
    Please note: this is anyone who is working as the official in an elected office: eg the office of Foreign Affairs is an elected office where the official is elected to the position. If the post is not filled by election then the official is appointed to the elected office and is therefore an elected official by appointment. In the case of deputies they fulfil the duties of the elected official in their absence therefore they are fulfiling the duties of that elected official and again qualify for this thread. I could not however post as the representative of the Election Office as that is not an elected position. The above statement is mainly a reminder to people not to post if they are not authorised by the constituion to post instruction to try and avoid cluttering up the thread with loads of stuff the DP has to plough through. I am not therefore going to spell out every single position that can post and detail the individual situations where deputies can and can not post. Although it would probably have been quicker to do so than this rant.
  2. Alphawolf

    Alphawolf Basileus, Founding Father

    Oct 6, 2005
    Nashville, Tennessee
    I take exception to this, please include appointed officials, I am running the Foreign Office while DaveShack is away.

    Instructions for now:

    • Refuse all demands.
    • Decline any alliance requests.
    • If Japan offers us something useful for peace, accept. We will not pay them anything and will not take a peace without concessions.
    • Stop play if anyone other than Rome declares war on us.

    More instructions will come.

    -the Wolf
    Deputy, Foreign Office
  3. TimBentley

    TimBentley Chieftain

    Apr 26, 2004
    Troy, MI
    Don't accept flips. Rome will be the city to capture

    Build queue:

    turn 0: switch N mined grass to SSE irrigated grass (32f, 5fpt, 28s, 13spt)
    turn 1: barracks->cavalry
    Get it to at least 16spt, maximize income and keep the food box full
    Once the NNW plain and SW bonus grassland are mined, and the SSE grass is forested, get it to 20spt once a new cavalry is being produced
    When it starts producing knights, alternate between two turns of 17spt and two turns of 18spt.

    Worker actions:
    Above all, make sure the workers are safe.
    Finish mining the NNW plain; mine the SW bonus grass; forest the SSE grass.
    Also eventually mine (or forest if you think it'll be needed to deal with Roman units stepping on worked tiles while keeping 20spt) the ESE and 2SW grassland.

    Build queue:

    Note: should we lose war happiness from Japan, or get war weariness or lose a luxury (I think if the market is built it shouldn't be a problem), change micromanagement based on increased waste
    turn 0: switch mountain, SSE mined plain to floodplain(12f, 11fpt, 144s, 8spt)
    turn 2: cathedral->market (34f, 6fpt, 0s, 14spt after growth)
    switch irrigated grass, floodplain to 2SW, SSE mined plains
    turn 3: The people love you! (or is it the priest or Michelangelo? or perhaps me?)
    new citizen is working mountain (0f, 4fpt, 14s, 15spt)
    turn 5: switch irrigated plain to floodplain (8f, 6fpt, 44s, 14spt)
    turn 8: market->university (26f, 6fpt, 0s, 14spt)
    turn 9: switch mountain to irrigated plain (32f, 8fpt, 14s, 15spt after growth)
    turn 10: new citizen should be working mountain (0f, 6fpt, 29s, 15spt)
    turn 11: switch mountain to mined plain (6f, 7fpt, 44s, 14spt)
    turn 15: university done (34f, 7fpt, 0s, 14spt)

    Worker actions:
    Above all, make sure the workers are safe.
    wake those workers mining an unusable plain 3NW of Berlin (also I would rather prioritize finishing the work at Besancon over roading random unusable tiles)
    mine the plains and grassland
    Change the micromanagement as needed to deal with mined tiles (remember that the workers finish their work at the end of the turn before shield production)

    If micromanagement does not work as planned or worker cannot work where allocated (either would probably be Rome's fault), the DP can alter as needed.
  4. RegentMan

    RegentMan Chieftain

    May 7, 2003
    Washington State
    Feel free to build whatever furthers our war effort. Knights, trebutchets, hoplites, etc.

    Also, on our western wall, why do we have workers fortified there? They can be captured from an amphibious assault by any unit with an attack value. Have them road the tiles in our territory! That way, we have numerous routes from point A to point B. Of course, this latter paragraph is not a binding set of instructions. It merely pointed out our worker waste, and workers are our most valuable resource.
  5. ravensfire

    ravensfire Member of the Opposition

    Feb 1, 2002
    Gateway to the West
    Building: Best Offensive Unit (Currently Knight, switch to Cav if we trade for Gunpowder)

    Queue: Best Defensive Unit (repeat)

    MM: None
    Food: 25, +1 per turn
    Production: 19, +19 per turn
    Commerce: 84
    - +26 gold
    - +58 beakers
    - + 0 happiness

    Worker tasks: None

    DP is authorized to take any actions needed in the event of unhappiness or invasion.

    -- Ravensfire, Governor of Olympus
  6. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    Build queue

    Knight (2) -> Cavalry/Knight -> Cavalry/Knight

    Worker Actions

    Turn 0: Wake the 5 Workers along the border including the one planting a Forest that will only slow our progress it Lutetia’s borders expand (these workers should have been woken last time). Move 4 of these to the irrigated plains 2SW of the city. The remaining Worker joins the one roading the Sugar.

    Turn 1: The Worker will have reached the Sugar and roads (2 turns). The 4 Workers reach the irrigated plains 2SW of the city and Mine as I requested last time (3 turns). On completion all Workers are freed fro Strategic road building although if they needed to be kept safe another tile that I asked to be mined last time but which was irrigated instead could be mined.

    City Tile Micromanagement

    These instructions involve the use of negative fpt for 2 turns to build Knights in 4 turns rather than 5. Please remember to do the MM and not allow the city to continue to starve.

    Turn 0: move a citizen from the mined grass to the gold mountain and from the other mined grass the unused hill for a Knight in 2.

    Turn 1: if possible MM for growth maintaining Knight in 2

    Turn 3: MM for Cavalry in 4 if possible –fpt may be used as long as the city does not starve.

    Turn 7: hopefully Cavalry will be built this turn, MM to build Knight in 4 without letting the city lose population

    The DP will have to MM if Enemy troops prevent tiles from being used or if the MM does not work as planned. Temporary –fpt is used in the MM to maximise production, but do not let city starve and lose population!

    In case of unhappiness, please use the lux slider if possible, but if needed the DP may use specialist to prevent disorder whilst attempting to MM to maintain build times if possible (temporary –fpt is permissible as long as the city does not lose population. Do not let the city riot!


    Worker Joins
  7. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    Turnchat is underway

    We have sold Physics to the Persians for 139gpt + 197 gold (option 2b)
    We have sold Physics to Rome for Saltpetre and 27gpt
    We sold Democracy to France for 19gpt and 45 gold

    This put our treasury to 3356 gold and 154gpt with Magnetism in 2.

    Upgrading as many Knights, Trebuchets and Hoplites as could be done in 1 turn dropped it to 1676 gold.

    Turn 0 - 1070 AD

    Upgrade the majority of the remainder of our troops on turn 1 taking our treadury to 590 gold

    1090 AD, turn 2, and all but 1 remaining Veteran Hoplite is upgraded, just leaving Elite troops.

    We have researched Magetism and have started on Theory of Gravity due in 5 turns

    Persia will give us 147gpt and 233 gold for Magnetism!

    Turn 3 and our troops are in position (I think), but with no Military Instructions it is difficult to be sure. Plus the situation in the South has changed, Rome has taken Cologne and the German Iron city.

    Persia will now give us 160gpt and 6 gold for Magnetism. So adding that possibility to the military situation I stop. We should, if the Minister of Defence is happy with the preparations be able to declare War on Rome on the pre-turn of the next session. A few troops and workers have been left unmoved for the Military to do what is best with them considering the changed situation in the South.

    Styx, Augean Stables, and Priapos are all running on temporary -fpt to complete Cavalry a turn sooner, but could not continue to do so. Priapos would be able to maintain 20spt for Cavalry in 4 without starvation if one forest is felled and replaced with a mine. Some workers are on their way to do just that. Olympus is 1 short of 20spt, but would be able to do Musket in 3 (with starvation) then Musket in 4 to replace the lost food.

    Turn 3: 1100 AD


    Pics of troop positions to come
  8. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    The Eastern part of our empire:

    The Western part:

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