Turning hammers into research/culture/gold

Manfred Belheim

Moaner Lisa
Sep 11, 2009
When did this change from being 50% of hammers getting turned into these things into 100%? It's something I rarely, if ever, use and so I only just noticed in my latest game that 100% of the hammers were converted. When I first started playing back with Vanilla 1.52 then it was only 50%, and I'd just assumed it was still that way.

Unless I'm running some civic or something that is giving me an extra 50%, but I can't see any evidence of that, and the civilopedia doesn't even talk about it at all.
It changed in Warlords.

In vanilla you also get the appropriate multipliers applied to the 50% (so a library adds +25% to the research built), but from Warlords on only hammer multipliers affect the amount (forge, factory, etc.).
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