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Turns 120 - 130

Discussion in 'Team Doughnut' started by Kuningas, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Whomp mentioned in a private chat within the pitboss game that "TNT took a serious blow today", in particular they lost 7 pikes and a horse, and another pike was redlined.
  2. Robi D

    Robi D Minister of (Dis)Order

    Jul 1, 2005
    Adelaide, Australia
    Any ideas on how we should respond to the MIA letter?
  3. Aigburth

    Aigburth Sea Dog

    Apr 3, 2004
    OK some thoughts on the MIA letter, sorry this turned into a bit of an essay but I think we currently stand at a crossroads and we need to act carefully.

    In summary they are asking us to re-evaluate our relationship with KISS and align ourselves with them in order to form a counterweight against an increasingly powerful KISS.

    Your proposal to us stops far short of what is required to keep us both safe against an eventual domination win by the KISS. We would like you to know that we are willing to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship which would assist us both to curtail the dangerous KISS expansion.

    Our thoughts involve our two teams forming stronger ties and us making you some very good deals on technology, but it will require you to honestly and critically evaluate your current relationship with KISS.

    These lines are the most significant, I think MIA have seen through our proposal as an attempt to secure our flanks whilst our armies head north to join KISS in the war against TNT. MIA fear that, if we join the war, TNT will fall shortly after leaving MIA isolated and the next target of a KISS-D’NUT alliance, this letter is an attempt to prevent such a situation.

    I don’t think we can change our position to KISS, this alliance has so far been more beneficial to us, ending the alliance now before we have held up our end of the bargain would hurt KISS deeply who with strong units currently on our continent could do us serious damage.

    Both of our peoples share a common love of peace, May peace always favour your lands and How can our two nations leverage our love of peace in the face of two warlike and bloodthirsty countries in the North?

    Come off it, this is a game not real life, there can only be one winner and war is inevitable if you want to win, however……..

    We wish to know if you have any concerns about the KISS expansion?

    Whilst I support KISS’s war against TNT we must be careful not to let them get too strong relative to our own strength as we will eventually have to deal with KISS. I therefore propose we help KISS destroy TNT, I think everyone here supports this, if we are successful we can grab all the jungle territory and maybe some land north of the jungle in the process.

    At this stage we see no need to make this official as it is our stance that we will not act aggressively to anyone unless we feel threatened.

    Does this indicate they may intervene if we join the war against TNT?

    With the above in mind, how should we respond to MIA?

    We need to keep MIA friendly without dropping our commitments to KISS, this won't be easy as MIA seem to be looking for some firm commitments, some ideas for discussion: -

    1) Tell MIA our agreement with KISS has thus far been mostly to our benefit and therefore as an honourable nation must show them similar consideration, however after this we can re-evaluate the situation and enter discussions with MIA (a bluff).

    2) Express interest in technology trading, we have a few tech options coming up, gunpowder, education, printing press and chivalry. No-one will be interested in PP, but the other 3 are part of the research plan agreed with KISS, any agreement in this with MIA would have to be agreed with KISS first though. What is MIA’s current technology position?

    3) Draw the talks out until we are ready to go to war with TNT, then offer to trade the lux’s we hope to acquire if they stay out of the war.

    4) Tell them we are not too concerned about KISS at this stage, they are currently expending a lot of resource in eliminating a common rival whilst the rest of us continue to consolidate our positions, it will after all be a while before the land KISS capture becomes useful to them.

    Any other ideas?

    In the meantime I think we should send a small note to MIA thanking them for their letter, confirming they raise some important issues which will obviously need some discussion and that a formal reply will follow in the near future.

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