[VidLP] Turns of War - A Competitive Civ Series


Dec 5, 2016
A newcomer to the franchise, I started playing Civ with Civilization Revolution. An easy path that leads to falling in love with Civ V and now Civ VI. I gathered 3 friends who I knew also loved Civ and brought them to compete weekly in what we call Turns of War.

Each game we play we label as campaigns and every time we get together we call it a session. Campaign 1 was a lot of rule exploring figuring out what worked and what didn't . We learned that we didn't want super long campaigns so that it wouldn't a long wait for players who were eliminated to join into another Campaign. We learned that large continent maps made it easy for certain players to avoid combat or the politics of the sessions.

We've taken what we've learned and put it all into Campaign 2.

So here we go

------- Campaign 2 -------

Turns of War - #06: Four Leaf Clover

Banned Civs (Civs from previous campaigns are banned)

  • Rome
  • Germany
  • Kongo
  • Greece (Preicles)

Random Draft Civs

Setting Info:

Turn Timer: Dynamic Turn Timer
Turn Mode: Dynamic Turns
Start Era: Ancient Era
Game Speed: Online
Map: four leaf clover
Map Size: tiny
World Age: Standard
Resources: Standard
Start Position: Balanced
All Victory Conditions

Limit Turns: Custom 250


Random side note: It's still being decided whether or not to track wins across campaigns
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