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Tutorial/Walkthrough - Rigging a Unit Model for Civ 5

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Modding Tutorials & Reference' started by Troller0001, Apr 24, 2021.

  1. Troller0001

    Troller0001 Watching from a safe distance

    Mar 9, 2016
    The Netherlands
    A tutorial written by a beginner, for other beginners

    3D modding is not something many people attempt. It's time consuming, prone to mistakes, and utilities have been updated over the past few years making older tutorials partially outdated (although their core approach is still valid).

    This tutorial is a (somewhat) ordered collection of my experiences with adding a custom model to Civilization V. It's not brief, which is partially intentional. There are a lot of screenshots (which doesn't help for the number of pages), because finding the correct menus and buttons within Blender are nothing too easy if you're looking in the wrong spot. As a result, this is more of a "walkthrough" than a tutorial. If you're more experienced with this kind of stuff, then this might not be the tutorial for you as you'll likely be skipping over a lot of stuff.

    The tutorial/walkthrough starts from nothing, and in the end will have guided you through the entire process of getting a model of our favourite plumber into the game: Super Mario.

    This tutorial/walkthrough is attached to the bottom of this post as a PDF. I figured that with all the images in there I needed to attach a lot of files if I were to "host' this tutorial/walkthrough directly as a post here. Attaching these files was not something I felt like doing. Hosting the images elsewhere (e.g. Imgur) could end up rendering this tutorial useless once they're removed from such a platform. Therefore, I ended up writing this in markdown (which I converted to pdf).

    Suggestions and feedback on this tutorial/walkthrough are welcome! :D


    PDF Table of Contents:
    • Part 1: It's a me!
      • 1.1. Resources
      • 1.2. What to rig to?
      • 1.3. Obtaining the to-rig model
        • 1.3.1. Dragons!
        • 1.3.2. Making Blender Literate
      • 1.4. Into Blender!
    • Part 2: Super Mario Blender
      • 2.1. Setting Up
      • 2.2. Reducing the Vertex Count
    • Part 3: Making Mario a Warrior
      • 3.2. Can we please get this head out of the way? It's driving me nuts and made me wake up in cold sweat last
      • night. It's extremely cursed...
      • 3.3. Vertex Groups: Making Mario Move
      • 3.4. No armature? Copy-paste instead!
      • 3.4.1. [OPTIONAL] Manual Modifications
      • 3.5. The Merge
      • 3.6. Textures
    • Part 4: Mario and Civilization V Crossover Episode
      • 4.1. Exporting
      • 4.2. Pressing buttons in Nexus Buddy 2
      • 4.3. Modbuddy
        • 4.3.1. fxsxml
        • 4.3.2. UnitInfos and UnitMemberInfos
        • 4.3.3. Combat
        • 4.3.4. Strategic View
        • 4.3.5. Assigning the Model to a Unit
    • [OPTIONAL] Part 5: Final Touches
      • 5.1. ftsxml & Ordering it
      • 5.2. Effects: Fire Mario enters the battle
      • 5.3. Sounds: Let's a go!
      • 5.4. Texture & Player Colours: Green Mario
    • 6. Checklists
      • 6.1. Modbuddy Checklist
      • 6.2. Common In-Game Errors

    Attached Files:

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  2. Jaegerguy

    Jaegerguy Chieftain

    Jul 12, 2020
    Awesome to have a concrete guide on this ! I learned the process the hard way last summer and it required a LOT of research and problem solving
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