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Tweaks to the VP Congress System


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Dec 19, 2017
Hello all,

I have made a few tweaks to the VP Congress system. They are as follows. To view the entire updated guide, please visit this thread: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/vox-populi-congress-guide.678962/

  • The Proposal Phase has been shortened by 1 day, from 15 days to 14 days, and the Counterproposal and Sponsorship Phases now begin one day earlier. This is to make room for the Processing Phase, which has been added to the schedule as it is desperately needed. :crazyeye:
Processing Phase
The Processing Phase begins on the 21st of every Proposal Month at 10 AM CDT and ends on the 24th of the month at 6 AM CDT.

During this time, the Magi and the Host will work together to create all the polls and voting threads for the Voting Phase and make any last-minute judgement calls.

Voting Discouraged
Voting during the Processing Phase is discouraged. There may be errors in the polls or voting threads that need to be corrected, which will result in the votes being reset and thrown out. An entire week of voting time will be provided (at minimum), so patience is advised.

Pointing Out Errors Encouraged
Pointing out these errors, on the other hand, is encouraged. Please alert the Host or Magi of any errors that you spot.

New Proposals and Amendments
No proposals (including counterproposals) or amendments to existing proposals may be made during the Processing Phase.

Host Allowance
The Host is permitted to sponsor proposals during the Processing Phase. At his discretion, he may allow others to do last-minute sponsorships as well. (Note: This is not new, I just moved it from the Sponsorship Phase rules.)

  • Renamed "lead developers" to "Project Overseers" as it is more indicative of their role in the mod. Added @axatin as a Project Overseer as recognition of his extremely valuable contributions and detailed knowledge of the Community Patch Project. :)

  • Noted that Hinin's position is vacant. Your service was appreciated. :salute: A replacement Magus will be selected prior to the next session.

  • Clarified that while a proposal may not impact the Community Patch only version's game balance, its actual implementation might be extended to Community Patch only with the approval of a Project Overseer. This is for changes that we feel are core, for example (5-39) Heavily Charged Units Take Protected Civilians/Embarked Units With Them.

  • Changed the timezone for each phase's start and end time to CDT (from CST) after @azum4roll pointed out that CST is technically different and therefore he should get an extra hour to submit proposals. :mad::lol:

  • Tweaked the implementation requirements labels: adding existing artwork (even via database change) will get the [Artwork] label like any other proposal, and an exception has been added to the [Complex] label to make both the [DLL] and the [Complex] label more useful, since most proposals require at least a text or database change somewhere, and these are really easy compared to adding new database columns or UI elements.

    Exception: A proposal which requires only DLL changes and minor text or database value changes will be listed as DLL, not Complex.

  • Noted that the Voting Phase will always be at least seven days long if it is delayed, and that a failure to complete the Processing Phase work prior to the Voting Phase automatically means a delay.

  • Made Magi deliberations private. We've found that it functions much more effectively to debate internally and then make the decision publicly, without a bunch of other people jumping in to give their two cents mid-conversation. Having the channel visible but without others being able to speak in it did not work, as they just spoke in #petitions instead. This does not mean a move towards secrecy - rationale is always given when a proposal is vetoed or otherwise changed prior to the Processing Phase, and rationale will henceforth be given about the choices to combine or split up proposals during the Processing Phase (I'm thinking a summary and explanation of relevant decisions will be included in the master list thread). The #petitions channel will remain open and publicly visible.

  • EDIT: Clarified that a proposer cannot make multiple counterproposals to the same proposal, even if they don't directly conflict. This fixes an ambiguity in the rules.

These changes are all relatively minor adjustments, which speaks to the success of the VP Congress as a system to manage Vox Populi's balance. Let's keep this going!
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Changed the timezone for each phase's start and end time to CDT (from CST) after @azum4roll pointed out that CST is technically different and therefore he should get an extra hour to submit proposals.
See, this is why you use UTC. No more annoyance with Daylight Saving Time.
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