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    I love this site as a source of endless small tips for Civ 6 (and enjoy the GOTM when I actually have time to play it). Thought I would share two minor things I noticed.

    First, I have finally tried Secret Societies and found that the Old God Obelisk behaves differently from a Monument. If you capture a city with a Monument it will be damaged, but the Old God Obelisk is not. This is really useful since the AI almost always builds one so you get instant faith/culture/loyalty on capture. But, because it is a different building if you have a half complete Monument and then join Voidsingers you lose all progress invested in the Monument and start an OGO from 0h. An, if you capture a city with a damaged Monument and THEN join Voidsingers the damaged Monument becomes a damaged OGO that you can repair - unless you swap it out of the queue in which case you lose all progress.

    Second, I always thought that after you declare war you need to wait a full turn to get any traded Luxuries back. But apparently you get them back after something in the game refreshes. Not sure exactly what though! IN my current game I had traded Truffles to Saladin. I declared on him - no Truffles (Resource Tracker still shows them as part of a deal and they don't appear in Trade screen). I moved a unit - still no Truffles. I popped a Great Scientist - still no Truffles. Then I sold a single piece of Iron and when I re-entered the Trade Screen, the Truffles were mine. I think this means the trade tracker resets when you make another deal. In theory you could abuse this by selling the same resource to 7 AIs in one turn as long as you had 7 Horses or DF or whatever to reset the tracker between trades. Of course, you also have to declare on the whole world for that to work which might not be very smart.
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