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[BTS] TyrMegMa40 mod Mega-Marathon with 34 civs


Sep 26, 2018
Civilization IV Beyond the Sword mod Mega-Marathon by Tyr Antilles combined with 40Civs created by Mikel Olson.
Download mirror: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqtI3rSJQnG_ljyruYNgjNc9bexk?e=5bCkQK

TyrMegMa40 mod is basically the default Civ4BtS but longer and larger with maximum 34 players instead of 18 and other improvements that do not affect in a bad way the original CIV4 BtS experience.

For hard-core Civilization IV enthusiasts that feel the huge maps of the game are too small and Marathon mode is too fast, I made this mod that offers several things:
1. create a huge random map several times bigger then the original Huge map of the game (original Huge have scale factor of 32x20 and TyrMegMa40 Huge is 80x50).
2. game speed, tech discovery, construction and others are a lot slower (about three times slower then original Marathon speed of the game), giving you enough time to play every age a lot.
3. adding on top of it the CvGameCoreDLL.dll that is 40Civs mod, you can fill the world with max 34 starting civilizations and 6 colonies, instead of 18 civs that were allowed in the default game. This make the huge map really lively with a lot of civilizations competing with each other.
4. replaced global warming desert terrain with fallout instead by 40Civs mod.

(infos about 40Civs mod by Mikel Olson here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/bts-40-civs-allows-colonies-and-34-civs.234779/)
(infos about the original TyrMegMa with max 18 civs here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/tyrmegma-mod-mega-marathon.637062/)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Start of the mod:
1. - Close Civ4 if is open
2. - Unpack TyrMegMa40.zip to Civ4BtS mods folder:
* for STEAM version of Civ4BtS, Mods folder is: {the place where your STEAM folder is located}\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization IV Beyond the Sword\Beyond the Sword\Mods\
* for the standalone installation of the game (if you installed on the default path) Mods folder is: C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Civilization4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\
* for Civilization 4 Complete DVD version the Mods folder is: C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Games\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4 Complete\Beyond the Sword\Mods\
3. - Clear the cache from Civ4 cache folder - just delete all files inside cache folder from c:\Users\{your win user}\AppData\Local\My Games\beyond the sword\cache\
4. - Fire up Civ4BtS and launch the mod from Advanced > Load a mod > TyrMegMa40
The game will restart loading the mod. In upper right corner will be written the name of the mod: TyrMegMa40
5. - At the beginning of the game choose:
* Custom game.
* Map type (Archipelago works best, but other types can be suitable. You can check how a new map is generated by entering the map editor, then restarting a new game with that map type.)
* Size: Huge (This is the one I modified and is about six times bigger then the original huge map of the game. All other sizes are game's default.)
* Speed: Marathon (This is the one I modified. All other speeds are game's default.)
* Deselect Victory: Time victory (To not have the game end just when things start to become interesting.)
* Manually add up to maximum 34 players.
* The other choices are optional.

Required to finish such a game: a strong computer and a TON of patience and free time. Right now this is my favorite way to play Civilization and I like it a lot more then the newer Civ 5 or Civ 6. Enjoy.


1. Game on turn 2167 on year 1931 AD. Notice the size of the game window on the mini-map on the bottom-right corner of the screen. That big the map is.

2. The crowded relations screen.

3. The big planet. This complexity if what makes this mod so wonderful.

Known issues:

1. The map is generated with some lines stretching from some mountains. It doesn't look too bad and it won't affect the game at all.

2. Saves. Sometimes, when loading a save file directly from the game results in a memory allocation failure, then the game must be closed. The good news is that the next time the game is opened, it load the save correctly. A workaround to load a save without problems is to exit to main menu first, unload the mod, then open the desired save file. It will work without issues and is a lot faster.


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Jan 14, 2021
First off: this mod is awesome and has kind of become my go-to. I think I've ruined every other mapsize and speed now, they feel small and fast. Great work!

Also: I'm trying to combine this with BUG or BAT or something to improve the interface, because quite frankly, games this big are logistical nightmares without something to help out. Do you happen to have the source files for the dll? I've been looking around and can't find anything.


Sep 26, 2018
Hi. I am glad you like my mod. I do not understand what the problem with the interface is, but I also don't know anything about BUG or BAT. I played this mod a lot and the interface looks ok to me even at 1080p. With larger screen and more pixels it should become even easier to see everything. I do not have the source for 40civs as that one is written by Mikel Olson.


Feb 18, 2021
Hi, I'm playing that mod since few years ago in LAN, (steam version now) with 36 civs, and mega-marathon, lately we are playing an earth-like map generator (always is a bit different but still like an earth).
Take months to finish a game (actually are playing on immortal) we managed to win and finish it on easier difficulties. First, i had a few "bad memory" errors, that i used "4gbpatch" to use 4 GB of ram, instead of 2 GB (maybe it's useful for someone) , usually my CIV is using around 3 GB of ram, also one of my laptops i use on LAN, a pretty new i5,but it don have a GPU so.. Sometimes is a bit painful to run, but it does. But still sometimes the beyond the sword just close itself without warning (both pc's (i5 laptop 6 gen no GPU / i7 2 gen with 1070 GPU).., not sure why, probably cause my pcs are old.

Also, the turn passes time is like hell , (same as loading each game, must look here to find tips to skip the time of loading each game) , one of our more powerful enemies have around 200 infantry, 150 workers, etc (made a video of it, and we lost that one..)...imagine adding the others 30 civs that still alive... really fun and challenging game.

But I'm starting to think i will need to buy a new pc XD to finish that game.

We enjoy civ more than Hoi IV, Crusader kings, europa universalis, Making history, total war saga, age of empires saga too, of course, the newest civs of course, well and more, since 1999, so some more for sure, but beyond the sword is always the winner.

Aadded an screenshot of our latest game , me and my friend are like usa/canada

Thanks to that mod, we still have many hours of fun left with it.

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