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UBIK MOD - Balance, Buildings, Cookies, Blackjack and Strippers

Discussion in 'CivBE - Released Mods' started by Ubik1994, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. Ubik1994

    Ubik1994 Chieftain

    Oct 14, 2015
    Hi there! I'm Ubik, I am rather new to the community (lurked for ages) and I have picked up modding since a week. Do I believe that I am good at it? Not at all. Do I care? NOPE. So I feel like the new expansion has started like a little WE HAVE TO BALANCE THIS GAME / ADD CONTENT - LOTS OF IT revolution. I want to join on the winning side and give back my 2 cents to the community.

    Firstly I want to thanks Ryika, Macchiavelli and Lilgamefreak. You are awesome, I love you, I steal your code so often it's not even funny, and if you leave us this community would be very much worse. PLEASE keep on doing what you do it's amazing.

    That said let's get to point, my mod was born firstly as a sponsor mod ì, then I moved onto Wonders, now I am doing buildings and then want to move to units.
    My design philosophy is to always keep the highest possible level of modularity and compatibility with both Vanilla and the work of the modders. Secondly together with balance I think it would be nice if we the game had more personality and I believe that we have to achieve this by looking at SMAC. In order to do this I think that the Aesthetics like the splash art/audio/quote/pedia etc.. must go hand in hand with new wonders/building/techs/units.


    • 99.99999999% (copy and pasted cause I had every sort of troubles) of the code behind the sponsor was stolen from Ryika's so I recommend you not look at it but look a the original and if you want to play it be sure it may (is) still unbalanced. I plan to work on it this WE
    • The mod adds powerful, costly wonders that deals with trade. You should not play with/against either PAC or Poly. (As I get more comfortable modding I plan on trying to update the sponsor stuff)
    • The buildings may be too powerful but I prefer aiming high and then correct the trajectory down, bear with me, if I post here rather than directly on steam it's because I want your valuable feedback before releasing anything in the open.
    • The wonders and buildings have small but highly personalised lore (they still lacks quote though), the Sponsor still lacks it, I also tried to reuse game assets, like Icons, Audio and Image to better suit the flavor.
    • I tend to create content that I would like to play that means that the thing I add are my way to fill spaces that I perceive as empty, in this case Trade, Specialist building, National wonder, Strategic resources overflow. I would like to see more possible expansion path and economic design.
    • I know that right now trade is completely OP however I believe that either from Firaxis or the Mod Community will soon come fix. While this holds true I feel like there's a lack of specialised trade buildings that giving major bonus do not make it like a godly thing from the beginning but a steady increase of better performance over the game length. Thus holds true also for Specialists based economies and Improvement-Affinity-Related expansion.
    • I am working also to add many new (hopefully) useful orbital units and to update buildings like the neoplanetarium and some techs which to me fell "empty"
    • Any major syntax/grammar mistakes is probably due to the fact that I am not a native speaker

    What's Inside:
    SPONSOR: Ubik Corporation. Leader Michele De Simoni, Bonus +5/10/15 % of energy income as science.
    Lore will follow but essentially they are a private Corp that dealt with research in behavioural finance/chaos theory/fractals/venture capital and managed to get its own Seeding going on. Lore will be expanded. The first 5-6 City will give you a pretty good idea of where I am going. (Central Dogma, Seldon Foundation, Bayes, Kahneman, Taleb, Attali, Mandelbrot). Will add more in time, if you have any suggestion write it (also for spies). One of the lore-core-ideas is to pay homage to Science Heroes of the Old Earth.

    Spoiler :

    Global Stock Exchange
    Unlocked on Orbital Com.,
    RQ: launch complex built in the city, 5 petroleum/titanium/firaxite
    5 traders specialists slot.
    +15 Eenergy
    +10 Capital
    +15% Global Energy
    Gives 5% bonus energy based on reserve (now it's capped at +100) and 1000 energy when built

    Kerykeyon Cartel
    Unlocked on Collaborative Thought
    4 traders slot
    +10 Energy
    +5 Capital
    Routes to Int. City and Station give +5 flat +25% more gold.
    Receive 2 more strategic resources via trade

    Advanced Neuroeconomics Manipulation Institute
    Unlocked on Cognition
    RQ: 3 Neurolab built (one in the city), Supremacy 4
    4 Scientist slot
    +5 Capital
    Global yield from stations or international routes +50%
    Traders +2 science
    Scientist +2 energy

    Maii Chatuchak
    Unlocked on Obrital Automation
    RQ: 3 Launch Complex, 3 Neoplanetarium, 3 ExoSilo (see below), 10 Petroleum, 10 Titatanium, 10 firaxite.
    4 Trader slot
    +10 capital.
    Each trade route from the city gets +5 Flat to all yields and 1 capital. Gives +2 trade routes in the city.

    Spoiler :

    Max 3 per players, always get destroyed upon capture
    +10 Production
    +3 City orbital coverage
    +2 City orbital strike range
    +100% Production for orbital units
    +10% food kept after growth
    +1 trade route slot,
    +15% to food and hammers from trade routes.
    Maintenance 30
    RQ: Neoplanetarium and Launch Complex in the city, 4 titanium, 2 petroleum

    Civil Support
    - Arcology
    +10% FoodKept
    -15% PopUnhealth
    2 Engineer Slot
    10 Maint.
    RQ: 4 Titanium, Purity 4

    Spoiler :
    Unlocked on Photosystems, requires a neoplanetarium, launch complex, max 3 per players, each one cost 50% more than the previous, 350 hammers 2 titanium-petroleum.
    Duration 20, range 2 +1energy/food on tiles, city in range have 25% energy +15% food

    Hovercarrier: update the Carrier. Carriers are now hover units, cost 250 hammers, 2 floatstone-titanium-petroleum

    General Updates
    Spoiler :
    • Orbital Automation: orbital units requires 1 less strategic resources, +3% to orbital production for each orbital active (like the agreement)
    • Dark Networks: Reveal the map
    • Nanorobotics: Supremacy Affinity
    • Swarm Robotics: Supremacy Affinity
    • Alien Materials: Supremacy Harmony
    • Protogentics: Supremacy Harmony

    Working on:
    Spoiler :


    • New Icon
    • New Colors
    • New Leader Art
    • New Code
    • New Lore

    Any suggestions/ideas/feedback is welcomed, please refer to the pedia in game to comprehend certain choices of names and flavor and let me now. I personally advise you to play this alongside Ryika and Machiavelli mods since they have now been updated to RT. If you are interested in proper balance change I also recommend these two threads





    EDIT: fixed missing part
  2. Ubik1994

    Ubik1994 Chieftain

    Oct 14, 2015
    Reserved for possible future use and Cookies.
  3. Ubik1994

    Ubik1994 Chieftain

    Oct 14, 2015
    New Update!

    MOOOORE Buildings :D

    Spoiler :
    Civil Support
    - Nova Arcosanti GW
    +5 culture
    +10 Production
    +15 City Growth
    +20% Production
    -100 City Unhealth
    +1 Food +1 Production +1 Culture per dome
    Free Urban Arcology
    RQ: 10 Titanium, Purity 8
    C: 900

    - Arcology
    +15% Growth Carried Over
    -10% Unhealth
    10 Maint.
    RQ: 4 Titanium
    C:500 (Cannot be rush built)

    - Neo Sprawl GW
    +5 Culture
    +10 Production
    City can work two extrà tiles
    +20% Science
    -100 City Unhealth
    +1 Food +1 Production +1 Science per Node
    Free Urban Arcology
    RQ: 10 Titanium, Supremacy 8
    C: 900

    - UBIK GW
    +10 Capital
    -30% cost to purchase Building and Units
    +25% Food in the city
    +25% Energy in the city
    +25% Production in the city
    RQ: 10 of each strategic Resource

    Planetary Survey
    - Marco Polo Academy GW
    +5 Capital
    +3 Culture
    +3 Science
    +50% Expedition Speed
    +2 Expedition Charges

    Power System:
    - Power Dam
    Must be built on river
    +5% Energy
    +5% Production
    +1 Production from River Tiles
    1 Engineer Slot
    RQ 1 Titanium

    - Wind Farm
    City Must be built on hill
    +3 Production
    +3 Energy
    2 Engineer Slot
    RQ 1 Titanium

    - Rubiactor GW
    Requires: 3 Thorium Reactor, one built in the city. 4 Titanium
    +5 Production
    +5 Energy
    +10% Energy
    +10% Production
    Free Thorium Reactor in every city
    3 Engineer Slot
    +3 Science For Thorium Reactor
    +5 Capital
    C: 500

    Also changed Nanorobotics and Swarm Robotics to Supremacy while Alien Materials and Protogenetics are now Harmony.

    Next Update: UBIK CORPORATION V2
    • New Icon
    • New Colors
    • New Leader Art
    • New Code
    • New Lore
  4. balparmak

    balparmak Warlord

    Sep 20, 2015
    Don't have Civ BE, totally not interested, only here to congratulate you for your nickname. bless you my good man, pkd lives

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