[BTS] Ukraine (1991), 129x89x18

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    Settlers of various origin threaten to desintegrate the land of Dnester, Bug, Dneper and Donezk. Will you be able to reunite the land under one flag?

    Spoiler Giant Map of Ukraine :

    - Map is not balanced.
    - Map includes a lot of geographic labels.
    - Resources favour Roman Empire starting in Kiew.
    - Around Thernobyl cows mutated to elephants and wheat to rice.
    - Exoctic ressources grow around major trading points.
    - Map uses jungle in the sense of marsh land.
    - Easiest approch is to choose aggressiv barbarians and build the great wall.
    Ukraine, 129x89x18, Screenshot 1.jpg

    To avoid mid game out of memory crashes:
    - reduce the number of civs by 1 to 2 per epoche.
    - don't use the worker task planning feature
    - keep the number of workers below approx. 230.
    - do not use aircraft to uncover irrelavant areas of the map.
    - if you are still seeing crashes switch from high to low detailed tiles and take some civs out of the game.

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    What about a Russian Special Military Operation (aka invasion) version?

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