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Ultima 5 anyone?

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Scenario Creation' started by wrh2005, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. wrh2005

    wrh2005 Chieftain

    Nov 28, 2007
    Hi there. After giving up on the unreliable Civ4 I decided to take a couple of steps back to a more reliable past. Civ 2.

    Ultima 5 is a very old game, one of the first I played ever. I was little more than about 6 years old at the time, It was a favourite of mine.

    So I made a scenario based on it. :)

    I did one many years ago but using civ2 original graphics and sound rather than U5's. That one got lost in the mists of time.

    This time thanks to some decent sound editors and my buddy photoshop I have made a new U5 scenario using Ultima 5's original graphics and sound.

    Getting the graphics required me to take many screen shots and a lot and copy and paste. But the end result looks great from my point of view, and quite nostalgic as well.

    Credits for the original artwork from Ultima 5 probably go to many other people, Denis Loubet, and other origin people, so it says in my old ultima 5 manual, yes I still have it. ;)

    Although I took many hours making this scenario, I can't of course take credit for the original art or sound.

    The map was made with bmp2map.exe which I downloaded from here I forget who made it but thanks you saved me a few hours there, and a computer generated ultima 5 map, which was touched up with the standard civ 2 map program. Although much smaller than the original ultima 5 map it is a reasonable approximation of it.

    I will also post the Readme here as well:

    ULTIMA 5 Scenario.

    To play add to your civlization2 scenarios directory.

    This mod contains:

    Custom sounds from the original ultima 5 game, original graphics taken from screen captures. I have tried my best to make it look and sound like orignal
    ultima 5 as much as possible. I hope you enjoy it. Nostalgia factor was a must. The first time I played ultima 5 I was about 7 I think.

    As yet there is not a point as such to the scenario, it's all for show. Choose a civ and go bonk some heads.



    As I said there is no objective so far unless you make one for yourselves. However here are some details about the scenario.


    Free Britannia: Basically resistance to Blackthorns rule during Britishes absence.They rule Castle British and all non principle towns and most huts and keeps.

    Inquisition: Blackthorns new facism.

    They rule from Blackthorns palace and control all principle towns and the keeps Windmere and stonegate. They also control shadowlords and have some evil beasts amongst them.

    Triad of evil remenents: The horrid things that lurk in the dungeons.

    They control all the dungeons; Deciet, Hythloth ect. They have the most choice of units and some of the most powerful. An easy Civ to play. They also have some nameless
    hell holes closer to home too. These reperesnt the random spawinging of monsters in the original.

    Pirates: From Buccaneers Den. There just to be a pain. They control Buccaneers den and a couple of nameless outposts. Their units are weaker than the
    equivelents from other civs, but much much cheaper.

    Everyone is at war at present. Although I think evil would be allied with Blackthorn, and the pirates would side with the avatar and co.

    Other Notes:

    Shrines = Fortress.
    Codex = Airbase
    Moongates = Airlift.

    There are no settlers, no techs worth reserching, no terrain improving, no events.

    All terrain production values are inflated.


    Blackthorns state prison: Representing the vast torture chamber in Blackthorns palace. This wonder was Shakesperes Theatre.
    The three shards of modains gem: Seperate wonders for Hatred, Cowardice and Falsehood. Contained within Deciet, Covetous, and Hythloth.

    There is still much to do. But you folks can play around with this still.

    Eventually there will be more purpose to this scenario, either I will or you will. :)

    I will also add some screenies for your benefit.

    Critique is welcome. :)


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  2. jhogun

    jhogun Chieftain

    Feb 6, 2004
    Holy cow! That looks awesome. Just looked through the graphics so far, but I'm looking forward to trying this out. I tried this a long time ago doing the exact same thing (using actual Ultima V graphics), but didn't get very far.
  3. wrh2005

    wrh2005 Chieftain

    Nov 28, 2007
    I had a think about how to get the graphics from the original. I looked to see if any third party programs had been developed to help people mod ultima5 or extract the graphics. I could not believe that in 20 years nobody had done anything.

    Back to square one, I decided to use screen capures taken from the game, and then use photoshop to take them apart and place them in the CIV2 graphics files (units.gif, people.gif ect). I took about 200, each had a different graphic I needed for various things, this involved having to play the game a for a bit to get the graphics.

    This worked quite well for the units and terrains although some further touching up with the in game editor were required because some colours went strange, must be because CIV2 is only 256 colour and Ultima 5 although only 16 colour the screen captures themselves were in 32 bit (millions of colours) colour and there was some loss.

    I also has to do a bit of experimentation because the tile dither was spoiling it somewhat. There are still some speckly bits but not as bad as at first.

    The coast was tricky, but I managed it. I could not be bothered with rivers though, so I left them out for now at least.

    The sounds were far easier to get then the graphics.

    I never got around to a plot though.:lol:

    I have been thinking of a plot as well during the week, so it might end up more than just monster bashing eventually.

  4. jhogun

    jhogun Chieftain

    Feb 6, 2004
    My scenario was based right before Ultima IV and revolved around Lord British bringing all the independent city states under his rule. I had the Britannians (LB’s faction) based around Castle British, naturally, and three other Civs based around each of the castles

    -the warlike Valorians at Serpent's Hold
    -the religious Empaths at Empath Abbey
    -the Magincians at the Lycaeum, ruled by haughty Mage-lords ("Magincians sounds vaguely magic-inclined, Magincia is close enough to The Lycaeum where it could be part of the same Civ, and the Magincians were known for their prideful and haughty nature, which fit my concept of the mage-lords)

    I had three other three Civs for flavor

    -Pirates around Buccaneer's Den (like you have)
    -Orcs and other nasty monsters at the dungeons
    -the Stygians, nastier monsters (Daemons, undead, etc), based at the shrines, each of which were objective cities that had to be cleansed of evil

    I may steal your work on the graphics and sound and try to get mine going again.
  5. wrh2005

    wrh2005 Chieftain

    Nov 28, 2007
    You may, as long as credit for those graphics and sounds goes to Origin Systems (after all they created them), and credit for their adaption for Civ2 goes to me. (because spent about 18 hours getting them into Civ2);)

    As long as you do that then help yourselves. That goes for anyone else who might wish to use them.

    Have fun.:D

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